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I really had no idea what to expect, but this course covered so much information, I began to wonder if it was going to stop. I was very happy with the things I discovered. There was constantly an encouraging and positive tone to the lessons, that gave me the confidence to give it my best. The AWC is very thorough in the information it provides. It is well-paced and repeats key information often enough for it to stick in your mind. New information is well measured in each module so that you don't become overloaded.

— Colleen Patricia Gee

Reading the course outline, I already had an understanding of some topics from previous studies. I was unsure what more I would learn in this course, but knew I needed something to move my writing goals forward. I was pleasantly surprised to learn many new things, clarify what I struggled to understand, get a refresher on what I'd forgotten and, most importantly, be inspired. The opportunity to have my writing assessed by an industry professional has also been extremely important in understanding where I can improve.

— Karen Casey

By completing this course, I have a full 2500 word short story. I enjoyed learning about active vs passive language and 'show don't tell'. Breaking it into word counts per part (beginning, middle, end) made it easier to think in short-form.

— Shari Whittick

It was very useful. I have always been a pantser and very bad at getting a draft out and editing – mostly because I try to get it right the first time. This really helped me realise how to draft and edit, re-draft and re-edit, and re-structure. I have written many short stories before taking this course and I will now use the tools I have learned to go over those stories and fix them up. I feel I have a stronger hold on the editing process. I have learned a lot about 'show, don't tell'.
I am very happy with the story I have created,

— Tom Middlebrook

The structure was clear and helpful. It was easy to apply the learnings to my own writing. I was happy with how my earlier writing developed into a complete story.

— Valerie Mobley

This course is excellent. It breaks down how to approach writing a 2500 word story from beginning to end - including the structure, editing, and how to prepare it for submission. The content is well presented and clear. I would fully recommend this course.

— Amanda Helliwell

Cathie, thank you so much for the time you took in reviewing my short story. The constructive feedback you have offered me is so helpful and has given me much to think about. You have also given me a wonderful confidence boost, which I am especially grateful for. I am excited about the hard work ahead to make this story the best it can be.

— Tanya Hollis

I just read the feedback that Cathie prepared for my story (short story essentials course) and I wanted to pass on my gratitude to her for a wonderful course. I really appreciate the amount of work she put into critiquing my story and the excellent content in the modules. After taking this course I now know what makes a good short story and the importance of fully engaging in all stages of the editing process. My sincerest thanks.

— Andrea Wilson

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