Elisabeth 1 year ago

Kate's lectures were very interesting and informative - I learnt a lot. And I really loved the time we spent going over extracts from published works and talking about the various techniques the authors used to achieve different effects.

Kate is clearly experienced and knows a lot about writing across a number of genres, and I really loved getting to learn from her.

Other than the lectures - which were excellent - I also really loved getting to take part in a writing course specifically about genre fiction! In the past writing courses I've done with AWC, most people were not writing genre fiction, and even fewer were writing fantasy - so it was really nice to feel like I wasn't the odd one out for a change.

Going through the extracts has inspired me to read some favourite passages from other novels more closely, and try to learn how the authors are working their magic. It was also just really motivating and inspirational to be in the course. Since finishing it, I've been working on my novel idea again, with more confidence about how I'm mixing genres. There was so much information in the course that I feel like I am still 'digesting' it all, and will be for some time to come yet.

Gillian 1 year ago

The presenter Kate Forsyth was so knowledgeable, helpful, organised and insightful.

The course helped me look at my current work-in-progress with an eye to how to improve my writing, particularly with different literary devices.

It was wonderful having Pamela for the Q&A as well; she's always so generous and thoughtful with her answers to whatever questions are thrown her way.

Every course at the AWC is brilliant and there is a course for everyone!

Anna Thomson 1 year ago

This course profoundly changed the way I think and work as a writer for the better and made me feel I could finally complete my troublesome work in progress.

I think this course connected back to the others I had done and provided a complete picture for me. It was well constructed, easy to follow, well-paced, very interesting.

Tanya Forsyth Taylor 1 year ago

Kate's legendary lessons inspire and ignite! Knowledgeable in writing, she also shared her expertise with us in ways we could all understand, helping us to create our own toolbox of skills along the way. She understands the minds of novice writers and makes it an interesting and nurturing learning environment.

Jeynelle Vidotto 1 year ago

I feel immensely enriched by this course. Kate was amazing. Personable, clear, presented in depth tuition and analysis of texts.

I am already utilising Kate's guidance to deepen my current WIP, extend my research and enrich the overall tone of my writing.

Looked forward to every Monday night. Highly informative, constructive, relevant tuition in a comfortable online class. I will absolutely invest in another Kate Forsyth class. I was immensely enriched by Kate’s knowledge and writing wisdom.

Tanya Taylor 1 year ago

Kate taught so much and so well. I will do more courses with her as I can dedicate the time. I enjoyed her explanation of literature, her ease of creating a safe place to learn and her love for her profession.

Deanna Wong 2 years ago

Kate Forsyth! I was so excited to hear what such an experienced author had to say about writing in these genres.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kate's teaching style, her warm and approachable delivery, and her beautiful slide decks.

I felt as though I was part of a community of engaged and knowledgeable learners. I absolutely loved this course.

I now have a deeper understanding of how writers approach writing and storytelling in different genres, and I am already able to look at a text and identify various techniques. I also now have a beautiful set of additional books to read courtesy of Kate's recommendations.

If you are ready to take the next step on your writing journey, this is the course for you. A key thing you'll learn is how different genres approach key aspects of a story. You'll also workshop extracts from published books, and explore how successful authors harness these features. The best part though is that you will be taught by an absolutely amazing industry leader who will delight you with their insight and experience!

I just wanted to thank both the AWC and Kate Forsyth. This course was so enjoyable. In terms of the technology, everything worked the way it should - the course page was accessible, and the Zoom links worked with no glitches or oddities. The student cohort were lovely, and are a tribute to the AWC and your ability to attract such engaged and interesting people to the courses. Most of all though, I wanted to thank Kate, who was just amazing. She was so warm and welcoming, her slide decks were both informative and beautiful, and her delivery was fantastic. Oh, and I have so many new books on my reading lists courtesy of Kate's analyses and recommendations! Everything was just brilliant!

Dr Rae Luckie 2 years ago

Kate is passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I absolutely loved each session.

I enjoyed the analysis/deconstruction of various texts that showed the underlying writing process, and how punctuation and word use create various aspects of a text.

