Sharon Stanley 2 weeks ago

I completed the Creative Writing Stage 1 course last year and, much to my surprise, started writing a novel. I was stuck at around 4,000 words and signed up for Novel Writing Essentials to learn how to move forward. I was also interested to get feedback on my writing style to determine if I should keep going.

I was a bit hesitant about having my work read and critiqued, but it turned out to be a very useful, and not too painful, experience. I was also concerned about providing feedback on other people's work, however we were provided with advice on how to do this constructively.

I learnt more than I thought I would, the feedback was useful and I now have 24,000 words written.

I found Angela's feedback practical, helpful, honest and encouraging. She was generous in sharing her knowledge and experience along with useful techniques to improve structure and style. Angela answered all questions our cohort put forward and provided guidance. Overall I enjoyed Angela's class and was pleased we had her as our tutor.

What I found most enjoyable was learning more about the craft of writing a novel. It was comforting to realise that there are guidelines and structure that can help to get the story onto the page in a way that readers will enjoy. I've always read novels and marvelled at how the author creates dialogue, scenes and action that seem to just come naturally, to hook the reader and keep them reading to find out more - to learn there are techniques and guidelines to help me do the same was a wonderful revelation.

Do it, you will be surprised at the writer that's lurking within you and just needs coaxing out.

Carmen Condon 3 weeks ago

Angela was very encouraging and provided targeted advice to each writer. It was helpful to see her feedback to other students as well as our own. She provided insights into my writing that I realised were blockers and I now have strategies to overcome them. I really appreciated the 'extras' she gave us on structure and narrative too.

I'm enjoying writing a lot more now that I have a better idea of the novel writing process and less pressure to write beautifully in a first draft. The words are now flowing and I have a plan to get through my first draft.

There is no substitute for making the time to write, but the AWC can provide motivation and guidance to help you make the most of that time.

Ming D'Iapico-Bien 1 month ago

Nicole's feedback was invaluable. I really enjoyed listening to her recorded feedback not only for me but for all the other participants in my course. I got the impression everyone in my course got the confidence boost they needed to keep working on their manuscripts while at the same time benefiting from the constructive criticism and tips about what's not working.

By the end of the course I was emotionally invested in everyone's stories.

I have some confidence that I can actually write (of course there is lots to improve). Before doing the course, I was wondering if I was wasting my time.

DO IT! It's money well spent and the worst that can happen is that you discover your novel hasn't got legs. In saying that though, the course content is highly engaging so you're highly likely to be inspired to start another story that does have legs.

Kerry Batchler 1 month ago

Nicole was a skilled writer and I found her feedback on all our submissions to be informative and supportive.

One, I grew in that I finished the course and committed to it the whole way through. Two, I learned from others that there is no magic - it's giving rein to your imagination and then, word by word, scene by scene, putting your story down. Three, don't agonise over making your first draft perfect - you'll change it anyway later.

Well-organised, practical lessons and handouts. Thoughtful, detailed feedback from the tutor and AWC's coordination/moderation of workshopping means that feedback is constructive and useful and not scary.

Nick Leslie 2 months ago

I love the AWC. Your website is so informative, welcoming to new writers without being patronising, and honest about the writing process without being intimidating or gatekeeping. It's one of the best decisions I've made to enrol in Creative Writing Stage 1 last year, so I knew that the next step would be even more informative and engaging.

Pamela was wonderful. Very honest about feedback given, but never in a way that was impersonal, overly harsh or unhelpful. Very thorough, detailed comments that gave me a really good springboard for my further drafts.

I enjoyed the video feedback format from the tutor. I like how different learning styles were incorporated - some people respond better to detailed text instructions, whereas some digest them better in video or audio.

I now have a very confident path to forge ahead with my planned novel, and during these uncertain times of lockdowns, it's fantastic to have something you can confidently focus on.

Leanne Levi 2 months ago

After completing Creative Writing stage 1, I was hooked, and found myself writing a story. The Novel Writing Essentials course felt like perfect timing.

