Laine 2 weeks ago

The allure of transitioning into a writing career has always been a dream of mine, but the path seemed shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. What drew me to the Reinvent Yourself program was its promise to demystify the process. The focus on overcoming mental barriers and laying out clear, actionable steps to start writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, spoke directly to my aspirations and challenges.

Initially, I was sceptical about the efficacy of an online program in addressing such a personal and profound career shift. The fear of investing time and resources into something without guaranteeing a tangible outcome. However, the program's emphasis on practical guidance reassured me that this wasn't just another generic writing course but a tailored guide to navigating the writing world successfully.

The seven-part video program created an engaging learning experience. Each module was thoughtfully crafted, making the journey from doubt to confidence not just educational but truly enjoyable.

The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the diversity and depth of the videos. It felt as if I had a community of mentors guiding me through the process.

The major 'aha!' moment for me was realising that the biggest obstacle to becoming a writer wasn't a lack of talent or opportunity but my own mindset. And with the right mindset, the path to becoming a writer is accessible to anyone, regardless of their starting point. The program's focus on fostering a positive mindset shifted my perspective from seeing obstacles to seeing possibilities.

The Australian Writers' Centre is more than just an educational institution: it's a gateway to realising your writing aspirations.

Jacki Collis 3 weeks ago

I have been thinking about changing careers to writing for a while. I joined mailing lists for writing courses and this year I decided to actually take the plunge.

This is a very positive and motivating course. Thank you for making it enjoyable.

I liked hearing the interviews from real writers. The information throughout the course is also well worth listening to.

I know that with commitment and hard work, I can reinvent myself as the writer I have always wanted to be.

I just engaged in a motivational, engaging and inspiring short course, that showed me I can change my career and be the creative that I want to be. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to try writing as a career to do this course and be inspired to strive to be your best self as a writer.

Julie Scanlon 1 month ago

I enjoyed all aspects of the course, particularly the different options available as a writer. Excellent starting point, if thinking about becoming a writer. Course delivery was clear, concise and logical and delivered with integrity.

Erin A. Mitchell 1 month ago

The course helped to reaffirm that the creative/fiction area is exactly where I want to be, and has also opened the idea/possibility of linking my extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in Early Childhood Education with a writing career. Mainly through freelance feature writing for childhood development/parenting websites and magazines.

I enjoyed the case studies. It's so inspiring to see and hear from people who had regular day jobs and turned their passion for writing into their day job. And they've done it from all walks of life at different stages of their life. It highlighted the notion that it's never too late to make the change. There is literally no boat to miss unless one does not apply themselves.

Invest in yourself and go for it; there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Penny McKee 2 months ago

I was at a crossroads with what direction to take in my writing and needed 'detangling'. The course gave me a new focus and who can resist Valerie's motivation?!

Allyssa Carlton 2 months ago

I think I expected basic information about a writing career but this was so much more in depth and breadth and has given me much to think about in terms of the direction of my writing.

I enjoyed the bite size pieces of information - the videos weren't too long and Valerie was very engaging in the way she spoke.

This has given me so much more information about the types of writing available to me and how I can use that in many ways. The path is a lot wider than I thought.

Maddie Gray 2 months ago

It affirmed everything that I already knew, but also gave inspiration through the personal stories and experiences.

This course was practical and offered simple strategies to improve your prospects of transitioning to writing as a career.

Siobhan Whellens 3 months ago

Thank you for this course - you have no idea how comforting it is to know that my job is not the be all and end all - it's all up to ME. To learn, to upskill, and most of all, to WRITE (with discipline). But, after hearing your students' success stories, I am happy to also consider part-time writing with my part-time job (for now) - this takes the pressure off.

I'm still working on my paradigms around 'I am a writer', however I am confident that after working through the workbook, sampling the writing I enjoy, and the action of writing to my favourite authors, the hesitations or doubts I feel about my competence will be replaced by enthusiasm and the warm and fuzzy feelings I get when I write.

There is a HUGE amount of support here for so many different genres of writing.

Tracy Joanne Pender 3 months ago

It's given me some courage and ideas on how to take some steps in the areas I want to go.

Practical, accessible, relatable. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Carolyn 5 months ago

I'm at a time in my life where I'm transitioning from corporate to creative, i.e. what inspires me, and thought this course would be an excellent overview of other options.

Thank you for an excellent overview. I especially enjoyed hearing about other writers' experiences and how they have made writing work for them.

I've realised I already know the area of writing I'm interested in and already have lots of experience from my corporate experiences. Now just have to get on with it while the time is right. Will also be looking at some other AWC courses to support my journey.

Do it! Tremendously helpful.

Rose Savage 5 months ago

The author testimonials/stories were great and they spoke to me. Helped to take the fear out and allowed me to own my life as a writer and hopefully soon to be published author, which has always been my dream. Writing books seems to be on the up and up at the moment.

This is a great centre which helps writers of all kinds to learn enormous amounts about a vast array of forms of writing, which enables many of them to reach their goals.

Margaret Lewis 6 months ago

It was easy to follow, and listening to all the people who have turned into writers from all walks of life is inspirational.

I realised that beginning slowly and by setting aside 8 mins a day, I can achieve my goal. Previously, I thought I would have to write a story in one or two sittings.

