Danielle Phelan 3 months ago

I've been interested in writing a memoir for quite some time. I'd heard about Patti Miller from other writers who recommended her books on writing. So, when I saw this course advertised in your newsletter, I couldn't go past the opportunity.

I've done some life writing before but never shown it to anyone. I was a little apprehensive about the writing exercises and the prospect of reading or presenting my work to other course participants.

Course participants had varied backgrounds and experience, different motivations and writing styles. Rules around privacy and respectful commentary were agreed to upfront and this created a safe space in which to share our work. Patti led us through basic life writing techniques, including ways to access memory. We then analysed example text to see the techniques in action and consolidated our knowledge through targeted writing exercises.

Patti is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. She is a clear and personable communicator, generous with her feedback and encouraging throughout.

I felt privileged to hear the work of other course participants, provide them with specific, positive feedback and to receive it from them in return. I also loved the structured writing exercises and the opportunity to connect with other budding writers.

I've learned a number of techniques to access memory and bring the details to life. The feedback I received has also inspired me to keep going with my project.

AWC is a gateway to a knowledgeable and supportive writing community. The courses are affordable, easily accessible and led by very experienced tutors, who are generous with their time and input.

Valerie Miller 4 months ago

Patti's feedback was always honest and authentic. She is exceptional in running an online course and managing the time to discuss, share work and for information to be relayed to us.

I enjoyed writing and hearing other people's work. I learnt new things that I wasn't aware of.

I am committed to getting this project I started a few semesters ago in my Master of Letters (creative writing). I am also seriously thinking of changing my dissertation this year to my memoir. Either way, I am committed to writing regularly to get a first draft written and have started a Facebook group with other members so we can meet to encourage us all to write regularly.

If you have a story inside you about a moment in your life and you don't know how to start, the AWC Life Writing course will set you on the right path, armed with strong tools to get you started. Patti Miller is an expert and you will be learning with a master in this genre.

Colleen Golafshan 6 months ago

Patti covered the topics as stated with abundant examples, which brought her text 'Writing True Stories' to life; encouraged us to write and share our writing from the first class, with thoughtful comments and suggestions; and encouraged us by asking about our reading and sharing her reading.

Patti's last lesson pulled the entire course together effectively, encouraging us to continue our writing journeys, including as a writing group online, which some class members initiated immediately.

The course and my reading of the last weeks, together with discussion with others, helped clarify more about my work-in-progress as I piece together articles I've written over past years in a first draft.

Ellen Stanfield 6 months ago

Patti is exceptional. Very kind, generous, patient without losing momentum, knowledgeable, unjudgmental and always found something nice and some constructive criticism for each and any piece.

I enjoyed the sharing and catching up with lovely people, as well as learning from Patti in a face-to-face way that didn't require me to leave my home.

I now have a writing practice, and confidence that I could "be a writer".

This course helped me find a practice, a community, a framework to shape my stories and courage to share my stories. It might do the same for you.

Christine Reed 8 months ago

Patti is an extremely good lecturer allowing each participant adequate time and not allowing interruptions. Her feedback was very constructive. I would love to do another course with Patti.

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Sarah Keenihan 1 year ago

Patti is a fantastic tutor. Highly experienced but also very skilled in structuring the course and providing the right amount of detail and support to bring out the best in my writing. All this was achieved via Zoom, which is not easy from a teaching perspective. Patti made the classroom a safe space for us all to be vulnerable and open with our writing and personal stories. Two hours every Saturday morning was a good length of time.

As well as expanding my writing skills, this course has given me courage. Having the opportunity to meet and make friends with the other students in the class has linked me up with some wonderful people. We are now staying in touch as writing colleagues and will continue to support, share and learn from each other into the future. It's very exciting.

10/10 for this course!

Kellie Nissen 1 year ago

Every session was planned and organised, yet seemed flexible to cater to the needs of the group. This was so much more than one of those presentations where the presenter reads off notes or slides. We received instant feedback and acknowledgement of our work. Six weeks with Patti produced a change in my writing style and focus - for the better. Patti knows her stuff. She's a natural presenter and a wonderful teacher.

Jill Schuler 1 year ago

Patti's Life Writing course has opened my eyes right up to the process of writing a memoir. I have learned a lot. This course has been invaluable to me. Patti patiently explains and encourages. She explains in a way that I have easily understood the processes of writing a memoir. I have come away with plenty of tools. Patti gave me hope with my writing.

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