Pamela's feedback was very useful and I found myself having many aha moments during her feedback. I enjoyed reading all the other stories from classmates and receiving their feedback. The audio lessons are fantastic!

I was using a lot of flashbacks in my story and, after the useful feedback from Pamela, I have re-written many scenes using story present. As a result, I am feeling a lot happier with those scenes and feel closer to my characters too.

I highly recommend taking a course with the Australian Writers' Centre. My understanding of plot, characters and individuality as a writer has transformed my approach to my writing and I feel very encouraged about where my story is going, thanks to what I have learned through the course.

I look forward to signing up to the novel writing course next, although I am going to pause to zone in on my story for a few months just using what I have learned from the Novel Writing Essentials course. I plan to go over the coursework again and continue to workshop with the group privately for the time being. But I will certainly be back for more courses.

Hafsah Khan 2 months ago

Pamela was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The environment was encouraging.

I'm working hard on completing my novel and thanks to this course I am out of the thinking stage and into the active writing stage.

As I worked on writing my own piece and providing feedback for my fellow course-mates, I realised that the important thing was to get the story down and that it doesn't have to be perfect. As long as the story is written I will have the opportunity to make it better as much as I want.

The Australian Writers' Centre provides a friendly and encouraging environment, especially to someone like me who lacked confidence in her work and was afraid of criticism. The experience is constructive, inspiring and overall fun.

Deirdre Martinz 2 months ago

I completed a creative writing course a few years ago and had started writing a novel. I hadn't looked at it in a year so wanted to get motivated to write again. I have listened to the podcasts for quite a while and enjoy Allison and Valerie's banter, so thought I would give Novel Writing Essentials a go.

Pamela was amazing! Her feedback was so useful and made perfect sense. She gave a lot of tips throughout the course interwoven through her various feedbacks. I learned a lot from listening to her feedback to other students as well as my own.

I enjoyed the learnings from the feedback sessions - both Pamela's and the other students. Also, reading other submissions and seeing the many different writing styles/genres.

I have started writing again and I feel like I know (sort of) what I'm doing now.

Even though I have completed a couple of creative writing courses over the years, I regret that I didn't start with the Australian Writers' Centre creative writing course.

Shane McMaster 3 months ago

Pamela Cook was an excellent tutor and gave great feedback throughout this course, not just to myself but all the students.

The opportunity to read the work of others and offer feedback, and receiving feedback, was fantastic as it has helped improve my own work.

These courses are great, the tutors are very helpful, the classroom is respectful to your work and the feedback others offer is fantastic.

Lizz Vernon 3 months ago

I really enjoyed meeting other writers on this and other courses run by the AWC. I feel like I have made a real connection with some of the other students and may have found not only some new friends but really wonderful long term beta readers.

Anyone with dreams of being a writer would be helped by a course run by the Australian Writers' Centre. It is a great starting place.

Lauren O'Mara 3 months ago

I started writing a novel and wanted to learn more fiction techniques and I needed some accountability to keep writing! I also wanted feedback on my work in a safe environment.

I was a bit scared about sharing my work with others, but I actually found it so helpful in the end having feedback from my classmates and Nicole.

Nicole was great at giving feedback. She picked up on a lot of things that I didn't think about until she said it, which is really going to help improve my work. She was a good tutor.

I enjoyed the workshopping, receiving feedback (even if it's a little scary) and reading other classmates' work.

I would say that if you are keen to learn fiction techniques properly and want to actually write a novel (the right way) to look to the AWC :)

Michelle Prior 4 months ago

The insights gained from feedback and workshopping has taken my work to another level, and was an excellent way of learning to identify some things I missed, and what to watch out for in the future; what worked and what didn't.

I learnt a lot of additional titbits - introducing characters in a way that readers will remember them, developing anchors for them.

Obtaining the courage to develop my own writing style, although I am a newbie, and not one based on any perceived standards or expectations.

The program of learning, writing, feedback and workshopping is spot on. Never underestimate the immense value of workshopping and feedback. This form of obtaining beta readers is far superior to tapping into your own networks in many ways.

