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I enjoyed the inside information Nigel was able to bring to the course. He was optimistic and made us believe we could be interiors writers without too many barriers. I liked his straightforward and non-ego driven approach.

— Carmel Sullivan

This experience will help me both in my work as a copywriter, and my own personal writing. Patti was wonderful, she is a natural presenter and had such great tips and ideas every day. Her feedback on our writing was also honest but kind and really helpful. I loved it! there was enough time for the course, plenty of time for relaxing in the afternoon and then to meet up for dinner with the group. By the end of the week I was both relaxed and inspired! The accommodation was lovely and in a perfect spot, close enough to town to walk, but far enough away from the busy street and tourists/shops. This was a nice balance between learning something new, meeting new people, having a holiday, going somewhere new and relaxing! Perfect.

— Sarah Morton

The setting was very peaceful and totally different to anything that I have experienced before (my balcony overlooked the paddy fields). The tour really exceeded my expectations.

— Barb Hunt

The course has opened my mind to attend to the details of writing and the sensory input that can create a world and characters to draw the reader in. The ideas and inspiration that came from participating in this writing course exceeded anything I might have anticipated. Patti is very focussed and very professional. Every lesson was well prepared and delivered with a great understanding of how we, the students, could develop and deepen our writing skills. Patti is passionate about her art and she shared her knowledge generously. I loved the whole experience. At a very personal level, in relation to my writing, it has been life- changing. It is an invaluable opportunity to inform your writing and take it to another level.

— Jo McCann

Accommodation was excellent and Patti Miller is a very good writing teacher. The course really helped me to focus on writing the senses.

— Robyn Edwards

Patti was an inspiration. Her encouragement and quality presentation brought out the best in the participants. The experience and the setting was most rewarding.

— Mary Windsor

Tim is a delightfully engaging presenter and a five-star teacher. He knows the course subject matter inside out and enriches it with anecdotes and excellent practical advice gleaned from his long years as a professional writer for film and TV.

— Sharron Olivier

I enjoyed getting together with other aspiring writers and hearing their different story ideas. Tim was an enthusiastic teacher with a wealth of insight. Very good.

— Jared Barnes

Tim was great, very entertaining and gave really useful feedback as well as very practical advice about the industry.

— Louise Hardy

Tim was entertaining and creative. He was very helpful with feedback and comments.

— Keri Ahmet

I loved Tim's enthusiasm and extensive industry knowledge and experience. He has a wonderful ability to impart knowledge and was very supportive and gave constructive criticism on our short script projects.

— Arky Michael

I really enjoyed the passion of our presenter. He was experienced and knowledgeable and was willing to give time and attention to each participant. Great!

— Karen Mooney

Tim was fantastic. He gave great advice, explained the processes clearly and made the whole experience enjoyable.

— Kimberley Wicks

Tim has so much insight and knowledge. He was dynamic, optimistic and positive about the writing experience.

— Catherine Briggs

Tim Gooding is a great communicator. He imparts a wealth of information in an entertaining and inspiring manner. The course, like a good film, flows at a cracking pace.

— Cynthia Cowan

Tim knew his stuff, was full of interesting tips and suggestions, and has an obvious passion for story, craft and all things cinematic. I loved Tim's presentations on the nature of screen storytelling ‚ character, plot and structure. Very interesting and educational. The Australian Writers' Centre is the best place to do a writing course.

— James Boggs

Tim is great. He's very helpful and obviously knows his stuff, he's also enthusiastic and inspirational. I've been struggling with some aspects of my writing for years and in this short course Tim has opened a few doors by revealing that rather than a mystery there is a simplicity to the process of writing for the screen. He has inspired me with the confidence to keep plugging away. Already my work has improved and I feel motivated to keep pushing on with my writing.

— Chris Mitchell

Tim is passionate about his subject and inspired me to write and to continue after the course has finished. I wanted a cut-to-the-chase experience that emphasised practice rather than theory and that's what I got. I feel inspired and have some basic tools to continue developing my screenplay and possibly others.

— Colleen Winney

I definitely came away with knowledge of a process that I did not possess when I first started. I also have a broad overall knowledge of how to go about writing a script. Tim has plenty of industry knowledge and his editorial skills are excellent.

— David Owens

I loved Tim's enthusiasm and the way he would get across points he was trying to make. Being able to leverage his experience and knowledge was invaluable. I definitely have a better idea of how to build and manage the development of a script. I really enjoyed Tim's teaching methods and found him very responsive when discussing my own script.

— David Howlett

The lessons are given by industry professionals. The course was very helpful. The material was very relevant - and the classes were fun!

— Loren Howell

Screenwriting Stage 2 was relaxed and friendly and a good learning environment. Tim Gooding was excellent throughout the course. He gave very helpful feedback on scripts and the instruction on screenwriting craft was thorough. Tim had a good teaching style that kept the classes interested all the time.

