Ayesha K. 2 years ago

I was happy with my tutor. Her audios were always engaging and on point, and her feedback was honest and helpful.

I enjoyed the assignments, doing the exercises, and listening to audios.

It helped me look at my writing in another way, connect with my characters and learn more about them. It showed me ways to expand my plot and make my writing more engaging and structured.

I would say if you are REALLY into writing and want to get into the nuts and bolts of it, it's perfect for that. They treat you like writing really matters, and is perfect for the way you want to write.

This course was amazing and helped my writing significantly.

Lihini K. 2 years ago

My tutor was really helpful and kind. She gave detailed feedback on how to improve my assignment writing and so on.

I can express my point clearly in my stories and writing. Also, my writing speaks out to the reader better than before.

It was an amazing and useful experience and I learned a lot from it.

I would like to thank Miss Allison for her teaching and the AWC team for this amazing learning experience.

Zigi B. 2 years ago

I was attracted to this course because I've found a love for artistic/creative writing and wanted to enhance my understanding/skills.

I really loved my online tutor! She was nice and gave me amazing advice.

I found receiving the feedback to be the most enjoyable - I loved hearing what I did well and also enjoyed being given the feedback to improve.

Izzy N. 2 years ago

Deb Fitzpatrick was my online tutor, and she did a wonderful job. I gained a lot of feedback and information!

I enjoyed the variety of learning experiences. Not only was every week teaching me something different, but there were different ways to learn. For example, audio lessons, exercises, downloads, and assignments.

Week Two of the program really made my mind spark. I learned about the punctuation of dialogue, and how to use it well. This has really helped develop my writing.

The Teenage Creative Writers' Program has helped me to learn more about my characters, settings and plot, as well as how to improve my writing skills.

Tania K. 2 years ago

The tutor was super nice and she gave really helpful feedback!

I absolutely LOVED the person who ran the audio lessons for the course - she had such a clear voice and she made EVERYTHING really understandable and enjoyable!!

I learnt SO much about writing a novel and this course increased my goal to write a novel some day!! I love writing even more now!!

Thank you!!!

Hayden H. 2 years ago

The tutor was good and informative. I enjoyed how matter-of-fact they were when talking about techniques and other writing stuff.

I'm thinking more about the writing process and taking breaks from different stories to gain a better perspective.

Sophia G. 2 years ago

I liked that there would be assignments and that we would be given constant feedback as well as being encouraged to work on stories that we have already started.

I was hesitant because I wasn't sure whether it would help me with the story I have been writing but it ended up working out perfectly.

The tutor was incredibly helpful, she gave constructive feedback and asked questions that made my writing better. She made sure to also give praise for certain things and overall was extremely supportive and gave great advice.

I enjoyed the assignments as it was where I was given feedback on my work and also the Q&A week where I was able to ask questions regarding any topic to do with writing and my tutor was very prompt with her replies.

It has made me consider certain things in regard to my story and has helped me to understand how the world of writing works, as well as the better way of planning a novel.

Isabel M. 2 years ago

As an avid writer looking to improve my abilities, a creative writing course targeted at people my age seemed like a great way to continue writing and learning the craft.

I found my online tutor very helpful. She was very welcoming and seemed genuinely interested in my story which was quite comforting. Additionally, her feedback was both positive and constructive.

I really enjoyed all the audio lessons as they contained a lot of valuable information. I think the fact that they can be downloaded and listened to multiple times is very helpful. The activities were also very useful in applying the learnt skills.

I now know a lot more about how to structure a scene and am able to form more realistic characters. Furthermore, each week being targeted to a specific writing skill allowed me to improve my writing abilities across all areas.

Aaurora N. 2 years ago

I have read the Mapmaker series, and so I have a respect for that author. I also have a love of creative writing and hoped that she could help develop my skills. I love that this course offers personal feedback and that she was honest about my strengths and weaknesses.

I have grown in my understanding of developing characters and storylines and I know why my previous efforts at writing had failed. So, I think this course is valuable.

The tutor was very informative and used picture language which helped me to visualise.

I liked the feedback that A. L Tait gave on my assignments. I also loved completing the assignments which were challenging and motivating to complete because of the timeframe, and applying the skills that I learned in the course.

Tom G. 2 years ago

I've been wanting to improve my writing and check essentially whether or not I was on the right track to finish my novel and embark on writing my series. A member of Writer's Victoria recommended the course to me and I signed up.

My tutor was really kind and keen on exploring different options with my story and looked at multiple ways in which I could express different ideas. She was also open to any depth I wished to add and I got the impression she was patient and excited to explore a multitude of ideas to help my writing.

I enjoyed the depth everything went into and how methodical it was. It allowed me to create checklists and general notes to essentially check the content and structure of my writing and ensure I stayed on the right track.

It basically told me that I'm on the right track and should just keep writing and be open to change. I found I was doing quite a lot of these things intrinsically, and if not all the time in my own writing, I could very clearly pick it out in others'. It gave me tools I needed to assess others' writing as well as finding meanings and making inferences and it gave me a lot of insight into possible motives and other analyses.

Benjamin T. 2 years ago

What attracted me to this course was my liking for creative writing and trying it out until I got stuck in my writing. I saw this course and thought that it could help me get unstuck in my writing.

