Rachel 2 months ago

This course gives you everything you need and sets you up with practical assignments to start your own business right away. Bernadette is a copywriting legend.

I enjoyed the practical, hit-the-rubber-to-the-road tips. I have taken the first steps to get my new copywriting business on the map! My logo is nearly made, and soon cards will be on their way!

Bernadette's knowledge and skill is incredible and I feel very blessed to have learnt from her with these three courses AWC offer. Go do it. It's worth every penny. You'll learn so much.

Andrea Sherko 2 months ago

This was the final, pulling-it-all-together stage in my copywriting course journey. There were so many great ideas and techniques given to us in the course - can't wait to get started!

Bernadette is a great teacher - knowledgeable, hugely experienced, and very engaging.

I now feel really ready to start my business and know what to do. Whether I succeed or not is now entirely in my own hands.

The AWC offers high quality, relevant and affordable courses in all genres and aspects of writing. There really is something for everybody. Thanks again for another very enjoyable learning experience!

Annette Whitehorn 2 months ago

Bernadette provides very constructive feedback. If she feels a participant has not quite grasped a concept she is quite candid but also provides positive encouragement and ways that something could be said or done better in order to obtain results.

The pricing section was extremely helpful. Also the section on how to talk with customers and encourage them to take the action you want them to take. Having the right words to use when dealing with customers has given me so much more confidence.

I now have the confidence and the tools to move forward with setting up my copywriting business.

Carmel Heale 4 months ago

I absolutely loved this course. Before I decided to enrol in the course, I thought I knew enough to build my copywriting business. I'm so glad I changed my mind and completed the course as it was full of helpful tips, tools, strategies and information to confidently build my copywriting business.

The tutor was friendly, humble and extremely knowledgeable. The feedback she gave was very constructive.

I enjoyed the assignments. Listening to the feedback for my assignments and everybody else's. Learning about how to market myself.

Jan Samuels 4 months ago

Bernadette is highly skilled, experienced and very credible. I felt like I was learning from an industry leader.

I enjoyed the practical knowledge imparted, and how well it linked with Copywriting Essentials, which I did at the same time.

This is about the ninth course I've done with AWC. They have all been great. SEO copywriting is next ...

Great courses, very practical, good value and a lot of fun.

Kim Seidler 5 months ago

Bernadette is a wonderful lecturer. The time she takes to give us feedback on all our assignments is priceless and she genuinely has a love for what she does which is infectious! The assignments were so useful.

I want to be a copywriter, and not just a copywriter, a GREAT one at that. I feel like it's possible after doing this course.

DO IT! If you love writing just do some AWC courses to be inspired!

Robyn Bambury 6 months ago

Bernadette was encouraging and a wealth of knowledge. Somehow, she answered my questions before I even asked them.

I have applied my newly found knowledge directly to my emerging business.

Fiona Stock 6 months ago

Bernadette is an excellent presenter. She has a very warm, encouraging presence, and she is a master of giving constructive feedback without any judgement. She's clearly very knowledgeable and very generous with this knowledge. I'd look to do a course with her again.

I found the online platform very well explained and very easy to navigate. The content was very well laid out and well presented. I liked the mix of pre-recorded and live feedback - the latter is definitely what makes the course worthwhile.

Cherie Gaskin 6 months ago

I was doing the Copywriting Essentials course and enjoying it, so figured if I was serious about moving into this industry I needed to gain business knowledge as well.

Bernadette is an outstanding teacher - she is generous with her industry knowledge and cuts through to the nuts and bolts of what you really need to know. Suits my practical nature.

Lots of practical, useful advice to get started and build a business, and wonderful advice on mindset. I think I'll have that presentation on replay quite a bit over the next few months.

I would say it's excellent value for money and you are learning from people who have successful, real-world experience in the field.

Loren Mathewson 6 months ago

Bernadette is extremely knowledgeable and that shines through in her speech. I believe that she's an authority on this subject and would be inclined to get additional mentoring from her. Her feedback on my assignments has really emboldened me to get started.

The AWC has experienced instructors, valuable content and great opportunities to network.

Thank you AWC and Bernadette!

Jennifer Marshall 6 months ago

I felt Bernadette was very engaging and knowledgeable. I couldn't believe how much information was jam packed into each module.

I felt like all my questions were answered, despite not having asked them. Bernadette covered everything I could possibly have wanted to know and more!

Craig Smith 7 months ago

It's a very well-tailored course. Bernadette is very easy to listen to. Fluid delivery - no hesitations when expressing herself. Explanations don't do backtracks and second guessing - Bernadette is sure of herself and her content. This comes through and makes very easy listening.

I enjoyed the practicality of it all. It tells me what I have to DO. It covers what has to be covered - even the getting over ourselves!

