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What a writing course and what a holiday! Ubud was the perfect place to explore sensory experiences and Patti made brilliant use of it. She is brilliant and supportive, one of us and a guru at the same time. The volume and variety of courses at the Australian Writers' Centre is amazing. There is a course for any type of writing that you are into. The availability of online courses is also a big plus for those of us not living in Sydney.

— Jacqueline Quantock

Patti has structured and presents an engaging, creative and eye-opening course that was a pleasure to be a part of. It was like being transported to paradise, then learning how to describe it. The Australian Writers' Centre is a fabulous and well-run centre with great courses.

— Kelly O'Neill

The course what exactly what I needed, and exactly what I was hoping for. The relevance of each exercise was extremely valuable to me and my future writing. Patti was an absolute dream! Not only is she incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable, but she's also open-minded, kind and almost a little sassy! Having Patti as a presenter was really enjoyable, she brought laughter, cheekiness and warmth to each class.

— Kayla Brereton

The course helped me sort out the differences between life writing, autobiography, biography and family history writing and how to go about life writing. I loved the knowledge and support Patti gave me. If you want to learn about the basics of life writing, do this course!

— Philip George Mahoney

If you want to invest in your writing, invest in the AWC.

— Jacqui Hanna

The structure was good ‚ like-minded people attended so it was easy to communicate and interact and make friends ‚ I felt comfortable and as such enjoyed it a lot! Patti was excellent, patient and very understanding. She didn't make anyone feel that they can't write, she made us all feel comfortable. The way she conducted writing exercises was amazing which gave us all the confidence to write, which was excellent. She was encouraging and friendly.

— Mugdha Gadgil

I enjoyed the encouraging environment that was created to improve confidence and the freeing up of the writers' minds, so the words began to flow. Patti was intelligent, articulate, caring and encouraging. If you want to write, AWC has a course for you.

— Barbara Krefel

Patti was very open and generous and clearly an expert. She also is a talented presenter/teacher keeping things moving but also answering important questions as they arose.

— Jacqui Hanna

Patti was encouraging, inspiring, informative and engaging. She brought out the best in the group and made everyone feel comfortable. Her authenticity was impactful.

— Margie Ulbrick

Patti's feedback was always helpful and insightful. She was amazing in how quickly she say the personality of each of us through interaction and how we wrote our exercises. She gave herself fully and was so patient and encouraging in the tips or changes we needed to make to improve our writing, Thank you for a great course.

— Julie-Anne McIlwain

I am so inspired by the course. I found even personal writing becoming more sensory by the end of the week. I have come away with brand new ideas for stories and a new focus for my passion. I cannot fault the Australian Writers' Centre's service. They have great courses, great teachers. It's a dynamic centre for writers to find like-minded people.

— Rebecca Smedley

Patti had a lot of skill in creating the space for a group of people to feel safe and share of themselves from the very beginning. Well structured, good balance of theory and application, managed the group really well, used the time well ‚ fantastic, loved her. AWC is locally available, value for money, have a variety of courses on offer, teach like-minded people ‚ it's a wonderful thing.

— Suzanne Gatz

I enjoyed the interaction and support that Patti provided everyone with in the class; all course participants enjoyed the class and got to know each other during the eight weeks, and the course structure was excellent. Patti really supported the groups' learning in a safe environment and enabled each of us to ask questions and offered feedback. If you've thought about writing your life story, do it! Everyone has a story. Patti Millers Life Writing Course is a must do.

— Anthea Karatasoulis

Patti's knowledge of writing practice is encyclopedic. She incorporated excellent exercises and just the right amount of homework. The experience was challenging and affirming. And the unexpected bonus was the camaraderie that quickly developed with the other participants.

— Gail Mahon

I enjoyed learning techniques on how to tackle life writing and discovering what comes out of the subconscious mind. I learned that writing is more truthful than your inner dialogue. Patti was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, she created a comfortable and safe environment in which you could read your work. AWC is a good institution to look to for improving or starting writing projects.

— Jackie Cho

Patti is an excellent teacher. Her techniques for writing memoir are exceptional. She invited me to tap into the poet within and then follow the heat. From that moment on, my writing improved, almost overnight. I suddenly found I was being led by a narrator within who knows where my story is going. I just need to continue with the discipline of writing now and for the first time I can see myself completing my first draft. If you want to be a writer, find the course that suits you and AWC will make sure you achieve your goal. They are as committed to making you a success.

