Maryanne Falk 2 years ago

I wanted to improve my technical writing ability by being better equipped at adjusting technical speak into plain English, writing clear instructions at work and assisting my staff to write better.

It was a great course, informative, well-structured, moderately paced with a workbook, exercise and engagement with participants

Michelle was an excellent and organised presenter and tutor who engaged well with everyone, shared her extensive knowledge and gave constructive and useful feedback.

Plain English Writing provides the professional edge that allows your writing to glow on the page!

Anthony Dalla Fontana 2 years ago

The presenter was very methodical, which I liked. My main take out from the course is, focus on the audience.

Worth doing whether you are a novice or a seasoned writer.

Sharon Clarke 2 years ago

Excellent presenter with good communication skills who knows her subject exceptionally well. I have learnt a lot in the last two days.

Times have changed since I did my last in-house training and this course gave me a lot more information on how to improve my writing.

Emily Carr 2 years ago

Great tutor and always patient and happy to answer any questions.

I learnt new things I'd always wondered at work and never learnt in my communications degree.

Do this course if you want to improve your writing skills at an entry level.

Wendy Westbrook 3 years ago

The presenter was very clear and inclusive of all attendees. Hard to do sometimes when on Zoom.

I loved the way Michelle was on top of all situations.

Take the plunge. You will be swimming, with better strength, within moments of finishing the course.

Thank you for opening your doors to everyone that needs this type of support.


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