Alex Sheedy 5 months ago

It's a fantastic resource to refresh your skills and discover how to improve your business (or other venture).

Amanda Whitbread 5 months ago

Bernadette is an excellent tutor. Her video presentations have the right amount of new and reiterated information. She speaks with authority, curiosity and understanding. She has great skill in being able to provide positive yet constructive feedback. She is always able to provide helpful feedback on how to apply assignment learning to the broader aspects of our future business.

The course content provided a good balance between the opportunities and challenges of creating a business. It made it feel possible to achieve, with the right goals and expectations. It's given me the confidence to think I could completely change my career to freelance copywriting.

If you are new to copywriting and want to build your own business, participating in Copywriting Essentials, SEO Copywriting and How to Build a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business should be your priority!

Virginnia 11 months ago

Bernadette was extraordinary. She is enthusiastic, funny, authentic, and generous with her knowledge. She's also so darn likeable. I enjoyed every video as well as her feedback. The feedback in particular was detailed, knowledgeable and insightful. Bernadette's expertise and personality really make this course incredibly engaging and effective and, even though with three children I felt overwhelmed at times, I enjoyed the whole experience.

I enjoyed Bernadette's teaching style. The way the course effectively chunked down steps and activities and focused on priorities in a pragmatic but also optimistic way was also very well done.

Christine Bostock 11 months ago

Bernadette is an excellent teacher and a pro at copywriting and the industry. Her teaching style, feedback, mindset-building, and support are fantastic. Listening to her is really inspiring and made me want not only to become a much better copywriter but gave me the confidence to do it on my own.

Go for it! All of the AWC copywriting courses are fantastic!

Jill Sherrin 1 year ago

Bernadette is such a fabulous tutor. Easy to listen to, great wit - her availability to respond to questions and her insightful critiquing and positive feedback style make absorbing the knowledge in her courses such an honour and delight.

I enjoyed the overall positive vibe given to equip students to learn, harness the knowledge and take action to create.

Not only is it a fundamentally sophisticated course for copywriting, its principles are radically transformative to apply to any business concept / execution.

There is no better place to get satisfaction from acquiring worthwhile skills in your area of interest, via engaging, motivational tutorials, safety-net support, invitations to further opportunities and join inclusive on-line communities.

Claire 1 year ago

I have found the practical tips on how to manage potential challenges on building a freelance business and also how to go about starting to obtain copywriting work invaluable.

Bernadette has been an excellent tutor, both in terms of course delivery and the feedback provided on the assignments.

The assignments have forced me (in a good way) to apply the theory learnt and have given me the encouragement to develop my copywriting skills further.

The AWC is a super friendly and supportive community with great courses.

Seona 1 year ago

I did the basic copywriting course and knew I wanted to take it further. Love Bernadette's teaching style and humour :) 100% great teacher and fascinating person.

My investment in this course and the last one I did has given me the confidence and commitment to take this to the highest level.

I am a Copywriter!!

The AWC is the best place to go if you want to learn to write without going to Uni or spending a fortune.

Tamar Gallagher 1 year ago

Bernadette is wonderful. A great teacher and full of knowledge and experience. I really loved how the principles unpacked in this course can be applied to other small businesses.

This course isn't so much about writing, but is coaching on how to build a business - this is a foundational skill.

Highly recommend - you will learn practical and useful knowledge and skills from experienced tutors - they know what they're talking about!

Amy Braes 1 year ago

I was initially attracted to this course due to the content outline. The course cost, duration and commitment required also fit with my current work / life commitments.

Bernadette is to be commended on developing a comprehensive and easy-to-follow course. The content is relevant and extremely helpful to someone taking the leap into self-employment. The course includes advice and guidance that would be helpful for any new business owner. The feedback was insightful and very useful - this became a highlight of the week!

The entire course was enjoyable, but I particularly relished Bernadette's feedback. To hear Bernadette's perspective on the assignments of all students was very helpful, allowing all students to consider more than just the feedback on their own submission.

I am very pleased with the course, the platform and the resources. The course has provided an insight into the world of copywriting and has empowered me to take the next step.

If you have an interest in writing, I encourage you to become part of the AWC community. The AWC consistently provides quality information and resources for writers.

Leonie Jennings 1 year ago

I started this course wondering if setting up my own freelance copywriting business was something I could do, and I've finished the course *knowing* that that's what I'm going to do.

Bernadette is knowledgeable, she's an excellent speaker, but most of all her advice is practical and really, really useful in helping me to work out the approach I need to take.

The AWC is the best place to find excellent writing courses run by experienced industry professionals, full of practical advice.