— Bindu Narula

Patti held us tenderly then nudged us till we all began to fly. She is a sensitive, inclusive presenter with perfect skills. I appreciated how she didn't bang on about herself the whole time, which some others do. She was genuinely there for us and I felt listened and attended to the entire time.

— Denise Litchfield

Patti is an amazing presenter; her knowledge is extensive and the way she guides her class through new territory which can be challenging and, in some cases, painful, however it is done in a very encouraging, compassionate way and creating an environment of safety. I enjoyed learning so much, being encouraged to keep going, breaking through barriers and fostering a connection with people all doing the same thing and being very supportive to one another.

— Derice McDonald

I enjoyed Patti's positive yet instructive feedback and the feedback from others in the group. Patti was excellent, she has a teaching manner that is encouraging and insightful.

— Anita Howard

Patti is so inspiring, knowledgeable and understanding and just knew how to tap into our inner creativity. An exceptional teacher. Patti was so helpful and generous in sharing her ideas and vast experience as a teacher and a writer. She is a gifted writer and teacher. What a privilege it was to be in her class! AWC has high quality teachers and workshops.

— Yvonne Jarman

I didn't know what to expect from the course and I was more than pleasantly surprised. I loved Patti's facilitation of the content and having a supportive group of other people was invaluable. Patti was extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. She was respectful of everyone in the room. I really enjoyed the time with her. Thank you, Patti, for encouraging us and for your immense knowledge, I got so much out of the course and can't wait to start writing.

— Michele Dickson

I had a great time in this course. It gave me confidence, guidance and inspiration. It is clear that both Pamela and Cathie are very knowledgeable and have a huge amount of really valuable advice. I have had nothing but really positive experiences with every course at the Australian Writers' Centre. They are well-structured, attract a high level of student and are great value.

— Laura Deverson

Patti's approach to the topic was a good balance of presentation and writing exercises. I gained so much valuable information and have told many people that it is not an exaggeration for me to say it was 'life changing'. Patti has a great ability to provide honest feedback while at the same time being very encouraging. She creates an atmosphere of support where even the least experienced life writer (I put myself in that group) feels inspired, not diminished by the more experienced participants.

— Linda Chaousis

I was sooo pleased I had the opportunity to go. It was a bit surreal, it had a fantastic effect on me. I enjoyed the content, presentation, the group of people and the positiveness and 'can do' attitude it provided. Patti was inclusive, receptive and sensitive in her teaching and her responses to class tasks and discussions.

— Helen Broderick

Patti's style is excellent and engaging. She is obviously passionate about the topic and imparts her knowledge in an easy and friendly style. She made me feel completely at ease and safe in sharing some of my creative thoughts. The tasks she set were just right to stimulate the creative process.

— Teresa Benetos

AWC are thoroughly professional, very experienced in working with multi-level, multi-generational groups ‚ are friendly, supportive, and of great practical help.

— Priscilla Tiplady

I enjoyed everything about this course ‚ the teacher, the content, the way it was facilitated, venue, the group of people. Patti is a wonderful teacher for many reasons. She is clearly experienced and knowledgeable and gave us a lot of practical tips to get started writing. She is a talented communicator and seems very grounded and solid so there was a real authenticity about her. She is an excellent group facilitator and does it so effortlessly. She was generous with her expertise and time.

— Christine McCabe

This course was engaging from start to finish. The interactive nature of this course encouraged honest and heartfelt contributions. Patti's knowledge, experience and supporting nature made for a very positive and enjoyable writing course. It's such a worthwhile course! And Patti is so lovely.

— Elizabeth Fritz

After the Life Writing course, I felt inspired to follow my passion to write. Patti was very encouraging and down to earth, she was professional and friendly. This course is the perfect start to writing a book. It is a stepping stone to much bigger things if you implement the skills that you learn. If you're thinking about writing your story but are struggling with self-doubt, this course is for you. Take action and sign up, it will inspire you to follow your dreams!

— Reece Georgas

I enjoyed the luxury of sitting and talking about and indulging in writing for a whole day. It's something I love, but rarely have time to immerse myself in. Patti was very knowledgeable and supportive. Even though I was only there for the one day, it was great to know that I've been on the right track with lots of things, and now have a whole heap of new tools to keep me going.

— Renee Bugg

It was extremely pleasant being in the company of other like-minded people going on their own life journey. I feel I have benefited enormously, giving me more of a chance of completing my story with a lot more inspiration to bring it to fruition. I think Patti presented the course beautifully and felt our needs were met.