Judy Judge 4 months ago

Stephen gave excellent feedback, including oral and written which broadened it out. He gave considered comments and often did extra research in an area if he needed to (e.g. historical facts). He was always very encouraging but not afraid to say something major if needed. If he was held up with his feedback, he made it known that was the case.

I've learnt a number of things which will improve my writing, such as fleshing out characters more, for example. The feedback from all participants was invaluable, enjoyable and a positive experience. I respect their opinions because I know that their own writing is of a high standard, so the feedback is well-grounded.

It's a great organisation, which caters particularly to Australian writers but not excluding others. The course was of a high standard, and they add extra interest by having webinars/zoom sessions, fun competitions and extra blogs/emails to help keep your motivation up.

Peter Langdon 4 months ago

The structure is well designed for learning and the feedback is relevant to the stage of writing. Very informative and supported.

The tutor was very straight forward, good and constructive feedback with suggestions.

I enjoyed reading other stories as well as feedback.

It provided structure and encouragement to hit the target, without too much pressure. Tailored for the needs of writers who need the scaffolding to build their stories.

Practical, useful and engaging. Get going.

Ruby Kraner-Tucci 4 months ago

I wanted to dedicate myself to my dream of writing a novel, and I thought this course would be a great first step. I desperately needed the structure and accountability to get to work! My only concern was not being able to keep up with the writing schedule.

I found the lessons very interesting and applicable. I have never written such long-form fiction before and so the advice and direction of each of the recordings offered a great foundation for my writing. I have taken several writing courses in the past, and still learnt so much! I also liked the interaction with my fellow coursemates!

This course has started me on my lifelong dream of writing a novel! The advice, techniques and skills I have gained will be instrumental for me on my writing journey.

Rebecca Hingerty 5 months ago

I enjoyed workshopping the manuscript of my fellow course members, and reading their feedback.

It's given me the belief that I'm on my way to becoming a capable, and hopefully engaging, writer.

Shaun Greenwood 5 months ago

The tutor was lovely, caring and very direct with critiquing on what can be improved, which was brilliant. That is exactly what I was looking for.

The video comments on the submitted work were brilliant. Thank you - so valuable

I will be placing more importance into character development and how they are seen by readers and how to use them to move the story forward.

Jan Wood 6 months ago

I found Angela's feedback very helpful. I also contacted her privately with my doubts, given I was the only student writing memoir. She reassured me and supported me to continue with my writing. Her positive feedback has encouraged me to continue writing as I've gained a great deal of confidence.

I enjoyed listening to the online tutorials and then trying to put the advice into practice. I also enjoyed receiving Angela's and the other students’ feedback which I will now process.

I'm very motivated to continue my memoir, given Angela's positive feedback about my writing style. Whether I have it published is another issue as I have no idea how to go about this. It's now my focus to go down that path, as Abby, who has also been very supportive to me during the course, has also encouraged me to pursue the publishing aspect.

Prue Tumahai 6 months ago

Angela was great. Learned so much from her feedback given - not just to me but everyone else as well. Plus the extra info she gave us on various subjects was really useful.

The tutor and the workshopping were fantastic. I found the process so valuable for keeping my writing on track and learning lots at the same time.

The idea of writing a novel has felt so overwhelming. After this course, I feel much more confident about not only writing but finishing.

I've taken a few courses here and the standard of tutoring has always been so high. The weekly lessons and resources are practical, easy to understand and apply. Definitely builds confidence.

Maggie Slater 7 months ago

I had just completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and wanted to bridge the gaps in my knowledge with Novel Writing Essentials before applying for Write Your Novel.

I worried that perhaps it would just recap what CWS1 covered, but it really didn't. It took everything I learned in CWS1 and built upon it, enhanced that knowledge, and developed it further.

I loved working with Bronwyn. She was so encouraging and her feedback on everyone's work was insightful and right on-point. She always pinpointed the places I'd struggled with in a scene and gave me some wonderful suggestions for fixes!

I really enjoyed getting to know my classmates and seeing their work evolve. I've found quite a few folks I'm hoping to workshop with more in the future!

