Irina Markovsky 5 months ago

I enjoyed this course. It's inspiring and informative. Great topics covered and clear explanations. The lecturer has interesting stories and clear explanations for each topic in the course.

Enrol and start as soon as you can; you won't regret it.

Ian Peek 6 months ago

I got more than I expected from this course, and am confident it will complement the Content Writing course that I've also enrolled in. Contributions from the other students were also interesting and helpful.

The tutor was outstanding. 2 x 2 hour straight sessions in lecture or tutorial is, in my experience, not something to look forward to. But David made the time fly. I enjoyed his knowledge, experience, honest feedback and bedside manner.

Highly recommended.

Vicki Milliken 6 months ago

David Leser was great. Very generous with his information and his experiences.

If you're thinking of starting your writing journey, AWC is a great place to start given the breadth and depth of courses and the sense of community it tries to create. And if you're serious about your writing, having Valerie as a coach is a fantastic investment.

Graeme Durrant 11 months ago

The "fireside chat" approach was very good and the course notes provided will form an excellent reference. David Leser knows his stuff, and was very accommodating to his tutorial group.

Katrina Kittel 1 year ago

Like David, I love working with quotes. I am writing a second book, and articles, in non-fiction and all skills to help with the process, the writing etc, is a boon. Thank you David.

I enjoyed that it was self-paced, but also the content and presenter's style, as well as the aha moments when I felt validated that my current process (and thoughts about the processes) is a bit similar to David Leser's, a more experienced writer, but also learning more from his experience and expertise. Every tutor or mentor adds more to our skillset. Also, some of his personal tips, eg. the floor framework approach - yes, I love that!

As I worked through the modules, I wrote notes in the column as pertinent to my current writing for a book and articles, which has similar processes but also as well as giving skills to write a profile article, it helped me to think more about profiling real-life characters in my current work...these people do inhabit my life as I work with them, and David's comments encourage me to let them sink in more.

Jan Samuels 2 years ago

David was a generous, engaging and intelligent tutor. I enjoyed hearing his experiences as a profile writer. I've always admired David's writing so to spend time with him effectively one-on-one was very special.

Brilliant, practical, industry-focused courses offering knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately. Great value and depth.

Louise House 2 years ago

David is at heart a conversationalist. I learnt so much from his examples from life. David is clearly outstanding in his abilities and his way of conveying information was entrancing and engrossing. I loved every minute. Feedback was awesome. I learnt so much from his laser questions and then explanations of process. Watching was learning. The handouts were excellent. The pre reading amazing. The examples so good. Can't speak highly enough.

I can do this. I have the personality and have been essentially doing it for years - now time to write it all down. I found my niche. I know what he is talking about. I gained confidence that I can do exactly what I have wanted to do, tis now to me to carve out that time. The structure is very helpful. The tips excellent and practical.

Jan Samuels 2 years ago

This was a fantastic opportunity to spend some time with David Leser and learn a bit about profile writing. It was more like a conversation than a course and I enjoyed it a lot. Generous, engaging, intelligent. What's not to love?

AWC courses are focused, practical and immediately applicable in the real world. Don't waste your time or your money going anywhere else.

Penelope Broadbent 2 years ago

David Leser has such an amazing way with words and descriptions. I loved listening to his anecdotes but also appreciated the way each one demonstrated a point, rather than just a writer 'name dropping'. He was really engaging and even though I wasn't there in the room, it felt like I was. I WISH I was!

I also really enjoyed the selection of David's profiles that were included for reading. It's amazing how a well-written article can keep you intrigued - and on people and topics I would never usually have been interested in.

The workbook / toolkit is going to be incredibly useful but above all, I found the course really inspirational and thought provoking. I don't think I've ever listened to someone so interesting or who made me think so much about the craft, and responsibility, involved in profile writing. It was a great follow-up to the practical focus of the freelance course.

I think I learnt something about myself in this course through listening to David's own experiences. I couldn't pinpoint why I wasn't terribly interested in writing 'newsy' articles, or even travel-based articles given that I love travelling. Then David explained that profile writers are inherently interested and fascinated by people and people's stories and what drives them. He pointed out that profile writing is actually a very creative form of writing and described and demonstrated the anguish that can be involved in the writing process. It really resonated with me. "That's me!!" I was saying to my computer!

Now I have both the practical, industry-based knowledge, AND the inspiration to pursue what it is I'm most interested in.

Terra Lea Ranson 2 years ago

The depth of experience and honesty of David Leser exceeded my expectations.

I most enjoyed the online lectures. It has clarified what I will write next.

If you want to write profiles this is the course for you.

Simone Bowers 2 years ago

I wanted to add another string to my 'writing bow' and this course fits neatly alongside my copywriting and content writing (I'll have enough strings for a violin soon).

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to David and will take the next few weeks to read the resources provided. The video content was invaluable. David's delivery of his own story, written works and glimpses into his journalistic background was mesmerising. The toolkit details will come in very handy when I summon up the courage to ask a friend of mine if I can profile her. I would never have considered this if the course hadn't supplied me with the right tools.

I feel confident that I can 'profile' a few local individuals who have had, and continue to have, a significant impact on the lives of others (and whose stories should be told).

Alison Kable 2 years ago

I have always been interested in reading profiles and have wondered about the skills required to do so.

I found David's presentation to be interesting and easily followed. I enjoyed his easy-to-understand communication style, combined with questions from his audience.

I can see openings for profile writing that relate to preservation of memories for future generations in families. So much is lost with the death of older people or their loss of memory.

If you are wanting to write and are unsure how to go about it, have a look at the AWC website for inspiring courses.

Christie Plumridge 2 years ago

I have been interested in profile writing for quite a while and seeing David was running it helped make my decision. David is a wealth of knowledge and made the course a pleasure to participate in.

I actually feel that this is definitely the direction I want to follow with my writing; I feel much more confident in pursuing this.

I have often recommended AWC to people interested in writing, I have done multiple courses now and each one has helped me fine tune my craft in ways I didn't expect.

Carl Wong 2 years ago

The speaker was very engaging and generous with his thoughts and experience. I enjoyed learning invaluable tips from an expert profile writer.

Joanne Malherbe 3 years ago

Profile writing can be an uncertain activity with as many variables as stories to tell. David Leser from the AWC Profile Writing course has compiled a tool kit to help structure and work with all the uncertainty. He generously shares his extensive knowledge and experience in a comfortable and friendly manner and offers industry tips and suggestions all the way through the course. I highly recommend the course.

David Leser is inspiring and although he sets a high bar he makes me believe I can reach for it. I have been writing life stories for a local Hospice in a volunteer capacity for the past few years. I am always seeking to improve my writing in anyway I can. This course has helped give structure to my story writing approach and the tool kit I have been given is something I will rely on heavily going forward. Thank you.

Jennie De Neefe 3 years ago

The toolkit David leads us through is very useful. I took time after each module to look through my notes, research and interviews to ensure I had really used my senses to listen to the person being interviewed, whether it was the primary source or secondary.

If you want to learn to hone your craft of research and writing then David Leser's course on Profile Writing is essential learning. I am not a profile writer, I'm a memoir writer, but I found the things discussed in the modules were relevant to my craft.


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