Natasha Poynton 3 years ago

I felt I was in a bit of a funk and not enjoying the sort of writing and work I was doing at the time. I just felt I had lost my mojo and my love of writing.

I absolutely loved this course and feel really inspired. It has helped shape my thoughts about what I want to do for the future with a couple of big "ah ha!" moments. Although I still feel like my writing muscles need stretching after atrophy, I feel like they've had at least a little exercise now. And more importantly, I feel like it's lit a fire to keep exercising those muscles (way to mix my metaphors!).

It was like opening a present every day. I would never know what surprises were in store for me!

I get paid to write for others. It has been so long since I've written something just for MYSELF and I had forgotten just how satisfying that can be.

DO IT! You won't regret it. In fact, I'll join you on the next one.

Yvonne Wilson 3 years ago

Thank you so much for the stimulus materials that you put into this course. I feel that I am a different person, more creative and confident of my identity as a writer.

In the transition to my new identity as a retired teacher, I have tried different activities. While I go to a U3A writing group, I have not felt confident in the development of my writing skills. This course has taught me that it is okay to be creative for the rest of my life.

Do the course; it is so stimulating and stretching. It opens your mind to other worlds and confirms that you can make a valuable contribution to the world of words.

Janet Mell 3 years ago

AWC's MOJO month has been a great investment, thank you FF team! They have covered every imaginable topic for a writer to feel inspired, educated and empowered in improving their writing skills. Each day provided a further insight into what makes the construct of a story powerful. I would recommend this course to anyone who has any self-doubt about their ability. A very uplifting and rewarding pathway to improvement.

Amber Gaston 3 years ago

If I had known how much content was covered, how interesting it would all be, and that I would start every day with a smile, I would have done it sooner.

Jodie Millard 3 years ago

Since starting this course, I have written most 4000 words! It was exactly the kick I needed, and although I'm still yet to go back and review a lot of the material, I've now started a habit of writing every day.

When I first started this course, I felt unfilled and like I wasn't reaching my full potential but had no idea where to start. This course gave me the exact boost I needed. Not only is it full of inspiring content, but you can also read other's comments for inspiration. Now I'm writing daily, thinking about how to improve my descriptions, and have a new daily routine that works for me, all thanks to MOJO and AWC. The content in this course is beneficial for everybody, not just writers!

Caroline Grimpen 3 years ago

This course was so much fun! Thank you. I loved all the little inspirational bits, the online talks and links to interesting information, the writing tasks and the kindness of the course.

It has given me a lot of ideas about how to generate story ideas, but also generally it has reminded me to use my time wisely and really do what I enjoy doing.

I think the 'Identity makeover' exercise was my major 'aha!' moment. It was great to realise that I need to decide to be what I want to be rather than just striving towards it.

The AWC courses are inspiring, full of excellent material and fun. They have helped me to find out what is important to me and given me the self-confidence to write.

Christina Pike 3 years ago

LOVE all the wonderful modules, tips, online TED Talks, links, exercises, etc. If I keep practising all that I've learned, there should be enough fodder for me to write LOADS.

I enjoyed EVERYTHING!!!!!! I love all the tips and links on offer too. So clever, informative and fun.

I will try and use everything I've learned more and more. I've kept notes (loads of them) and will put them in a folder so that I can peruse and look at them when I'm feeling 'meh' to get encouraged again and again to keep at it.

Cathy Jones 3 years ago

It has been so refreshing, learning to think about writing in a mindful way. I learnt to be a better spy, listening to conversations, people watching (body language and interacting with one another), snapping photos of colour and ideas for stories. That was the amazing thing, there is a story in all of us, and all around us.

We all have stories to tell. Observe everything and be open to new experiences, you never know when that story idea will hit.

An inspiring and uplifting course, full of challenges and fun things to do.

Helen Simpson 3 years ago

It has given me insight into the art of writing and creativity - to keep doing it for the love, enjoyment and exploration of myself. Anything is possible and it may be a rollercoaster at times but just keep going.

Carol Ryan 3 years ago

It was exciting to wake up every morning and have a challenge for the day. I liked the self-development, the opportunity to change bad habits, to read other people’s stories and to hear of their journeys.

It’s given me tools to reset and view my life and my view of the world. I now send my grandchildren a little inspirational saying each Wednesday to help them navigate the world. I have made a journal for the eight of them with sayings in. The list on day 31 will be on the last two pages. It will my legacy to them when I go to greener pastures.

Just do it. It will open your eyes to the world around you.