I'd recommend (and do!) the AWC to my writing friends. The courses are rich with information, and even after having spent ten years "teaching myself" how to write, these course have filled in a lot of gaps in my understanding of how fiction works. I am, without a doubt, a better writer today than I was a year ago, and I wish I'd come to these classes earlier!

Virginia Webb 7 months ago

Bronwyn gave detailed, encouraging but realistic feedback that was timely and helpful.

I enjoyed having a structured approach to keeping writing, learning how to shape character and story etc in the weekly lessons. Seeing what other people are up to! Realising that there are many approaches, time frames and approaches to novel writing.

I'm looking forward to a brief break before beginning the twelve-month novel writing programme. I'll continue to write in the meantime, with the momentum I've gathered, though!

Karen Jackson-Hope 8 months ago

Bernadette offered very insightful and crucial feedback, especially on my first submission. She was very encouraging and clear, which was very helpful

The course was very accessible and flexible. The podcasts and written materials were great. I think the subject and content of each module was spot on. Not too heavy, not too light.

The course has given me the courage to keep going with my novel. It has made me realise the magnitude of the task and given me some key clues on how to achieve that all-important first draft. The course has also made me feel I am not alone in this pursuit and there is plenty of help and guidance around, which is great.

Narelle Albrecht 9 months ago

I had completed a couple of self-paced AWC courses and felt they'd really improved my writing and knowledge of how to write a novel. They also got me started on writing my first chapter. I thought this course would be great to get me started more seriously on my manuscript.

I really enjoyed having Bron as our tutor. She was an astute commentator on our work and tailored her feedback to each of our pieces and styles. She also combined positive and encouraging feedback with more critical feedback to enable revisions. She was very generous with her time and I had a separate conversation with her about a dilemma I was having in writing true crime/memoir where she gave me some very useful tips and, most of all, encouragement to continue writing this story.

I enjoyed the workshopping component- both by the students and tutor. It really opened my eyes to some of the flaws in my writing and gave me concrete ideas on how to revise it. Workshopping others' stories and reading others' comments gave me the skills to critically appraise a piece of writing. It also made me aware that some feedback is subjective or inappropriate and needs to be evaluated by the writer with respect to overall intention and instinct. Judgement on what to change and what to keep is a skill I will need to keep honing!

I now have over 10,000 words written and I have a draft structure with an idea of my POV characters that feels right for me at the moment. Starting to write seriously has also thrown up a whole lot of ethical and legal questions on writing true crime/memoir about people that are still alive. It has shown me how important it is to read widely in this genre to understand where the boundaries lie between fiction and non-fiction. My goal over the next few months is to saturate myself in creative non-fiction writers and techniques, while continuing to write my first draft. I have also enrolled in the creative non-fiction self-paced AWC course.

It's an amazing course, especially if writing fiction, that will set you up with the skills, discipline and community to begin your manuscript.

Kevin Lynch 9 months ago

I guess the most important thing for me, which surprised me, was that the course didn't attempt to give me a formula for how to write. Rather, it gave common sense general parameters and the encouragement to write in my own style and then relevant feedback.

The tutor was first class; very direct at times, but encouraging, which is the best style for this sort of endeavour.

It’s a funny thing to say but I found I just loved writing and the course forced me to write and not to be afraid.

I have had a story in my head for twenty years and now I'm confident it will be written. I have enrolled in the Write Your Novel course.

Amanda Maxwell 9 months ago

I thought that the feedback that Bronwyn gave was excellent. She was very thorough and constructive and went into great detail too with lots of good suggestions.

It was great to see the way that other people write. Our "stories" were all so varied. There was never one that was the same, so it was interesting to read genres that I would not normally read.

Shayne Collier 9 months ago

Bronwyn is an accomplished author and editor. I've downloaded her feedback for everyone in the course because there's a lot to learn from her in-depth observations. She gave comprehensive, insightful and incredibly useful feedback that will inform the rest of my novel. Thanks, Bronwyn.

I enjoyed Bronwyn's feedback and the online chat where some interesting topics were raised. Also, everyone's different points of view/opinions and some good reading recommendations.

It gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get started, yet again, on this story that has been knocking around in my head for a long time. I also received encouraging feedback from most of the group members, which is motivating as I have very little confidence in my writing. It's nice to know fellow writers liked my work (or at least I think they did!)

I would say, go for it. The course content is good, and I like the balance between the notes and the audio. It is also a bonus to have access to the course for 12 months after completion - I had to rush through it and I still haven't listened to module 8 and some bits of the other modules. Also, our tutor Bronwyn Parry was incredibly professional.

Overall the course was enjoyable. The participants were from all over the place and from all walks of life, which kept the chats lively. Their work was accomplished too. There's a lot of talent out there!

Kate Burns 10 months ago

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and provides helpful and specific feedback. I enjoyed getting feedback from someone within the profession and also being in a group with other passionate and driven writers. I have really enjoyed being a part of their writing journey and I am excited to keep working together with some of them and seeing their stories flourish.

I think it has provided me with a good understanding of where my writing is at (and areas to improve), the process of writing, encouragement to keep going, and a group of people I hope to stay in contact with to support each other on the journey.

I would like to thank Bernadette for being a part of my writing journey. Thank you!

Elyse Harrison 10 months ago

What especially attracted me to this course was its structure and writing schedule. Without this, I know I would still be dreaming about my story instead of actually writing it.

I was initially hesitant about people being able to read my (unpolished) work, but these fears were unfounded, and everyone in the course (both tutor and students) were really supportive and gave really insightful feedback.

Bernadette was amazing! She gave both professional and objective feedback, whilst also getting behind your story and becoming one of its biggest supporters. I cannot thank her enough for her insight and enthusiasm regarding my story.

I definitely enjoyed reading the feedback from other students. It was very exciting and rewarding to see people genuinely enjoying your work.

This was truly a magnificent course that I will be recommending to anyone who wants to kick-start their novel writing. I have actually found the motivation and inspiration to write! And having completed this course, I actually feel as though I have taken massive strides in becoming a writer.

Australian Writers' Centre provides the most comprehensive yet straight forward courses regarding writing. It is the best place to go for all your writing needs. Completing their courses will bring you closer and closer towards becoming a successful writer. I cannot recommend them enough!

Just thank you for this amazing course!

Anna Johnston 10 months ago

Having been so impressed with the Creative Writing Stage 1 course, it was a natural step for me to enrol in this one. I was initially hesitant to share my story as I didn't want anyone to steal the idea! However the peer feedback has been invaluable just like Pamela said it would be!

Pamela was fabulous! Kind, encouraging and insightful.

The actual content of the lessons was so helpful and I also enjoyed receiving and giving feedback. Getting really positive feedback for my work (and in particular the humour in my work) has given me the confidence to keep writing.

I couldn't recommend AWC more highly. My 10-year-old daughter is now asking to do the kids course as she's seen how much I have gotten out of this one (we workshop our writing together). Thank you! I'm already enrolled in another AWC course and can't wait to begin!

Caroline McAleer 11 months ago

I thought I had learned loads on other courses. This one is head and shoulders above anything else I have done.

I had wanted to write a book and had done several introductory writing courses. As a terrible procrastinator, this one appealed because of deadlines and feedback. I also liked that it was focussed on novel writing and not prohibitively expensive!

The tutor was fantastic! Bronwyn gave detailed and very helpful feedback. I hit lucky that my tutor is a writer in a very similar genre to my planned book and therefore could help with that too. Her comments were encouraging and kind as well as pointing out issues I needed to address.

The camaraderie and learning potential of the submission and feedback schedule was immensely helpful. 9 of us from our group have gone on to create our own critique group to continue this.

But it wasn’t just the critique. I found the lessons and resources extremely helpful in developing my characters and story and know I will go back to them again and again.

My confidence has grown immensely and I’m convinced I’ll still be putting words on a page for a long time to come. The fear has gone (mostly!)

It’s motivational, helpful and really makes you think through your work at a deeper level that leads to improvement.

Ayana Noble 11 months ago

I loved this course and all that it contained. My online tutor is brilliant and addressed every aspect of writing.