Do it. Clear and efficient course delivery, well worth the money just to hear what is said, without even going into the payoff if it gets you to where you want to go.


Cate Creedon 7 months ago

Bernadette is wonderful. She is constructive and encouraging in her feedback, and delivers content in a way that makes the idea of starting life as a freelance copywriter the most normal thing in the world.

I enjoyed working on assignments that enabled me to deliver for my own business and identity as a copywriter.

The content, and the way Bernadette so willingly shares her knowledge and expertise, puts the students in a position of really believing in themselves, the process, and the 'reach-ability' of the goal of becoming a freelance copywriter. I absolutely feel at home in this world of copywriting and referring to myself as a freelance copywriter - and that's a complete change from a few weeks ago.

Absolutely give it a shot - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving yourself this opportunity to learn and grow.

Jeanie Watson 7 months ago

Bernadette's feedback is always encouraging and constructive. She is clearly very experienced but also relatable, with a good sense of humour and lots of personality.

The lessons were practical and progressed logically. The assignments were not too onerous and provided the opportunity to be creative and have fun with putting the theory into practice.

It was always good to be reminded that you don't have to know exactly what you're doing to make a start. It also helped me to think about my writing ability being a service to others rather than a sell!

It's given me practical information and encouragement to boost my confidence to a point where I am ready to launch my own copywriting business - stay tuned!

Just a huge thanks to Bernadette and the AWC team for the support and encouragement!

Lisa Thomas 9 months ago

I have been confident enough to put myself out there and to start making contacts. I attended my very first small business networking event and made some valuable connections

I only needed to step out into the world and start telling people that I am a copywriter to actually start my career.

Do it! Such great guidance, resources and mentoring.

Karen Hitchings 9 months ago

I'd earlier completed the Copywriting Essentials course and this felt like the natural next step before setting up my business.

Bernadette was great - interesting, informative and professional but approachable in her teaching style. I felt that her advice was practical and realistic based on her first-hand experience as a copywriter.

I enjoyed the pace of it and that assignments were achievable given that I was also working another job at the time of doing the course. Also liked how practical it was with assignments providing the steps to actually get a business up and running.

I feel more confident in starting out as a copywriter when the time is right for me to begin and also knowing how to charge appropriately for services.

Thanks Bernadette for another enjoyable, well presented course! I really looked forward to each module and know that I will continue to refer back to the two courses I've done with you as I move forward with starting my copywriting business.

Rose Lane 10 months ago

Bernadette is an excellent teacher: clear, comprehensive, and easy to listen to.

It covered everything a new copywriter faces but most importantly addresses all the fears we have about going out into the world and announcing ourselves as copywriters, and the daunting task of taking on projects. Bernadette understands how we feel and is very reassuring that we are all up to the task.

Gave me the confidence to approach prospective clients and to say yes to jobs I might have been hesitant to accept.

I have already recommended a friend do the course and she has just finished the Copywriting Essentials course. She had been thinking of getting into copywriting and I told her she would definitely benefit from doing their courses.

Nick Burdeu 10 months ago

I was attracted to this course because I completed Copywriting Essentials and I found it really helpful. Thankfully this one was too.

Bernadette is great. She puts everything in really simple terms and doesn't use too much jargon or superficial language. It's a nice change from what I'm used to.

I suppose it's really helped me with my self-confidence. I have a terrible case of imposter syndrome and this course has given me a real sense of reassurance that I can do well at copywriting if I try hard. That starting a business might be hard work but isn't rocket science.

It's a very handy course for people who feel a bit lost and aren't sure what to do next. I would also tell everyone out there not to be scared to try Copywriting. It's a bit frightening to try something new but when you do something different, you learn something new about yourself. Even if you don't end up doing Copywriting, at least you have something new in your skillset.

Thanks a lot Bernadette, this was a really great experience!! All the best for the future!!!!

Sandra Randall 10 months ago

I saw the course in the newsletter and knew that I needed to do it as I've never had my own business before.

Bernadette was excellent. I love the personalised feedback and doing it through Loom was a nice touch. Everything was useful and practical and I feel ready to start my own copywriting business now (almost!)

I enjoyed the practical nature of the course and how easy it was to implement many of the tips shown in the course. Still lots to do but getting there.

I now have a clear pathway forward and know what I need to do. There is a lot still to do but I have new knowledge and know where to look for things I still need to figure out!

Do it! The courses are practical and you will learn loads. You'll get personalised feedback and can implement everything right away

Thank you :)

Boby Tariq 1 year ago

It was a privilege to come in contact with Bernadette through my Copywriting Course at AWC. All the feedback provided by Bernadette was a futher learning opportunity.

I took up a career which was totally unplanned and unexpected. Bernadette gave me lots of confidence.

I would definitely recommend AWC. Thank you, Bernadette, for the skill and confidence you gave me through this course.

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