The feedback that I got from my tutor was very good and helped me to move my writing skills to the next level.

I found the assignments the most enjoyable part of this course.

It has helped me to get back into my writing and fix up things in my writing that I hadn't even known were wrong. It has made my writing better and more entertaining.

Liv W 2 years ago

I think the feedback was really helpful and constructive and I'm grateful to have received it!

I enjoyed learning more about developing characters and plot because that's something I wasn't sure how to do before the course.

I really liked getting feedback on assignments to know if I was on the right track. I also learnt a lot from the audio lessons that made me think more about my story.


Sean G. 2 years ago

In September, I started reading a lot of Stephen King stories. I didn't know how much a book could intrigue people back then. So, when I started reading his books, I was both amazed and stunned. I began to have so many story ideas flooding in my head, that I decided to buy myself a laptop only for writing purposes. I tried to write my own stories, but they weren't fitting as much as I thought they were. Then, in early February, my Mum suggested that I should join the AWC Teenage Writers' Program.

All feedback and support from my online tutor (Pamela Freeman) was extremely helpful. They taught me how to improve and edit my work in ways that nobody else could.

The most enjoyable part of this writing course was learning how to write a story and being excited every week for a new module.

Anybody who is invested in trying to write a story needs to check out this program.

Inez C. 2 years ago

The tutor was so nice and made me think about things I wouldn't have thought about. She got me out of the cliché ‘mum dying’ and helped me improve my ideas and how they can be developed.

I enjoyed that I was able to really think about what I wanted to do and put more detail and thought into it.

The character building made you really get to know the character you create and put more detail into them. I actually think about what I am writing and imagine the scene more clearly in my head. It also has more balanced portions of dialogue, emotion, description and thought.

Rose E. 3 years ago

My school cancelled English Literature class, and I really love writing. This led me to search for online writing courses and instantly found this one. I was impressed by what it provided and I was ready to give it a shot!

Pamela was great! She gave me really good feedback and advice and I think it was really great that I was able to get actual feedback on my own work that I had produced.

Personally, my favourite part of the course was the audio activity in module 8 that walked me through the 'describing a setting' process step by step.

It has taught me so much about writing that I didn't know before. I have learnt so many things that I am positive will make my writing much better than it was prior to this course.

The way to structure a story! Inciting incident, turning points, climax, resolution! I enjoyed it so much!!

Amy C. 3 years ago

I've been writing novels and short stories for a while and wanted to improve my writing to make my stories more engaging.

I have a severe visual impairment so I was a little unsure of how I'd access this course. However, I found the course very accessible, especially with the audio lessons and audible feedback.

I found my tutor very knowledgeable and encouraging. Their feedback was very helpful too.

I most enjoyed seeing my writing progressively improving over the time I was in this course.

This course has taught me different ways of looking at creating a story, from construction to completion. It has also made me more aware of using all the five senses in description.

Alexis D. 3 years ago

I wanted to grow my writing skills and it was the only one available for my age group. I was looking for direction for my future career when I leave school.

I didn't really know what to expect in the course, but it was really thorough and the most detailed course I've ever done.

Allison Tait was a wonderful tutor, and she gave detailed answers to my questions. She gave in-depth feedback on my assignments and pointed out things that I hadn't thought about.

I loved the audios every Monday and the fact I was able to devote as much time as I did to writing. I enjoyed the story building blocks that challenged me to think about my story and how it was going to grow and what was required for me to get it to that stage.

I can now do basic planning for my stories and I know what is involved to make them interesting for readers. It was a big help being told that there is no right way to write.

Emily S. 3 years ago

My Mum was doing some research and suggested I do this course, and I thought I could give it a go, since I do homeschooling anyway.

Amazing job, guys!!

I liked the audios most, actually. The person who spoke was easy to listen to and understand and I think she did a great job.

Oh, man, it's changed my whole perspective in writing in every way!!

Oof, the entire thing was like 'OMG I DID NOT KNOW THAT - AWESOME!'

Alex G 3 years ago

I enjoyed getting to learn more about the different elements of creative writing in-depth in a course that was designed for young, aspiring writers. I liked that it gave lots of advice and guidance, as well as opportunities to play around with ideas and develop your skills further. I also liked that you were able to work through the modules and exercises at your own pace.

The tutor was helpful and gave great guidance and insight. I also found them to be genuinely interested in their students and their stories.

I enjoyed the story building block modules, because it was fun to see a story gradually developing week by week, but I also enjoyed the other exercises where I could experiment with other ideas and story elements.

This course has had a significant impact on my writing, as it has given me more clear direction in relation to the writing process and what the necessary steps are for writing novels. It has emphasised how much time, effort and extensive thinking and planning is needed, both before, after and whilst you are writing, as well as the importance of redrafting.

Yara T. 3 years ago

I learnt so much from it. If I were to be honest, I loved module 1 where we created the character the best.

(The tutor) seemed very kind and professional. Her feedback was helpful and informative. Using the feedback, I was able to create another draft which I then sent in exchange of the Q&A option so that I could have it marked. Once again she gave wonderful feedback that I shall put into action on my scene to make it even better than before.


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