The design of the course is amazing. To the point. The tutor is brilliant, and the peer interaction invaluable. It was faultless.

The course revealed much about myself and my life and writing to me. I am humbled. Upon reflection, it's hard to say what one specific 'aha!' moment was for me. There were many.

This course is invaluable, no matter what you write. Thank you.

Jude Anison 11 months ago

I knew about AWC from Furious Fiction, and have entered a few over the past 18 months or so. But I've had a novel in mind, stopped/started over the past 7-8 years. I knew I had to do something like this though, or it would just remain a dream.

I had the usual self-doubt, with imposter syndrome kicking in early. But I managed to get over that. It's been brilliant.

Bron was great. My second submission consisted of a pretty intense couple of scenes. She gave me nothing but positive feedback and encouragement. And interestingly, everyone else's feedback was remarkably similar to hers.

I enjoyed the chance to read other people's work, see the issues and challenges they are wrestling with, and hopefully give them the positive feedback that helps them with their writing.

I think it's given me the confidence to think yes, I can do this thing. And produce something I think I'll be happy with.

I've written (non fiction) for a living for decades. I've learnt so much from this course. If you want to be a better writer, do it!

Monica Clark 11 months ago

I was worried that other's might criticize my work too harshly, but I was wrong. Everybody was so nice and supportive. And it was actually better to have honest feedback. It improved my story a lot more!

Pamela was good. Gave honest feedback and helpful advice.

I enjoyed working on my story, and reading other people's stories. Hearing positive feedback. Also recognizing errors in other work that would help my own mistakes.

It helped me with the extra boost I needed to keep writing. When I noticed other similar writing styles to mine, it boosted my confidence a bit more!

Ben King 11 months ago

I wanted to develop my writing skills while I've been writing my first manuscript. I didn't have any hesitations. I had just completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and knew that I would enjoy this as well.

Pamela's feedback was great. I found her approach of using the video messages as a great way to take on the critiques.

I enjoyed the editing process for assessing my classmates’ work. I found it valuable in reassessing my own writing. It was great to see other creative ideas and the different approaches.

I had been mulling over a story arc for my manuscript. I was unsure where to take it. By having the class take a look I was able to decide where I wanted to take the story and plotted out an outline. I don't think I'd be at that point without the class.

It has helped to keep me motivated in my writing. I now have the constant voice in my head to continue writing.

It's a good starting point to see if you'd like to give writing it a try. The foundation classes don't require too much of a commitment and there are other classes to continue onto. It was great. Thank you!

Jeanette Becklar 11 months ago

Pamela identified the potential and is eager for an emerging writer to keep going and improve and learn as much as possible while developing writing skills. She was always positive - firm and positive.

I enjoyed reading other emerging writers' work and the workshopping.

During the Novel Writing Essentials course I had a writing epiphany: writing will become the easy part when you learn as much as possible (and I mean everything!) about the characters you have created, then the shape of your synopsis will develop. If you don't focus on these ingredients the 'stuck' feeling or frustration will keep occurring. Return to the characters and be directed by their mannerisms, beliefs, confidence, ability and more. They will direct you.

Paul Hyland 11 months ago

It has been a great 'reality check' - talking with other budding writers, listening to Pamela's experiences in the industry, and workshopping. You were right, workshopping is very useful...

Pamela was very approachable, very responsive and interactive, and very knowledgeable. It was really great to have such an experienced tutor.

(I enjoyed) making connections with my classmates and talking outside of school! It is great to be connected with a peer group and sharing our struggles.

Hoorah! and Thank You!

Jenny Wilson 11 months ago

Pamela has such a strong grasp of the skill of writing. She is so adept at seeing why something works or doesn't and how to make it better.

Once again it was the incidental pieces of information from Pamela that made it so worthwhile.

I want to keep going. I've never had that before.

Stephanie Wilson 1 year ago

Something that caught my attention was how much I didn't know about the craft of writing. I loved this. It was great to delve into different POVs, story structure, character descriptions, and pace. These are the things we don't often learn, even in university.