I have run writing workshops for over twenty years and am also an avid writing course attender; Kate is excellent.

Cathy Jones 2 years ago

I had heard Kate Forsyth interviewed on ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler. I was fascinated when I heard she had a doctorate in fairy tales. I have read two of her books, Bitter Greens and Beauty in Thorns. She was so inspirational in the interview, I wanted to experience her Zoom talks and pick up some writing tips.

Kate was a very warm and friendly person. Kate loves her work; she loves writing and teaching others how to write. This is refreshing. She doesn't mind sharing her knowledge and is very encouraging to aspiring writers.

I enjoyed Kate's enthusiasm for her work and fresh approach to teaching her Zoom class. We looked at the different genres of history, mystery and magic writing skills. Kate gave us tips on reading better. We all have a big list of books we want to read.

I would love to be as organised and brilliant as Kate Forsyth and a successful published author. Meanwhile, I write for pleasure and enjoy improving my writing skills by doing a few AWC courses and being in a writer's group.

I have already recommended the AWC to many friends. There are a wide range of courses to choose. My favourite one was MOJO course in MAY 2021. That opened up so many sensory challenges.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and will read more of Kate Forsyth's books and follow her suggestions of other writers to read.

Rachel Nightingale 2 years ago

The course far exceeded my expectations - combining insight into genre with a particular area of writing technique was a fantastic way to go. And there were so many useful insights.

Kate really, really knows her stuff - she understands writing and the use of language at an incredibly deep level.

I'm shaping a new series and it's absolutely given me the tools to forge ahead confidently.

The course I did was absolutely worthwhile and there is so much amazing stuff on offer.

Gillian Harkness 2 years ago

I really enjoyed each lesson. Kate was very engaging and enjoyed our feedback and questions. She was always keen to answer our questions and give in-depth answers.

I loved all the different literary examples that Kate used in each chapter, which has now been added to my "to read" pile. Has spurred me on to focus on a historical saga that I've had floating around in my head.

I love attending all the courses at AWC and find the content engaging and informative and the teachers are also engaging and encourage us to pursue our dreams.

I enjoyed this course with Kate immensely.

Anne Sengstock 2 years ago

Kate was brilliant. She was so enthusiastic in her lessons and gave us the same zest for learning about each genre and how to best navigate them.

I enjoyed the ability to look back at Zoom sessions and make sure I've written down all of the incredible nuggets of information Kate gave us.

Don't hesitate to do this course, because if you're a writer of any genre you will learn something from Kate. She's a master of storytelling.

Dessislava Mladenova 2 years ago

I am writing a middle-grade adventure fantasy book that has elements of mythology and history. I was confused as to how to blend all those different aspects in my novel. I also had concerns about cultural appropriation.

Truth be told, I didn't know much about Kate Forsyth before the course started. It was a busy period in my life and I didn't do proper research on her. I turned up for the first online class and only moments later I was enchanted. No, really! I was in the captivity of Kate's melodic voice, honeyed words, and most importantly, the distilled, concentrated wisdom of an experienced writer she was pouring out so generously for us.

The course is about knowing different genres, but it goes much deeper and far beyond that. If I have to describe the course to friends, I would say the course teaches you the most intimate aspects of what it is to be a writer, it touches on the surprising ways writers use words and structure to evoke emotions, to captivate and delight.

And let me tell you, I have a new favourite author and you may guess who that is. Not only has Kate mastered her craft, but she is also incredibly professional and hard working. It opened my eyes to what it means to be a writer. I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in creative writing, at any stage of their writing journey.

I really have no words left to describe how wonderful and giving Kate is. She went overtime every class, just making sure all questions were answered and everything was clear. She never gave a rushed answer. Every time she took a question, she examined it deeply and thoroughly.

It goes far beyond describing the features of different genres. It really touches on the essentials of creative writing in general. It is an eye-opening course, on many levels. And it is beautifully, beautifully presented.

Now I know what it actually takes to be a writer, the time and effort required to develop the craft. I have started using many of the techniques Kate has taught us in my writing and it has made a big difference.


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