— Alastair

Nigel's personal insights were really valuable and interesting. I particularly appreciated that he had asked people he knows in the right positions (i.e. magazine editors) to provide their dos and don'ts. Nigel is engaging and interesting.

— Nicola Duncan

The course gave practical information about becoming a freelancer in the field of interiors and inside information about what magazines want, and the do's and don'ts. Nigel was informative, and able to impart personal and professional knowledge effectively.

— Megan Macpherson

I have just come home after my last class with Nigel, full of inspirational ideas. Every question that I had was answered, along with a lot of other valuable information. Nigel was very approachable and gave us accurate, no nonsense advice. He presents in an easy to understand manner. His valuable information comes from his expertise and good preparation. For anyone wanting to pursue a career in writing about interior design, I highly recommend this course. Just do it. You won't be disappointed.

— Lesley Robyn Landmark

This course was excellent. Nigel showed a keen interest in sharing his knowledge. It's the best short writing course I have been on and wasted no time in presenting the right information for getting your work published.

— Phillip Brook

I enjoyed learning new and better ways of doing what I was already doing in pitching, writing and interviewing.

— Zohra Aly

If you want to do a writing course that is practical and relevant then this is the place!

— Jennifer Johnston

I loved seeing pitching feedback given to others. Also, the interview questions and technique tips were invaluable. Valerie was clear, honest, helpful and supportive. The best thing about online delivery is that you can read/listen and re-read/re-listen. There were no set time constraints like in a normal classroom. Getting verbal feedback that is viewed by all in the class is great. Makes you try your best! I've done three AWC courses now. I realised I don't need to spend tens of thousands on a journalism degree. AWC has given me the tools to do what I want to do.

— Kristie Hayden

It's the best course, I highly recommend it.

— Elizabeth Fritz

I have even more confidence now. I did Magazine Writing Stage 2 straight after Magazine Writing Stage 1 and it really helped me stay focused and motivated - as I'm now freelancing as my career. I even had two features accepted during the course - I was feeling so confident I just went ahead and pitched. One of the editors got back to me to accept my pitch about 15 minutes after I sent the email. I couldn't have dreamed of that sort of result without completing the course!

— Sarah McKay

Gayle gave us lots of good information. It was excellent to hear Cindy MacDonald from Good Weekend Magazine and Mark Dapin; two very different styles of writers and different styles of people. I also had some great talks with some of the aspiring journos doing the course.

— Robyn Elliott

I like the fact that Judy works in the field and brings real knowledge to the course; she's very helpful and approachable. I did a similar course at [another organisation] last year and I must say that this one was, by far, superior. What was so great about your course was the small class size that enabled us to address questions as a group. Well done!

— Kerstin Pilz

I loved the group discussions and hearing other people's blogging experiences. I learned so much when Kelly showed us what works well for blog designs and what doesn't.

— Suzanne Loveland

Kelly was very approachable, very friendly and willing to answer questions.. The course covered a lot of areas about blogs and the presentation of them. We all came away with a lot to think about in regards to our own blogs.

— Pam Lynch

It was great to hear lots of hints and tips from Kelly - based on her experience in the blogging and design world. Kelly is a great presenter - friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and patient

— Danielle Ramsay

I got expert feedback on my screenplay and had ability to ask questions about the industry. Tim Gooding an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. He gives his all to every class. Australian Writers' Centre is in a great location, has great tutors and great courses.

— Leigh Evans-Bullock

Tim is very practical, detailed and constructive as a presenter and also in the advice he gives. His enthusiasm is impressive and infectious. An extremely enjoyable and productive course for a sometimes confronting course of study!

— Frances Tan

Tim's enthusiasm was exceptional. He put much effort into writing notes and climbed into each participant's story in detail.

— Stewart Wauchop

Tim was an engaging presenter, enthusiastic about his craft and gave quality feedback on my writing.

— Nicole Reddy

Absolutely brilliant.

— Veronica Akhurst

Tim was terrific and his feedback on my script was a great help to slowly 'get' how it's done.

— Michelle Bracks

Tim is truly enthusiastic about the craft of screenwriting and he instills that in his students. He has been a practitioner for many years and he certainly brought that to bear in class, simplifying and demystifying the whole process. With Tim's help, I finally finished one of the many screenplays sitting in a folder on my laptop gathering dust. Thanks Tim!

— Brendan Casey

Tim has designed an effective short course, providing a good solid grounding in screenwriting. He had a very precise way of conveying what he meant, and his observations on my writing were very helpful and illuminating.

— Gordon Kalton Williams

Tim's enthusiasm for screenwriting was infectious.