I think my tutor gave some excellent insight into our stories. She definitely knows what she's doing.

I've learnt that I need to learn the craft of writing, and this is actually a lot different to learning at uni.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain insight into how others perceive their writing (rather than just polite family and friends), and to those who want to learn about the craft of writing.

Great work team.

Judith Betts 1 year ago

I wanted the flexibility of being able to do the course at any time and liked the idea of getting and giving feedback from other writers. I have really appreciated the detailed feedback I got from Bronwyn. She takes enormous time and effort to provide very helpful advice.

I had thought about enrolling in a writing course in the UK, but when I read poor reviews about the UK course, I opted for the Australian course, and I have not been disappointed.

The online format of the course suited me perfectly. I liked the recorded lectures and the class materials, which were excellent.

My online tutor was amazing. Her experience as a writer made her the ideal person to provide feedback. I also read the feedback she provided to other students and was delighted when we both observed similar things.

I feel that I have learned a great deal about writing. I have written as an academic before now, but this is my first time writing a novel. There is lots to learn and I am enjoying the process.

I also enjoy the connection with fellow students. I hope that we will keep in touch and continue to provide each other with support.

I have not written fiction or a novel before. Most of my reading and writing has been academic. Writing a novel is completely new and I feel that I have learned a great deal, but have lots to learn.

The course suited me perfectly. The hours were flexible; the course content was helpful; the tutor was wise, insightful and considerate; and colleagues were open and constructive in their feedback. It was also great value for money. I plan on taking the 6 months Write Your Novel course.

Bethany Sinclair-Giardini 1 year ago

Bronwyn was brilliant - made some fabulous feedback suggestions and a good dose of constructive criticism to really give you something to work with.

I enjoyed the networking with other students. Even though I was nervous about the idea of others critiquing my work, it's an invaluable tool in learning how to become a better writer. Likewise, reading the work of others, you can learn how they deal with things within their narrative and apply what you've learnt to your own writing

It's made me believe that I am onto something here, with my book idea, and I think I have the encouragement to continue. Up until then, I have been seeing it as just an interesting hobby!

AWC are great at cutting through all the noise within the writing landscape and getting you to focus on what's important. They provide a much required blend of focusing on your own words but also learning to become a better reader which in turn influences your own writing and makes you a better writer!

I'm now really excited to be commencing Write Your Novel with Bernadette this weekend!

Olwyn Jones 1 year ago

Bouquets to Bron, her feedback was incredibly valuable to me. To have the opportunity to be assessed by a published historical fiction author was helpful and eye opening. I enjoyed reading the work of others, as well as their feedback to me, and being motivated to get behind my desk and continue writing!

I felt my story was validated by all who gave feedback. Initially I'd been afraid it could have been ridiculed as it is lightweight compared to most. I now accept that a mix of writing is needed to cater for all types of readers.

If you have a great story in your head but are struggling to move beyond the first few chapters, this course can help by providing constructive criticism (and praise) from a peer group and tutor. I found it was not only motivational but it also gave me the confidence to navigate what I expect will be a frustrating and fantastic road ahead!

Simone Rosamond-Davis 1 year ago

This course was fantastic. I thought the structure was brilliant and every Monday morning the dog got a particularly long walk, while I listened to the lessons.

The tutor was brilliant. So helpful and motivating. I feel like everybody on the course learnt so much in such a short time. Between the first submission and the second, you could see the improvement in their work... particularly in 'showing not telling'.

I enjoyed the lessons and the personal feedback, especially from the tutor.

Due to the course, I set myself a deadline (before I was procrastinating and kept going back to edit). I learnt that I need to keep moving forward and now I'm writing from 5.30-6.30am each day and have to write 1000 words. I hope to have my first draft finished by November/December. Fingers crossed!

I'm a writer (was a journalist and now a teacher, specialising as an Instructional Leader in writing) but I learnt a lot and didn't realise how much I needed the motivation. It's a great course for a busy person.