Amy Adeney 3 years ago

I had a 'free month' in November between finishing uni and my kids finishing school, and wanted to do something structured to ensure I used the time creatively and productively, and didn't just waste the month. MOJO fit my requirements perfectly!

I enjoyed the variety of different topics - I seem to constantly be talking about something interesting I'd learned that day...

Made me more aware to stay alert as I'm out and about in the world, taking in stimuli and looking for new ideas for my writing.

I've done lots of courses at AWC and always found them to be not only fun and inspiring, but full of very practical, user-friendly advice as well.

Bridget White 3 years ago

The FUNK: I have been deeply buried in the belief that everything worth writing has been done ... but sheer relief to find out my ideas are valuable. I've found stories everywhere and love MY LIFE again. HUGE thanks!!!!

My life has changed and self-belief abounds. Now I awaken, do my morning pages, and see inspiration. This course was BRILLIANT!!!!

I've signed up for Writing for 6-9-year-olds with Lesley Gibbes, ordered all of her books to assist me in learning that style and feel lighter!!! Might even have lost a few grams in no longer being weighed down by my oppressive thoughts.


Karen Young 3 years ago

I finished Creative Writing Stage 1 at the start of October and wanted to do something else so I came across this as I was searching for courses. It sounded fun so I thought I'd give it a go.

I enjoyed the variety of everything ... I had no idea what was coming and I loved the surprise factor of it all!

It really made me think outside the box and look at writing from different angles. I loved that. And I've now set up a writing habit that I plan to keep because of MOJO Month.

I absolutely loved MOJO Month and can honestly say it's the best $97 I've ever spent on a course in my life! You get out of it what you put into it but everything's there to get you started and the daily emails are like little encouraging shoves in the right direction. I'm also doing Writing Workout at the moment and I highly recommend everything I've done with AWC so far. I am loving it and growing so much as a writer ... and as a human :)

Debbie Harris 3 years ago

I needed to get my MOJO back in lots of areas and this sounded good fun as well.

It was bite sized, not overly demanding and interesting - a real joy to open up every day! It was topical, interesting, entertaining and fun.

It made me feel happier, helped me to focus on something else apart from what was going on in my life, gave me a boost with my writing and was thoroughly enjoyable. I woke up each morning with a thrill wondering what would be waiting for me. I'll miss it.

Elisabeth Bridson 3 years ago

I was attracted to the course because I needed something to help me focus on making daily writing more of a priority. Well - to actually write daily, really.

I loved the breadth of experiences, challenges, tasks, activities, etc. The course is aimed at the whole person, not just the writing bit of the person.

I enjoyed the fact that I felt successful even if I didn't complete all the activities ('operations'). There were some days when I wasn't able to get to the activities and had to catch up the next day, or the day after that (once). I didn't feel bad about having to do that. I also like that I have the extra month to complete those operations that I skipped - I fully intend to do that.

I entered Furious Fiction for the first time. I'd first found out about it and subscribed over a year ago. My story was long listed!!! I now feel as if I can call myself a writer :) Though trawling back through the dozens of half-filled notebooks should have made me realise this.

I love the humorous approach and the very encouraging attitude that the AWC has.

Sally Holmes 3 years ago

I have loved writing since I was very young, but not taken the time to be creative over the past years.

I enjoyed the variety of different creative 'operations' included, opening up my eyes to the plethora of writing fuel at my fingertips each and every day. Also reading other's submissions on the feed was interesting - I like to see the different approaches taken and learn from how others put their words together so differently to myself.

I've reconnected with my creative self and found my voice in writing again.

I surprised myself by what I could create in a short time each day, and how it all came back to me with the right prompts. That even when you feel completely unmotivated you can still push through this and create some content you had no idea was inside you. On reflection, sometimes this is actually the best content.

It's life enriching to explore your creativity and do it with other like-minded people and with the support of experts in the writing field.

Janelle Rebgetz 3 years ago

This course seemed to be different to other courses, non-specific as far as what one would achieve. I saw it as an adventure.

It is good that there is an extra month to complete everything. Great for people like me who have a chronic illness and limited energy. Having said that I am really surprised by how much I achieved and how much it energised me at times.

I really enjoyed the variety in the operations and in the subjects covered, including personal development.

I feel more confident in myself and in my writing. I write poetry and thought I couldn't write short stories. Now I know I can.

Everything about the course is positive and affirming, bright and cheery.

Tanya Enright-Kynoch 3 years ago

The diversity and variety in content -- activities, quotes, writing stimuli, URLs and videos -- were fantastic!

Sparked creativity and the desire 'to carve out more time' to hone my craft. I can do it!

Creative, informative, inspiring and fun!


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