— Anthony Cooper

I enjoyed being in such a creative environment. I found that it really assisted in inspiring me to write. Tim has a wonderful enthusiasm for film and writing that I found reinvigorated my writing and also encouraged me to analyse films at a deeper level.

— Sally Davies

Anna filled in a lot of knowledge gaps and gave me the confidence to go forth and create my ebook. She was so honest in her answers, made sure she was familiar with the goals of all the participants and targeted her answers to our individual requirements.

— Sharon Livingstone

Anna was very open to discussion and always had a good answer. She facilitated the course very well.

— Liam Carnahan

Anna was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and presented very well.

— Paul Batters

I walked in with no understanding about how to publish digitally. Now I feel I could do it myself! Anna was very impressive. She made a complicated topic easy to understand.

— Fiona McKenzie

I learned so much but wasn't overwhelmed. Anna was great and very knowledgeable.

— Denise Nisbet Wallis

Anna was excellent.

— Janet Morice

Clear, concise and helpful. Anna provided lots of useful information.

— Robyn McWilliam

Anyone who is serious about wanting to be a successful writer, should enrol in a course with AWC! Regardless of the type of writer you want to be, there are courses tailor-made to suit everyone. Face your fears, you might surprise yourself!

— Debrah Kelly

Angela made me feel relaxed and confident no matter what level of experience you had. Deciding to write is one of life's journeys, check out the Australian Writers' Centre.

— Noeline Baussmann

The two-hour masterclass built on my limited knowledge of short story writing. It gave me a good set of nuts and bolts, with lots of fresh ideas to get started. Thank you to the Australian Writers' Centre. You continue to inspire confidence in my ability.

— Maria Parenti-Baldey

Angela was very approachable and took her time to explain different aspects of the course. The Australian Writers' Centre courses offer a deep delve into all writing topics and are hosted by industry experts who are also skilled teachers.

— Charmaine Clancy

Gayle Bryant was great - very interesting and personable. She kept the course well structured and on track. She answered all our questions and had some great ideas. Cindy MacDonald had some really practical suggestions and she was obviously keen to answer questions and to help any budding writers.

— Cate Lynch

Judy really knows her stuff and as always (this was my fifth course with the Australian Writers' Centre) the content, delivery and genuinely sincere interest in students' success was obvious. Whilst the original class (Magazine Writing Stage 1) was good enough to springboard a lot of students to success, I'm glad I paid the extra for the Masterclass. The value of the extra knowledge quickly became obvious as both a condensed recap and advanced understanding of the freelance journalistic environment.

— Grant Hyman

The course was chock-full on useful information. The presenter made it lively and informative and had fantastic industry knowledge and experience. I feel more confident and informed on how to go about pitching ideas - and coming up with them in the first place.

— Sylvia Aitken

Doing a course at the Australian Writers' Centre is like getting a fast track ticket to success. Even though success depends on your own capabilities, the things you learn will put you miles ahead of trying to get there on your own. You're being taught by industry veterans and professionals and the learnings from their experience is priceless.

— Sandra Shakespeare

I found the real-life examples excellent and learning with others empowering. The advice from Valerie was invaluable. Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 2 was one of the best professional development programs I have ever done!

— Sarah Wormwell

I have been writing and working in communications for a few years now, and I found the industry advice and the advice on my work really helpful. Valerie's experience and knowledge was very clearly expressed and shared. I really enjoyed listening to her insights and suggestions. AWC offers practical skills, great insight into the industry and ongoing networking opportunities. It is more like a community.

— Susanna Smith

The course modules were all structured in a really practical way ‚ the scenarios used were ones I would be facing in my writing career. The online delivery was easy and convenient. I liked that I could stop and start the recordings depending on how much time I had. The courses at AWC are really practical and you will finish your course feeling empowered by your new knowledge, and confident enough to start putting it in to practice.

— Collette Beck

The audio presentations were very thorough and concise and I found the assignments and feedback invaluable ‚ particularly being able to benefit from reading other students pitches and assignments and hear their feedback. If you want to be a writer, the AWC is the only place to go.

— Jodi Gibson

Valerie is the guru of feedback and it's the whole reason I did the course. I knew I would receive honest feedback on everything I submitted. Valerie is outstanding - she has an absolute gift as an educator. Online learning suits my lifestyle from a time perspective. I love being able to download the audios, listen to them when I like and keep them forever. Perfect. Best money you'll ever spend if you're serious about your writing.

— Jocelyn Pride

I found the seminar really informative. Just listening to the presenter and the questions being asked provided a lot of valuable information. Both Valerie and Kerri were great presenters.

— Sonya Madden

The presenters were very good and gave excellent, practical advice. They had me thinking about my blog differently.

— Anne-Marie Poirier

Kerri was very informative and enthusiastic and had lots of great tips. She confirmed a lot of things I was thinking of doing but hadn't quite put into practice. It was also a relaxed way to find out heaps in a short time.

