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Samantha Pledger 1 month ago

I loved the course. It was super professional and very well run. I have done some online courses before and was not impressed. They put me off online courses whereas this one has made me want to do more online courses with AWC.

The tutor was very professional. Very knowledgeable. Very passionate. Gave very honest, helpful feedback.

I enjoyed doing the assignments the most. And being able to see the work of others and listen to their feedback also was extremely helpful and enjoyable.

It has encouraged me to do more courses, and to do more writing...

Very professionally run courses which are very informative and make online learning fun and personal! Getting the feedback directly by seeing the lecturer on screen is awesome.

Overall, an excellent experience which I will be doing again!

Allison McCrindle 1 month ago

Travel writing is something I have been interested in for years and what better time to do some study than when I am in lockdown.

I looked forward to the feedback each week [hearing everyone's feedback] - this is what makes the course so special.

I enjoyed the satisfaction of actually writing an article.

I feel confident that I could write an article and pitch it to a publication.

Go for it. If you want to achieve something in the writing field, these courses help you get there.

Evelyn King 8 months ago

I am about to retire and we are buying a camper trailer to spend time in regional centres. I notice that there is little information for older women who are travelling in this way and yet it is a big potential audience. And there is a strange perception that these women are a bit dim and dull just because they wear tracky daks. Not sure about the 'market' though.

It was an excellent course. And applicable to generic skills too, I think. The tutor was very talented and skilled. I enjoyed the inspirational writing as well as practical tips and examples.

I recognise that my writing (if it eventuates) will focus on the small details that make life absurd. I think I can make people laugh - no not laugh, a perceptive grin maybe. So I will think about a blog or some such. Just for fun. Maybe something will come out of that once I get the genre right.

Mandy Heath 11 months ago

Sue gave great feedback, keeping her comments upbeat and positive. I always looked forward to reading her feedback.

It's achievable to complete in the time given. The content is very interesting and you walk away with tools to achieve your travel writing dreams.

I now have direction and motivation to start writing my travel book.

Thank you, Sue, for your feedback and encouragement. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Robyn Bambury 11 months ago

I was excited to learn from professionals working in the field. I thought Sue provided constructive criticism as well as positive encouragement. Great for someone like me who is just starting out.

I liked the structure of listening to the modules, completing the assignments and reading the feedback. I looked forward to learning something new each week.

It has encouraged me and given me confidence to pursue freelance writing as a career.

I really enjoyed this course and see this as the beginning of my journey. It's also made me realise how much I have to learn. I am keen to continue my education.

If you are interested in writing as a profession, AWC will give you the knowledge that will help you get into the industry.

Kylie Allpress 1 year ago

The tutor was helpful & honest with their feedback & advice! Really appreciated the support over the last 5 weeks. And the assignments each week - it was exciting to research the variety of destinations.

With more practice, I am determined to get this travel writing right. I plan to complete more courses with AWC.

Highly recommend this course for the amazing support & advice provided by the teachers. If travel is your passion, what a great way to learn how to communicate this to the world!

Sophie Zalokar 1 year ago

I was interested in documenting my travels and seeking further information about the possibility of publishing them.

I thought the content of the course was terrific and the minimal feedback was positive.

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