There is so much more to writing than you know and the AWC helps you break down the different aspects of the different writing genres.

Athena Law 7 months ago

Having only fairly recently made the life-changing decision to take my desire to write seriously, this short course seemed like the ideal jumping-off point.

The success stories were fabulous and motivating.

The course solidified a lot of my own findings, having listened to your podcast etc - brought it all together in one place. It's reassured me that I'm on the right path.

Definitely just jump in! There's literally 'something for everyone'. I look forward to doing my next course soon.

Sarah Harris 10 months ago

It was very enlightening to learn about the many types of writing. I enjoyed the encouragement from Valerie that anything really is possible.

I now know that to be a writer is not just a dream anymore; it truly is a possibility for a successful and flexible career.

The AWC environment is a supportive one, where there is a genuine desire from Valerie and the tutors for the graduates to succeed.

Rebecca Cant 1 year ago

I've been floating the idea of writing for some time. I had no idea what area of writing I wanted to pursue. I had no confidence to start. After reading through the courses, Reinvent Yourself was the best course to resolve all the excuses and doubts. I now have the confidence to write, a routine is in place to write regularly, and I look forward to starting another course with the Australian Writers' Centre in the future.

I was concerned I was going to be paying for a quick gimmick unstructured introduction course to writing. I can happily shout from the rooftops I was wrong! From the moment I opened the course content I knew I had found a genuine course created by professionals who are passionate about their students succeeding. I have not only learned about what types of writing styles are out there, I also learned a lot of life motivational tips and tools to stop the excuses and doubts about writing.

The structured course content was easy to follow. I enjoyed all the lessons and the length of time of each session meant I could easily fit studying this course into my lifestyle. I have the confidence to write, have set up a daily writing time and dream of studying the creative writers course in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a writer I recommend the Australian Writers' Centre. Course content has an easy flow of information. The visual and audio option while doing the course means you can study regardless of any learning challenge. There's a wealth of information to stop all the excuses and start writing. There's also writing programs for kids and teens.

Brendan de Vere 1 year ago

I have been receiving AWC email content for a few years now and have never acted on it (shame on me), but I have made 2023 a year in taking small steps to fulfilling my dream of becoming a fulltime writer. When this little introductory course found its way to my email inbox, I knew I needed to act.

I was so surprised by the endless career paths writing can take you. I have always wanted to be a novelist but have been so afraid of my creative intuitions for a long time, to the point when I have constantly ignored the screaming voice in my head. I really did enjoy hearing the experiences other graduates have followed in their paths to fulfilling their dreams and I really do believe I can forge my own path. Like Valerie stated throughout the course, "small steps," it will not happen overnight but with dedication, belief and hard work, there is no earthly reason why it won't happen.

REINVENT YOURSELF is an introductory course and sets out to motivate, inspire and inform. Valerie has done just that. It is the perfect "first step" for anyone considering a career or "living out a dream" in writing.

Valerie is amazing. Not only does she introduce a potential writer to the experiences and successes of graduates in all forms of writing, but the whole concept of the Australian Writers' Centre is surreal. To have such a professional teaching vocation available to people from all walks-of-life across Australia and beyond is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Valerie wants you to succeed. AWC wants its graduates to become the best version of themselves. Having the convenience to achieve your writing goals on-line is just the "strawberry on top." I am really excited about what I can achieve.

Please, please do not hesitate. If you want to become a writer in any field, AWC will set you on the right path.

Michelle Muir 1 year ago

I'm at a crossroads in my life and just knew this course would be perfect for me while I wait for the Freelance Writing Stage 1 to start. I knew it would motivate me to start making changes in my life and start writing!

Love the course, and love hearing from people who've done courses with AWC and gone on to be published.

It has motivated me to make the change and get started!

These guys are great, the content is amazing and there are so many courses to choose from.

Jodie Matheson 1 year ago

I am in the process of reinventing myself and thought it would be a good tool to sense-check how I am going and give me some extra information or inspiration

Valerie was very honest and practical, always reinforcing that reinventing yourself as a writer can be done.

In conjunction with other AWC courses, I have actually started my freelance writing business.

If you want to be any kind of writer, AWC has a course for you and it will be well-structured, allows you to manage your time and other priorities and deliver valuable skills to help change your life.

Ann Pedic 1 year ago

I have wanted to be a writer my whole life, and after signing on for the Copywriting Essentials the self-doubt kicked in. I was doubting my abilities and wondering how on earth I could even contemplate changing the path I was on at my age. I saw this course and it sounded like the motivation I needed.

I loved hearing the accounts of former graduates and how they had overcome their own doubts and feelings of "surely I can't do this?" And the practical suggestions were exactly what I needed.

I really feel that I can make the change and finally become a paid writer.

Daniel Hughes 1 year ago

The case studies were interesting with individuals from diverse backgrounds with a common interest in pursuing their writing. Also it is great to see that many AWC graduates have been able to transition to full time writing and secure publishing deals for their novels.

The course has given me some motivation to consider taking up an entry level course in writing.

AWC receives positive reviews online and the course offerings are comprehensive. AWC offers courses for individuals interested in writing, regardless of where they are in their writing journey.


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