— Jane Gilvear

I really enjoyed Patti's depth of knowledge and experience, she was excellent. I highly recommend this course if you want to write a great memoir and autobiography. This course will give you tools for how to do it and where to start. It helped me to see from a different perspective of how to write effectively.

— Jo Seymour

I enjoyed the opportunity to share my writing in a trusting and friendly environment, the opportunity to learn from an expert and the chance to figure out how to tackle my project. Patti was wonderful. She strikes the right balance between managing the group dynamic and being able to bring out the best in each person. She ensured that everyone felt included and she is obviously an expert in her field but teaches without ever dominating. The course exceeded my expectations! I waited over a year to do it and it was worth the wait!

— Sarah Felice

I enjoyed the small group, the writing tasks and the feedback. Patti was excellent!

— Marina Dassos

I loved the group dynamic and the gentle but in-charge way that Patti managed the group. It was great to have the week in between to reflect and write. I came away feeling good about my creative self and reassured by the group, it just made me feel happy. Patti is a living embodiment of practicing what she teaches.

— Elizabeth Barclay

If you want a very engaging and likeable presenter who is also very professional in the presentation of a course, then go through Writer's Centre. I recommend that anyone interested in words and writing to join, as the monthly emails are so interesting and filled with opportunities with an hilarious piece on grammar each month.

— Susan Conwell

I enjoyed the supportive environment; interaction with other participants; and feedback on written material. Patti is simply magic. She is a very talented facilitator for creativity and a thoroughly likable person. She is an entertaining and sensitive presenter who is skilled at helping each person to gain access to and realise their own creativity. She offers intelligent advice at every level.

— Lee Harris

It was a wonderful experience for me as I set of on my life writing journey ‚ I feel more confident and capable in my pursuit having participated in Patti's workshop.

— Victoria Delecca

I found Pattie a very clear, and empathic teacher and learned a great deal about myself as well as my writing in the process of her class. Do the course, you will find out what you are doing well as well as learning how to improve your weaker areas!

— Elizabeth Shadlow

I found I had the ability to write about things: family life, and incidents in my life I had always wanted to expand. This course is a good way to get started on events in your life that you want to make sense of, to show to others.

— Christopher Hill

I wish I had of enrolled sooner! I loved Patti! She loves what she does ‚ brilliant understanding of memoir.

— Amie Weekes

I liked Patti's down to earth analysis, the way she was able to find something admirable in each person's writing. Her own published record gives her authority and credibility. This is a great way to start writing, building confidence and overcoming any shyness about revealing one's self.

— Garry G Lowder

I enjoyed Patti's teaching style, experience and encouragement. The small class of participants (12) allowed us to get to know one another, share our writing and interact.

It has inspired me to keep writing and to learn more about writing. I feel the quality of my writing has improved. I'm certainly now aware of many things I was doing wrong!

— Kerry Osborne

I found the course liberating in overcoming the barrier to start writing. Patti is an inspiring and encouraging teacher and excellent group facilitator. It was most enjoyable and met my objectives.

— Carolyn Leigh

The course pinpointed the areas of writing that I'd never thought about. The homework/exercises/readings made total sense. I am rewriting another draft of my memoir and feel that I can enrich it so much!

— Lara Friedman

I found the class very inspiring, informative and interesting. I learned so much in such little time. I also met some very wonderful people and enjoyed interacting with them each week. I feel more confident now to go ahead with my own projects as a result of the information given in the class.

— Julie Abrahams

The benefits of doing this course were priceless. Not only did my writing passion and skill increase, but it allowed me to truly find myself. Patti's techniques, exercises and experience allows you to look at yourself, evaluate yourself and find your true self through writing. It has increased my confidence, my skill and my desire to write. Thank you so much.

— Nat Watson

Patti was an excellent facilitator - grounded and down to earth. Of course, meeting and listening to the writing of others is the best possible thing to do. Patti's feedback was supportive and constructive.

— Louise Brogan

Patti is such a positive person and she made it a lot of fun with our group whilst learning a lot. She has an amazing way of teaching and brings out the best in you.

— Ruby Rebic

The two days have fired almost every remaining neuron in my brain and I now have the means to catch and order the bits so I can share my story with others.

— Ian Reid

I enjoyed the opportunity to write and to share. I was able to start writing at the course and receive valuable feedback. I found it helped enormously to start me on writing my memoirs.

— Silma Ihram

I have been encouraged, inspired and the writing I have done so far has helped me see my life in a different light.