Linh Truong 1 year ago

Bernadette was great and very helpful with her comments and assistance. She provided constructive feedback tailored to my writing and how to develop it further. I also listened to the feedback she gave the other writers and felt that it highlighted the key issues with their writing.

I enjoyed getting the feedback from a supportive group. It was also a great way to progress my story during lockdown. A constructive way to spend my time.

It has given me confidence to commit to and progress my story. I realised I was trying to do too much initially, and I had to stick to one POV for a while, at least for the first draft.

Thanks for the course!

Lindsay Duncan 1 year ago

After completing Creative Writing 1, I wanted to go further. (My tutor) suggested Novel Writing Essentials as the next logical step, and she was right.

Bernadette's feedback was empathic and constructive, and I particularly liked her Loom audio feedback. Hearing a voice via Loom made the tutoring personal and immediate.

I became convinced that critiquing other writers' work was a very powerful way of looking at my own writing more objectively.

It's a well-constructed course that offers a unique approach to learning to be a creative writer.

Ryan Tolliday 1 year ago

I enjoyed getting to know the other writers. I realised upon writing that I have become a better writer! This course has also made me realise what story to focus on, some very valuable insight for me; writing is my sole vocational interest.

An 'aha!' moment was realising how important it was to follow your strongest character, when it comes to deciding what story to write first. You can't just follow another story, and forget those characters—or any part of them.

Go for it. You will learn some valuable things and, regardless of the result, you would have some trajectory, as I have, with your ambition.

Samantha Valentine 1 year ago

I wanted to build upon my existing skills, although I was a little bit nervous about sharing my story for the first time.

The tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoyed sharing stories with others, providing feedback and making some great friends.

I have made a really great friend and we are now reviewing each other's full manuscripts. And the course helped my writing improve immensely. I can do this!

Anne Farrell 1 year ago

I'd recently completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and wanted to continue the momentum. Getting my word count up to meet the entry requirements for Novel Writing Essentials was a good incentive, and I liked the idea of having writing targets to work towards during the course.

I enjoyed the pressure of showing my work to my classmates but I also feared it at the same time, if that makes sense! It made me try much harder to bring out my best writing. I enjoyed reading my classmates' stories too, and learning how to read and review as a writer.

Bronwyn is knowledgeable, kind and sensitive in how she provides feedback. She obviously put a lot of effort into critiquing our work, and I enjoyed reading what she wrote about my own writing as well as my classmate's. I've learned a lot from this.

Before doing courses at the AWC, I'd listened to or read dozens of books on the art of storytelling. I thought I knew quite a lot about how to approach writing a novel. But doing 'How to Write for Children and Young Adults', 'Creative Writing Stage 1' and 'Novel Writing Essentials' has shone a light on many gaps in my knowledge and skillset, and provided me with tools and insights to fix this. The encouragement and camaraderie of my classmates and teachers have been highlights too.

John Cham 1 year ago

I want to thank AWC for the wonderful opportunity they have given to me, moulding me into what I had been dreaming of.

Because of this course, I am now confident that I can put my writing in the right way. It was incredible!

It is the best place if you want to be a writer.

Jessica Gosen 1 year ago

I had completed Creative Writing Stage 1 and wanted to keep my momentum going and some of the other courses I was interested in didn't suit my schedule. I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with the word count, but when I realised there were only 2 x 3000 word compulsory submissions, I felt relieved.

I found Angela quite direct but very personable as a tutor; you can tell she has a sense of humour. Her feedback is specific and it is encouraging to have someone of her expertise take your writing seriously; I felt she was invested in my work.

I actually loved reading my other classmates' work; so many great ideas in varying styles! It was also very helpful for me to practice receiving feedback; not take it personally or suddenly doubt my ability to write. I can really see the value in having a variety of people workshop your writing; there is so much you don't pick up on!

I still have a lot to learn, but, through AWC, I can see that it is a process and it just begins with writing! Just vomit out a first draft! Get down and write it!

AWC is definitely the place to go to if you are looking for the motivation, encouragement and confidence to begin writing. Just take the first step! Sign up for a course - you won't regret it - and it will open up a whole new world and supportive community!

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