Simone Bowers 4 days ago

I wanted to add another string to my 'writing bow' and this course fits neatly alongside my copywriting and content writing (I'll have enough strings for a violin soon).

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to David and will take the next few weeks to read the resources provided. The video content was invaluable. David's delivery of his own story, written works and glimpses into his journalistic background was mesmerising. The toolkit details will come in very handy when I summon up the courage to ask a friend of mine if I can profile her. I would never have considered this if the course hadn't supplied me with the right tools.

I feel confident that I can 'profile' a few local individuals who have had, and continue to have, a significant impact on the lives of others (and whose stories should be told).

Alison Kable 1 week ago

I have always been interested in reading profiles and have wondered about the skills required to do so.

I found David's presentation to be interesting and easily followed. I enjoyed his easy-to-understand communication style, combined with questions from his audience.

I can see openings for profile writing that relate to preservation of memories for future generations in families. So much is lost with the death of older people or their loss of memory.

If you are wanting to write and are unsure how to go about it, have a look at the AWC website for inspiring courses.

Christie Plumridge 1 week ago

I have been interested in profile writing for quite a while and seeing David was running it helped make my decision. David is a wealth of knowledge and made the course a pleasure to participate in.

I actually feel that this is definitely the direction I want to follow with my writing; I feel much more confident in pursuing this.

I have often recommended AWC to people interested in writing, I have done multiple courses now and each one has helped me fine tune my craft in ways I didn't expect.

Carl Wong 1 month ago

The speaker was very engaging and generous with his thoughts and experience. I enjoyed learning invaluable tips from an expert profile writer.

Joanne Malherbe 9 months ago

Profile writing can be an uncertain activity with as many variables as stories to tell. David Leser from the AWC Profile Writing course has compiled a tool kit to help structure and work with all the uncertainty. He generously shares his extensive knowledge and experience in a comfortable and friendly manner and offers industry tips and suggestions all the way through the course. I highly recommend the course.

David Leser is inspiring and although he sets a high bar he makes me believe I can reach for it. I have been writing life stories for a local Hospice in a volunteer capacity for the past few years. I am always seeking to improve my writing in anyway I can. This course has helped give structure to my story writing approach and the tool kit I have been given is something I will rely on heavily going forward. Thank you.

Jennie De Neefe 9 months ago

The toolkit David leads us through is very useful. I took time after each module to look through my notes, research and interviews to ensure I had really used my senses to listen to the person being interviewed, whether it was the primary source or secondary.

If you want to learn to hone your craft of research and writing then David Leser's course on Profile Writing is essential learning. I am not a profile writer, I'm a memoir writer, but I found the things discussed in the modules were relevant to my craft.

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