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I have just finished Novel Writing Essentials and really enjoyed it. I want to thank Cathie for her feedback and look forward to doing more courses in the future. I feel more focused on what I am trying to achieve with my story and how to make writing a priority.

— Helen Minhinick

They know what they are doing, are not pretentious, literary, or trying to impress with what they know, just highly skilled in the craft of writing and teaching it to fledgling authors, whilst nurturing their fragile egos so you feel able to write. Listen to their podcast, laugh and enroll now.

— Errolyn Jones

AWC courses have taught me the basic foundational needs of writing, encouraged my individuality and helped me to grow exponentially.

— Sandra Tester

Bernadette controlled the feedback well and tactfully. Her comments on my work really made me want to continue writing and she pointed areas which needed improving.

— Elizabeth Bankes

Bernadette is a fantastic tutor. She is so knowledgeable and shares her thoughts generously. I especially liked that she seemed to take true joy in seeing our writing unfold. Her feedback was honest and constructive, while also being very encouraging.

— Courtney Gould

Highly, highly recommend. These courses are incredible and packed full of value.

— Courtney Gould

Over the past 10 weeks I have been on holidays (I'm a teacher and left my old job before the school year ended. I go back to a new school next week). I have embraced the time off to hone into my writing. I have completed all the Fictions Essentials courses and I am currently doing Novel Writing Essentials ‚ they are helping me so much and I have gained a great deal of writing tools. I am just over 71,000 words into my first draft. AWC has been such a big help as I develop into a writer!

— Valerie Miller

Pam is wonderfully insightful. I went to the course thinking/expecting many things, what I got was a completely fresh and experienced view on my work. If you want something affordable, effective and inspiring then the Australian Writers' Centre is perfect. Both the courses I have done have given me more than I thought I would get out of them for the price.

— Thomas Walsh

Pamela's infectious, outgoing nature and her encyclopaedic knowledge of just about anything is inspiring to get on with your own writing. Being a small group allowed for better interaction between all members of the course. The course has provided a further stepping stone in my writing future. The AWC provides a great smorgasbord of writing courses for anyone interested in writing, whatever their preferred directions.

— Andre Mauchle

Pamela was superb. Her insights were and extraordinary she has an uncanny ability to see ways to make the best of our work.

— Maureen Collins

The course is an investment that helps you to take your writing seriously and yourself as a writer. Everyone is welcomed and supported, no matter their experience and writing skills and you'll find that you are in the company of many other beginner writers from different backgrounds creating all sorts of interesting stories.

— Briannon

It was great to be part of a group and workshop people's projects. Pamela was inspiring and never made you feel self-conscious about your work. She works hard on everyone's texts and is encouraging. She is also intuitive about the problems you are having and most of all she is knowledgeable about so many genres and very entertaining. This takes you out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. I could easily do it again next year.

— Gemma Ryan

The Novel Writing Course was amazing. Pamela is an amazing teacher. Her depth of knowledge ensures that everyone in the class receives fantastic feedback and her ability to take a very average piece of work and turn it into a great piece of work is just invaluable. I have done a number of courses with the Australian Writers' Centre to date and found the Centre extremely professional and the presenters are all fantastic. I think that the courses are extremely good value for money.

— Jenny New

Pamela was great. Very knowledgeable and her feedback was spot on.

— Marcus Dorreen

It was great to discuss the various pieces with the group and hear from various unique perspectives. I recognised what was missing in my writing and this has provided me with a better understanding of what it takes to write an engaging piece of fiction.

— Lawrence Roux

I learnt a great deal about the mechanics of the publishing side of things. I learnt how to analyse a story; how to dissect my own work and see if it is balanced; how to work out how to make the story work.

— Robyn Elliot

I enjoyed Pamela's usual infectious excitement, enthusiasm, motivation and good feedback. I feel it's helped me build on my writing skills.

— Sonia Zadro

I enjoyed gathering to discuss writing, particularly in this regulated and organised environment. The structure has put me back on a better path to move forward with a story in my head. Pamela is passionate, has a great ability to understand and address the needs of the individuals in the room. If there's a story in you, take it a step further with this course.

— Matt Lloyd

Pamela was very generous in sharing her trials and triumphs which is really important. She also was very positive about writing and made me feel like it was possible! I have gained valuable feedback regarding style, technique and genre. I liked the structure and enjoyed the format very much.

— Monique Kinerson

Pamela is always great value - great sense of humour, extremely knowledgeable and so willing to share this knowledge; makes for a fun time. AWC is the place to go develop your writing skills, knowledge and maintain your commitment to your development as a writer.

— Julie Regan

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