Jodie Matheson 1 year ago

Some great insights from Bernadette based on her experiences; it wasn't just follow-the-PowerPoint training. Wonderful, insightful, very open and comfortable.

I have started a business through the past couple of weeks, some great guidance gained through this course.

Very informative for any small business start-up really. Easy to follow and not time consuming - but you still get so much from it.

Liza Haris 1 year ago

I thought it might be a bit tough going and 'businessy'... but it wasn't either. It was a lot of common sense and confidence boosting with great content and practical assignments.

Bernadette is a natural teacher, excellent sharer of knowledge and experience and virtual coach!

I now have a domain name and am working on getting my logo and business card/website done (trading some of my copywriting services for those of a graphic/web design friend). I am now also a member of my local Chamber of Commerce and will be meeting to discuss a collaboration opportunity before the end of the month.

You won't be disappointed... you can balance the course learning and assessment with your other work/life commitments.

Thank you - another great course. I have my sights on the SEO course next!

Kate Bown 1 year ago

The tutor was knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and supportive.

I loved learning about how to cultivate confidence as a new copywriter and the mindset of being a successful businesswoman. So many aspects of this course I can apply to my life in general.

Not only have I learnt about the mechanics of setting up a thriving freelance copywriting business, but I now have a deeper understanding of my core values, strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is crucial for building confidence and achieving success as a new freelance copywriter - and also in my life as a mother, wife and teacher.

A wonderful course, thank you Bernadette for your knowledge, wisdom and support. I have learnt so much about not only the world of business and copywriting but also about how to be confident and to follow your dreams.

Enrol now and get started, it will change your life.

Claire Vlattas 1 year ago

Completing the Copywriting Essentials course got me motivated to learn about what it takes to run your own Copywriting Business.

The modules are really easy to follow and understand. Bernadette's feedback was fantastic. She genuinely wants to help you out and help you reach your full potential.

It's made me realise I am able to do this, I just have to get the ball rolling and get on with it.

The courses are really easy to follow and complete in your spare time. The feedback is via Loom so you get to hear and/or see your tutor rather than just read their feedback. It makes it feel more personal.

Geetha 1 year ago

The course broke down comprehensive learning modules into bite-sized chunks easy to recall and to apply.

The feedback from Bernadette was clear, concise and offered points of difference as well as other valuable tips to really market, position and grow the business.

The engagement with other learners made this a fun experience.

Rachel 2 years ago

This course gives you everything you need and sets you up with practical assignments to start your own business right away. Bernadette is a copywriting legend.

I enjoyed the practical, hit-the-rubber-to-the-road tips. I have taken the first steps to get my new copywriting business on the map! My logo is nearly made, and soon cards will be on their way!

Bernadette's knowledge and skill is incredible and I feel very blessed to have learnt from her with these three courses AWC offer. Go do it. It's worth every penny. You'll learn so much.

Andrea Sherko 2 years ago

This was the final, pulling-it-all-together stage in my copywriting course journey. There were so many great ideas and techniques given to us in the course - can't wait to get started!

Bernadette is a great teacher - knowledgeable, hugely experienced, and very engaging.

I now feel really ready to start my business and know what to do. Whether I succeed or not is now entirely in my own hands.

The AWC offers high quality, relevant and affordable courses in all genres and aspects of writing. There really is something for everybody. Thanks again for another very enjoyable learning experience!

Annette Whitehorn 2 years ago

Bernadette provides very constructive feedback. If she feels a participant has not quite grasped a concept she is quite candid but also provides positive encouragement and ways that something could be said or done better in order to obtain results.

The pricing section was extremely helpful. Also the section on how to talk with customers and encourage them to take the action you want them to take. Having the right words to use when dealing with customers has given me so much more confidence.

I now have the confidence and the tools to move forward with setting up my copywriting business.

Carmel Heale 2 years ago

I absolutely loved this course. Before I decided to enrol in the course, I thought I knew enough to build my copywriting business. I'm so glad I changed my mind and completed the course as it was full of helpful tips, tools, strategies and information to confidently build my copywriting business.

The tutor was friendly, humble and extremely knowledgeable. The feedback she gave was very constructive.

I enjoyed the assignments. Listening to the feedback for my assignments and everybody else's. Learning about how to market myself.

Jan Samuels 2 years ago

Bernadette is highly skilled, experienced and very credible. I felt like I was learning from an industry leader.

I enjoyed the practical knowledge imparted, and how well it linked with Copywriting Essentials, which I did at the same time.

This is about the ninth course I've done with AWC. They have all been great. SEO copywriting is next ...

Great courses, very practical, good value and a lot of fun.


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