— Judith McIvor

The course was illuminating in many ways. Patti skilfully kept 10 very different people engaged and on track whilst cleverly sharing quality advice on ways to improve. It was empowering in terms of both learning and sharing and as a result I'm encouraged to continue this journey of discovery. Not only did it unleash the very dormant writer within but it also taught me to relax, share with, and encourage like-minded folk whom I now feel I have a connection to. I started somewhat hesitantly and finished with a desire to continue in earnest.

— Felicity Young

Patti Miller was great. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. Quite inspiring.

— Jane Barrie

The teacher and the students were all very encouraging and informative. It has made me get into a habit of writing and has also given me the confidence to display my thoughts on the page

— Katherine Badatzanis

Patti was wonderful in encouraging us and providing that safe environment to share our stories. Her feedback was invaluable, not just of my work but of everyone's. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself. It has inspired me to continue with my project.

— Clare Nathan

Patti is a wonderful teacher and mentor, great at making people feel relaxed and their contributions worthy.

— Helen Vatsikopoulos

It was great to get together with some like-minded people and Patti's facilitation was excellent. She really got us all to talk and express ourselves in a safe atmosphere. I took away some simple messages ‚ to write everyday for at least ten minutes, to jog my memory using the senses and to write scenes.

— Anne Walter

The course was a breakthrough experience for many of us. It gave us inspiration, energy to write, excellent tips and a sense of achievement. In such a short term, Patti managed to make us write good pieces, almost a start of our own book.

— Aurora Lopez

I found Patti interacted with us all without judgement, with compassion, with insight and with truth. She knows her subject well and it comes over that she enjoys teaching. The benefits of the course will possibly be ongoing. Not only was it enjoyable, with no pressure to 'perform' or come up with anything too intellectual, but it gave structure and method to life writing.

— Robyn Elliott

It was a great experience. I haven't been in a classroom for 20 years so it was a little scary at first but Patti was awesome. She's a very good teacher, a lovely lady. Everyone was great in fact, it was a wonderful experience to share with like minded people, it's nice to know you're not alone in the quest! Bloody brilliant!

— Marcia Tsiliris

Patti was a great instructor ‚ best writing course I've taken so far. It provided concrete examples on how to progress writing as well as new ways to access new ideas and ways to write.

— Laura Ryan

I found Patti Miller to be a very clear, and empathic teacher. I learned a great deal about myself as well as my writing.
I say do the course ‚ you will find out what you are doing well and learn how to improve your weaker areas!

— Elizabeth Shadlow

I enjoyed the tips, practice, and the feedback from Patti and the group. Patti was engaging and inspirational. The course will give you practical guidance but also provide encouragement towards continuing to write and believing you can document your own life story.

— Christine Danger

I loved the luxury of sitting and talking about, and indulging in writing. It's something I love, but rarely have the time to immerse myself in. Patti was very knowledgeable and supportive. It was great to know that I've been on the right track with lots of things and now have a whole heap of new tools to keep me going.

— Renee Bugg

Having to write and hearing and discussing others' writings was excellent. Patti was excellent; always positive, encouraging, open and interesting as well as very knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to go to Patti Miller as she is a marvellous teacher and you will learn a great deal and enjoy it.

— Lynn Elizabeth Barnett

I enjoyed discovering new ways of writing my life story. Patti was helpful, but most of all she was positive in all of her feedback. You will discover there are many ways of writing your life story.

— Sandy Morse

Patti Miller is very approachable and clear ‚ she's obviously an experienced teacher. Life Writing is a good kick-start to memoir writing, with practical tools and practical lessons.

— Annette Freeman

I really enjoyed Patti; she connected with everyone in the room. The course provided me insight into how to turn a description of events into something someone might want to read. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place to meet some very interesting people in a strongly creative environment.

— Philippa Barrett

Patti Miller made everyone feel comfortable. I really enjoyed getting to know the others in the class and the 'secret writing' exercise. Australian Writers' Centre is in a great location and easy to access from the railway station. The email communication from the centre is great and the course content is relevant.

— Bronwyn Eileen Gallo

Patti is a very good teacher, she has a wonderful ability to draw out creativity from the students. I hope to write that book! The course has allowed me to take off my training wheels and maybe give it a go.

— Suzanne McGillivray

Patti Miller was super and gave constructive feedback! If you can get there... Go do it!

— Leonie Curgenven

Patti Miller has extensive experience and expertise, and is an outstanding teacher as well ‚ a rare combination.

— Carolyn Barnabo

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