Sarah Harris 3 weeks ago

I enjoyed Valerie's openness and big heartedness to share her hard-won experiences. The day-to-day practical advice.

I know if I am dedicated, and keep in mind I am running a small business, I will succeed.

The AWC knows the industry inside out.

Irina Markovsky 5 months ago

Easy to understand content and a lot of useful information, which I can implement. Many helpful tips how to start and continue freelancing as a writer.

Highly recommend doing courses at AWC. The courses at AWC provide you with industry knowledge, useful information and tools, which can be applied as soon as you finish the course you are studying.

Meera 7 months ago

Having quit my full-time job with a strong corporate writing component, I am starting on my freelance writing journey. I wanted to learn more about running a business. Having now completed the course, it was definitely the right one for me.

I enjoyed the fact that all the videos were in short, bite-sized chunks. It was easy to watch a few and feel like you're really making progress. Valerie is a wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge on this.

The AWC is a great place to start on your writing journey. It's a great way to gain confidence and get a sense of the skills you need.

Carol Brocklesby 8 months ago

I really liked that the course was succinct but had great tips. I enjoyed the information and no nonsense delivery.

This course will give you the confidence to get started.

Daleena 1 year ago

I enjoyed Valerie Khoo's positive and inspiring delivery. Useful info on how to set up a freelance writing business in Australia.

AWC benefits both beginner and experienced writers. What you learn from seasoned professionals will help you to make the right decisions about your writing. Experienced writers can learn about new trends and opportunities that would broaden their scope.

Natalia Racomelara 1 year ago

I've really enjoyed this course and feel like I have a much better understanding of the business side and other writing avenues.

It's given me more confidence to embark on my freelance writing career.

This course has all the business information you need to embark on your freelance writing career and I highly recommend it.

Suzanne Malseed 2 years ago

It was informative but didn't require too much of me. This was important as I have my fingers in many pies at the moment so it's nice to be able to fit the learning around my busy life, rather than feeling I'm dropping balls everywhere!

I really enjoyed it. I have set up my ABN and enrolled in more (a lot more!) AWC courses to give me plenty of exposure in my early days as a freelancer to give me the best chance of success.

I really can become a freelance writer; it was a secret dream before. I am super logical (I was a financial planner before having kids) but I am loving using a more creative part of my brain and I am learning that my research and previous corporate experiences will help me in my freelance writing career.

Kristy Tracey 2 years ago

I enjoyed receiving the resources. They reassured me. I realised I was already on the right track. It was a moment that built my confidence.

This course is simple to follow and very informative. Completing this course made me realise just how capable I am.

Completing courses with the Australian Writers' Centre was easy. They left me with the confidence to create the life I want and the courage to dive in to becoming a successful writer. In just a matter of weeks, not just my writing but my approach to my writing has changed in so many ways. Seriously, you won't regret taking a course with AWC. The mentors are so encouraging and knowledgeable. They pull no punches. They offer no get rich quick schemes. Just honest know-how with gentle reminders that you have to put in the work, and the tools that you can use to build your writing career.

Simone Malallah 2 years ago

Valerie has so much knowledge to give and does so in such a warm and welcoming manner. She gave very clear information and advice. I have the tools and confidence I need to get started.

Katie Shapter 3 years ago

I enjoyed receiving guidance from someone with real experience. I feel like it removed some of the barriers in my mind that have prevented me from pitching.

The course is short and informative. A lot of information is packed into small videos that can be watched at once or spread out.

Gregory Lewis 3 years ago

I really appreciate the 'insider' comments/anecdotes and true stories as told by Valerie. I enjoyed the positivity of the presenter and the valuable information provided in the Modules.

It has 'enthused' me to write and achieve some enjoyable additional income.

Follow your dreams/goals and have a go!

Leah Wilson 3 years ago

The course has given me insight in starting a writing business and the difference between content writing and corporate writing.

I would recommend this course to anyone that wants a career change into freelance writing.


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