Andrea Wilson 2 months ago

I liked hearing how the other authors manage to balance their jobs and families while finding time to write. It made me change my thinking and realise I am not the only busy person who wants to write. It made me examine my own time and strategies that would work for me.

I am actually writing again. My husband has overheard parts and I think he fully understands his role in helping this to happen!

If you 're having trouble getting started writing, take this course!

Natalie Devlin 1 month ago

I wanted to do this course to give myself a kick up the butt and write more. I just needed advice and some helpful tools to assist me as I have a busy and stressful job and family life.

I really enjoyed the course. I now have more words on more pages and am working on something I'm enjoying. I now write almost every day, whether it is 200 words or a couple of paragraphs or a page, I can do it. I've also managed to find time in a busy day to fit writing in.

One major learning moment was using tools I already have access to (Google suite) but tweaking their use. And how successful people overcame challenges similar to mine. It was inspiring to know I'm not alone.

Valerie Miller 5 months ago

I have learnt so much and feel empowered about fitting writing in my life. I have just spent the last 30 days completing the extra Writing Bootcamp course and I am now writing every day, engaged and committed.

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