Wendy Banham 5 days ago

I needed help to kick-start my writing as it had languished for far too long. I also wanted help with problems which were getting in the way of continuing to write my book.

Jenny was very helpful and knowledgeable as well as encouraging. Her feedback picked up a key issue with the beginning of my story on which I needed to focus. She also pointed out other more minor things to be aware of and keep in mind as I write.

I enjoyed learning more about plot, character, structure and storytelling. I was pleased to improve my understanding of these key areas of novel-writing. Giving and receiving feedback was also a very enjoyable part of this course.

I feel that I have a much better understanding of what is required to write a novel, in terms of effort, time spent and establishing a routine. This has been eye-opening and a good reality check for me.

If you want to learn more about writing fiction or non-fiction, build your knowledge and skills in the craft of writing, and believe in yourself as a writer, then do an AWC course.

Thanks for another great course! This has pushed me farther along on my writing journey and for that, I'm very grateful.

Vincent Varjavandi 6 days ago

Jennifer was perfect. Prompt. Fair with criticism. For me it was picking over the fine points of the plot and that you can't get away with things.

It was great reading others' work. Seeing we all have the same difficulties and fears. Seeing there are some really good writers out there and I need to lift my game! Seeing what I liked and what I didn't like as much, and understanding why. It was great having other eyes on my writing. Seeing different opinions. Jennifer's opinion obviously was a big incentive to see if I'm on the right track etc.

I now know I have it in me. Having other (talented) writers reading my stuff made me really have to work on my own writing. It was much better after the course than it was before.

The course is essential. Better done sooner rather than later. Don't be embarrassed, we all started somewhere, better to get good, constructive feedback early and in a supportive environment.

Berni Rushton 1 week ago

I enrolled because I'd completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and wanted to keep going.

I thought Jenny was excellent and I totally trusted her experience and knowledge. I listened to Jenny's feedback on everyone's submissions and felt she consistently honed in on key points and offered really helpful advice.

I enjoyed workshopping - both giving and receiving feedback.

It increased my knowledge of the craft of writing in a big way and gave me the confidence to rewrite a one-page prologue into a 3000-word opening chapter.

If you haven't yet been published, start at the beginning with Creative Writing Stage 1 - even if you've already completed a manuscript (like me). There's a lot more to it than you might think!

Jacqui Hawkins 2 weeks ago

I absolutely loved this course. It is the second course I have done and now I'm enrolled in Write Your Novel.

Great tutoring. The feedback was extremely helpful.

I enjoyed reading other people's work, workshopping and the accountability to keep writing my novel.

I have learnt so much about the craft of writing. Without this course, I would not know where to start or what I was doing.

If you are serious about learning the craft of writing or you want to write a novel, this course is essential to your journey as a writer.

I loved it and I can't wait to do Write Your Novel.

Kathryn Robson 3 weeks ago

There was excellent content and I like the fact that the material is available for 12 months.

Louisa was wonderful and her feedback was extremely pertinent and insightful.

The Australian Writers' Centre offers focused and well researched courses across a very broad spectrum of writing related topics.

Celina Smith 4 weeks ago

I wasn't expecting it but reviewing other's writing was a huge bonus and I learnt a lot about my own writing and how I could write better.

Louisa was great. She gave important feedback in a positive way that enabled me to take it on board better and understand how I could improve what I was writing. Louisa was very approachable and was inclusive, encouraging us all to listen to the feedback she gave on other people's writing which helped me pick up on how I could improve myself.

It got me writing in a way that started to emulate published authors - I developed a greater understanding of the different parts of a story.

I discovered I head hopped. I didn't even know what head hopping was but through the feedback session and the tutorial I figured out what I was doing wrong. Then I started seeing the same thing in my colleagues' writing, in the course. It wasn't till then did I start to figure out how I could change my writing practice and stick to one character's POV per chapter.

If you seriously want to start writing and find out if it is for you, doing one or more courses is important. I described it recently as "going back to primary school for writers." Through AWC I am learning the basics of writing that is hard to decipher just by reading books.

Maria Parenti 4 weeks ago

It's great having experienced authors as tutors and audios you can listen to in the car over and over - like Audible. Makes it time efficient.

The tutor was really encouraging, professional and constructive. I trusted her. Her comments made sense and gave unexpected insight into things I hadn't considered.

Having feedback from the tutor was paramount. Having deadlines kept me motivated. Feedback from others was great - because many appeared quite experienced. Feedback guideline parameters made it kinder to read the comments.

I enjoyed reading so many wonderful stories. I'm not alone in my journey.

If you want to learn, improve or publish your work check out AWC. I've been in other critique groups before which turned me off writing, but since starting AWC courses, they've got high standards in giving constructive, considerate, useful feedback - never destructive or demoralising.

Since 2017 I've been doing AWC courses and they continue to provide gold star (Michelin) standard courses.

Connie Griffin 1 month ago

I wanted the structure and encouragement of a program with other writers to get stuck into writing my novel. I also wanted feedback on my opening, to make sure I was going on the right direction with my story regarding reader interest, worldbuilding and characterisation.

Nat Newman was fantastic. So friendly and encouraging even while pointing out improvements that could be made in your writing. I really got the impression that Nat understood my story and what it's like being a new writer. I would absolutely do a course with Nat again!

It was so fun each week sitting down and providing feedback on the work of the other course participants. Reading so many different types and genres of stories was so inspiring, and I loved the chance to maybe even help them make improvements.

I'm now in a Discord with other participants of the course so we can keep in touch. I also have a better sense of community and a better clarity on where to take my novel - both story wise and publishing wise.

Claire Baldwin 1 month ago

I enjoyed workshopping and reading genres I wouldn't usually read. I have a synopsis for my novel and now it doesn't feel so nebulous and unachievable. Nat was great.

