Fernanda Lima 1 month ago

The course goes straight to the point. I like that! It is very easy to understand.

I am aware what I can and cannot write. I printed all the tip sheets, and I am keeping on my desk! :)

I have already recommended it to a few friends. I would say that it is a great course, easy to learn, easy to access and cheap...

Catherine Mara 1 year ago

The best thing about the course is that you can apply the lessons learnt to any piece of business writing. The delivery of the course was also easy as it was not overwhelming but very straightforward while being concise.

The information and examples provided were very practical and easy to understand. Also, the quizzes kept me thinking and made me pay attention.

My emails and communications with my teammates and external stakeholders are better now.

Kescia Ball 1 year ago

I work in business development. I was attracted to the course as I needed to gain skills and confidence to pursue career options.

I enjoyed the narrator and the entertainment videos between modules. The guides and handouts are great. I feel more confident as I now know style guides exist.

The course was concise, enjoyable and informative. I highly recommend the course and it has proven to be excellent value for money.

Katarina Smelikova 1 year ago

A well-structured course covering the fundamental principles of good business writing. I enjoyed the cohesive flow of information.

Michelle Muir 1 year ago

While I feel like I'm a confident business writer, the refresher on grammar and punctuation alone was amazing. All of the tools in this course are so practical and I printed out cheat sheets to have near my desk. The Business Style Guide is also amazing and such a great resource. I knew I needed to write at a certain level for my audience, but I wasn't aware of the Gunning Fog Index so that was great to hear about also.

This is a course that should be done by absolutely everyone who spends any time at a desk, sending emails, writing documents etc. It's so worthwhile. I wish more people in my organisation would do this course!

It's given me more skills and knowledge to make sure I write better business documents.

Susan Windsor 2 years ago

I really enjoyed this course. Wish I'd taken the time to do it earlier. Will be happy to enrol in another.

The quizzes were great for testing my knowledge.

Mark Murphy 2 years ago

I enjoyed the ease of the content being delivered clearly, succinctly and effectively through the videos.

It has reminded me of the need to be thorough and meticulous when compiling correspondence and to keep an eye out for those pesky grammar errors!

Go for it. Even if you think you've got it covered, it's a great refresher, or if you're needing some confidence, it's a great course to complete!

Janelle Adolphe 3 years ago

I was looking for a course online to support my current role. The course content was clearly defined and related to the areas in which I was seeking to improve as a writer.

The videos, the slide show presentation and downloads provided were easy to access from all mediums, namely my mobile phone, iPad and computer. The content was in-depth, with clear examples. In addition, the modules were sectioned in to short sessions making it effective time-wise, without being overwhelming.

I enjoyed the introductory videos presented by Paul, as the content was relatable and entertaining. I felt joy and excited to go through the module I was up to by his words of encouragement and sincerity. Loved the quotes.

I feel confident knowing I have the knowledge to write professional correspondence. I look forward to modifying my templates as per the guidelines provided.

Highly recommend. Well worth the time and money as the course content is spot on.

Alexandra Guest 3 years ago

I write regularly as part of my job and hope to add a communication element to my position in the future. This course was a good opportunity to brush up on the basics as part of my professional development.

The course was a great refresher on the use of apostrophes and some other grammar mistakes. I also have already implemented a detailed planning sheet for an upcoming presentation that we have to record. It has been helpful to plan and organise in advance to ensure the recording of the video will be as smooth as possible.

Highly recommend courses through the AWC. This is my second course, the first was for personal interests (Writing Picture Books) and the second for professional reasons (Professional Writing Course). Both courses have been well presented and great value for money.

Julie Rippon 3 years ago

Made me realise that if I get the basics right my writing will improve.

I enjoyed being able to stop and start. The handouts and rules.

I completed the initial modules earlier this year. I immediately changed my communication to include the important information, the purpose in the first paragraph. Review and proofreading could have been written specifically for me. Errors have been a big issue, and the inability to focus 100% on review and proofreading is the problem.

Very practical and useful. No waffle.

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