Leonie Crewther 6 months ago

I am a procrastinator, so was hoping for strategies to be motivated. I enjoyed hearing what successful writers do.

I think for me, the course helped me recognise that the time spent thinking or dreaming about the project is part of the work and can be important to moving forward. Also, making the most of the time you have. I have a 20-minute commute to and from work. I now have ideas of how better to use that time rather than playing a game on my phone.

There is lots to gain in hearing from successful writers. The app and book recommendations are very useful.

Holly Slinger 7 months ago

I enjoyed hearing how other authors make it work, and their different approaches. It reminded me that even authors who have multiple published books still have to work to fit writing in, and not many actually write full time.

Definitely try an AWC course. There is such a wide range of different courses available, as soon as I finish one, I can't help looking for what's next.

Carmel Betts 8 months ago

I enjoyed the different writers' thoughts; gave me a different perspective about finding time to write. It's made me aware that I've made a commitment to myself to continue to write. Even just thinking about what you're writing takes time and is just as important as the act of writing.

Don't stuff around; if you're thinking about writing, then just do it!

Debra 8 months ago

Great course. Easy to understand. All useful information that can be put to use straight away. Learnt lots from other writers and great tools to use.

Showed me the importance of making time to write and it can be done with planning and discipline.

I have to make time on a regular basis. Just get started!!!

Alison Clifford 10 months ago

After doing this course, I'm inspired to write. I've set a timetable each day (morning) to make sure I get my words down and I no longer find myself stalling or getting overwhelmed by the idea of writing.

The truths about writing were so comforting. I was doubting whether I really wanted to write again, but hearing that the thoughts in my head were normal really helped clarify my desire to write.

Penny Flannery 2 years ago

I wanted to get back into writing after not writing for a long time.

The boot camp was wonderful. Having to write a certain number of words a day really stretched my writing. I realised it is just that easy to sit down and write. It's true if you have words on the page they trigger thoughts and feelings. You can then go through what you have written and can see how characters have developed and where the writing is heading.

I've written 10,000 words of a novel I never thought that I would start. It is just a starting point but l've been impressed with what I've accomplished. I can't get the characters out of my head and feel that I need to write every day now.

Jacqui Nicholson 2 years ago

Life is a juggling act. I thought this might help with my issue of only doing one thing which is I either edit or write.

I enjoyed the interviews with different writers and how they do it. The information on different writing tools was fabulous too.

It has taught me I can juggle multiple writing tasks as well as being a mum and running a business.

I don’t have to write 1000- 2000 words a day. The important thing is I keep the momentum going and write something every day.

Andrea Wilson 3 years ago

I liked hearing how the other authors manage to balance their jobs and families while finding time to write. It made me change my thinking and realise I am not the only busy person who wants to write. It made me examine my own time and strategies that would work for me.

I am actually writing again. My husband has overheard parts and I think he fully understands his role in helping this to happen!

If you 're having trouble getting started writing, take this course!

Natalie Devlin 3 years ago

I wanted to do this course to give myself a kick up the butt and write more. I just needed advice and some helpful tools to assist me as I have a busy and stressful job and family life.

I really enjoyed the course. I now have more words on more pages and am working on something I'm enjoying. I now write almost every day, whether it is 200 words or a couple of paragraphs or a page, I can do it. I've also managed to find time in a busy day to fit writing in.

One major learning moment was using tools I already have access to (Google suite) but tweaking their use. And how successful people overcame challenges similar to mine. It was inspiring to know I'm not alone.

Valerie Miller 3 years ago

I have learnt so much and feel empowered about fitting writing in my life. I have just spent the last 30 days completing the extra Writing Bootcamp course and I am now writing every day, engaged and committed.


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