The AWC offers affordable, professional and fun online writing courses pitched at various writing skill levels and genres. It's a great way to figure out what you want to write and, more importantly, IF you want to write, and what it takes to complete a manuscript and get published.

Eli Roach 2 months ago

I think Nat did a great job in providing much needed feedback. It also helped that she gave some great recommendations on what books / videos would help as well.

If you're starting out with writing a book, then the Australian Writers' Centre provides all the straightforward and important information.

I appreciate the all-around support that I and everyone else received in sharing our works.

Courtney 3 months ago

Loved the tutor. She was honest and helpful and knowledgeable.

POV and tense were both pivotal moments for me. I know a lot more than I did before!

Ben 3 months ago

I knew I was stuck but I didn't know how. This course really helped. It was great to assess other people's work and having a number of responses to my work really helped me sort out what was wrong with it.

Louisa was excellent. I felt in safe hands and respected her knowledge and experience.

I really liked the course content to be honest. But the student feedback to my work was also very helpful.

Clarity! I feel like I've been taken back to basics and can restart with a much clearer idea of my writing style and how to tell a compelling story. People were consistently positive about my story idea and I feel fairly confident in my writing ability so I'm happy to get stuck into it again.

Great, practical and supportive courses run by professionals.

Kaitlin 3 months ago

Incredibly insightful and helpful feedback which gave me comments and advice to work with. Because I am writing a mystery I also found it helpful that is the genre Louisa writes.

I really loved Louisa's feedback on my writing but I also found it helpful to receive feedback from course mates. The feedback gave me a good overall picture of what works and what doesn't in my writing.

I have put my full focus into writing this novel. I have fully plotted out my novel, made a significant start on it and feel motivated to keep going. I have hope that I can finish my novel and get it published.

The feedback from Louisa and my course mates had me change a very key detail in my mystery novel that has helped to shape the rest of the story entirely and I think the story will be better for it.

If you are serious about writing your novel and you need something to kick start you (and in the right direction) - try this!

Laura Lee 4 months ago

I thought Pamela was outstanding! She is perfect at critiquing. I loved this course. I can't thank you enough.

Pamela has a gift! She gave it to our whole group. She was able to seamlessly talk to each person about their writing with the perfect amount of nurture and critique with a touch of confidence.

I found having a timeframe really important. I enjoyed workshopping so much more than I ever imagined. I am so surprised at my own growth.

This course gave me permission to write.

My breakthrough was the resistance I felt before each submission and I pushed through and did it anyway. The 'aha' is knowing that the amount of resistance means something great is about to be told.

If you have the slightest inkling 'DO IT!' then you know. Once you see you can't unsee.

Louise Mace 5 months ago

After doing Creative Writing Stage 1, I developed a new idea for a novel and wanted to go deeper with that and get it started.

Pamela showed excellent skill in delving deeply into each piece of writing. It was great to receive such technical and detailed editing and feedback on writing style, structure, and overall character development from her.

I enjoyed the podcast tutorials and the templates and guides that helped prioritise time for writing. It was lovely corresponding with the rest of the group every week.

Great online resource and virtual classroom lay out. Processes were robust and the communication from both pre-recorded material and the tutorial feedback etc was clear and timely. My advice would be to start with Creative Writing Stage 1, depending on where a person was in their writing journey.

Richard Casey 5 months ago

I finished the Creative writing Stage 1 course and enjoyed it so much I wanted to keep going.

Pamela was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Her guidance helped me pick up on a lot of mistakes I didn't realise I was making.

It gave me the confidence and drive to see my writing through to the end no matter how long it took.

Gayle Raymond 5 months ago

So thorough; just wonderful. I learnt so much in each module and enjoyed meeting other writers and reading their works.

Pamela is a great mix of incredibly professional, knowledgeable and also approachable. She's a gem. I'm hoping to read Pamela's books!

I enjoyed mixing with like-minded other writers, being made accountable to read their work and provide feedback, being accountable to write my own chapters within a given deadline, and learning more about all the cool things AWC do.

I had my story, the twists, the tension, my characters etc, and I loved banging out the first draft. However, I knew I was writing for myself. This course gave me the skills I knew I was lacking in PoV, time switching and creating memorable characters.

Value for money.
Will ramp up your writing craft.
Will introduce you to a community of writers.
Super professional, smart, yet very human :)

Heartfelt thanks, AWC.

Abigail Ricica 6 months ago

Absolutely incredible course! I've now got the tools to take on writing a novel and feel inspired to finish that first draft.

The tutor was amazing. Nat's feedback was awesome and she has the perfect personality for online classes. Her feedback was invaluable for me and my novel will be better thanks to her.

I think I can actually write a novel now! I'm feeling inspired and my imagination is running so high I feel like a kid again. Worth every penny. Learning skills WHILE getting inspired, absolutely invaluable.

This is the best course I've taken at AWC. Huge thanks to Nat and everyone who put the course together.

Tony Campbell 6 months ago

Nat was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this course and found her to be a stellar professional and diligent to a tee. It was like I had my own personal editor helping me write better, but then watching everyone else's feedback taught me even more. She was wonderful. Talented and exactly right for the role.

I especially enjoyed workshopping with all my student peers. I finally figured out show don't tell.

I've signed up for the longer 6-month course and will finish my novel. I am committing to get published.

If you want to be a writer, start here.

Deanna Wong 7 months ago

Pamela's brilliant!

I've been inspired and so encouraged by the feedback I've received. Especially when the feedback pointed out flaws or weak spots.

You just can't go wrong with an AWC course. They want you to succeed, and go out of their way to ensure you do.

Thank you!


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