— Therese Spruhan

The presenters were amazing!

— Angela Spagnol

The seminar completely provided what I was hoping for. Kerri Sackville was open and generous with sharing information.

— Lisa Schofield

I took away a great list of actionable ideas to improve my own blog. The session also helped me to clarify my purpose in blogging - why am I doing it and what do I want to get out of it.

— Susan Moore

Listening to Kerri's journey from Twitterer to author was nothing less than inspirational. It made me feel that anything is possible and that turning my blog into a book is absolutely possible! What an amazing woman! Her interaction and engagement with us, the audience, was brilliant. I'm sure that every participant walked out of that seminar with newfound enthusiasm.

— Marcia Giagnori

It was great to attend a social media course that focused solely on Twitter, it made it much easier to absorb. Kerri was very personable and interesting. I have already recommended this seminar to someone else who is looking to build a profile through Twitter.

— Rena Richmond

A professional and well-structured seminar with a knowledgeable and experienced lecturer.

— Bethel Dianne Hunter

Kerri was great. She was engaging and had contagious passion for Twitter.

— Hannah Oates

Kerri was very good. She gave excellent practical advice and had me thinking about my approach differently.

— Anne-Marie Poirier

Kerri was fantastic, warm and engaging with ideal experience. The seminar really exceeded my expectations.

— Christopher Blyton

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Everyone felt comfortable asking questions and engaging in discussion. Kerri gave an excellent presentation.

— Tony Barea

Kerri was great. Her funny and approachable nature made it easy to ask questions and talk to her.

— Paula Orbea

The seminar offered practical and inspiring advice and information that I've been able to apply to my own situation. Kerri was lovely, engaging, experienced and knowledgeable.

— Susannah Hardy

Kerri was fun, everything she showed us was in context and it felt like a conversation among peers rather than the old teacher/student dynamic. The seminar was great. Kerri was professional yet approachable and her humour is fantastic.

— Kate Wigzell

Kerri was personable and she has a great story as to her own experiences with Twitter. She took the time to reinforce points that dinosaurs like myself struggled with.

— Gary Yeates

Being part of the Masterclass is one of the best decisions I've made this year. As a part-time writer dabbling on the fringe of trying to find more work as a Freelancer, I recognised there were a number of areas in my writing that needed to improve. Having completed a few AWC courses, to join the Masterclass was a no-brainer. I knew it would be an opportunity to gain even more relevant and practical writing tips, but the biggest clincher was the chance to receive support from the AWC CEO Valerie Khoo.

We have access to a closed community on Facebook where the support from both Valerie and the other writers in the group have been invaluable. The refresher modules are spot on with their information. Covering a broad range of writing topics, they can be listened to at any stage. If we did all that was asked and suggested in these modules, Editors would be chasing us for work, rather than the other way around.

The monthly pitch doctor sessions run by Sue White are very informative and educational. They present an opportunity to have your pitch critiqued by an experienced writer and I have learnt a great deal from reading and listening to the feedback of others in our group in these monthly sessions.

Valerie's ask me anything sessions are another place to listen to questions by Masterclass members and to hear her responses, gives many of us those light bulb moments.

For me personally, Valerie has mentored me though a drawn out writing project, I know I never would have seen published had it not been for her support, guidance, that red pen of hers and her incredibly accurate feedback.

I feel being part of Masterclass as freelancers we are not floating out there on our own, thanks to Valerie (and Sue White) we have access to editors and writers with a depth of knowledge that is a gift that cannot be quantified.

Genuinely I can't recommend the Masterclass group more highly to any writers out there who want to be part of a nurturing, close knit community, determined to help you reach your writing goals ‚ whatever they may be.

— Jennifer Johnston

I found Anna to be very articulate and knowledgeable. As a 'non-techno' type, she made understanding the various options for my E-books far simpler.

— Peter Stephensen

Anna was relaxed and prepared to answer any questions and it opened to me the possibility of creating an ebook. I found the Australian Writers Centre to be an organisation that is professional, efficient and wants to help ordinary people to be creative.

— John Carroll

Claire Scobie was great - skillful, enthusiastic and encouraging. Her presentation was very stimulating and most enjoyable! I've done two courses at the Australian Writers' Centre now and they were both great value for money and very practical.

— Judith Thomson

Claire was well-prepared and managed us well (the talkers vs quiet ones). She kept me stimulated all day, both days of the course. Gorgeous location! Great presenter. Useful content.

— Christine Gabriel

I most enjoyed Claire's knowledge and how good she was with understanding all the needs of the students. She was knowledgable, attentive and encouraging and give us advice on how we can get mentored. If you are interested in writing, it's a must!

— Carla Francis

Claire is a fantastic presenter. She had a genuine interest and intuitive understanding of each of our stories and was able to offer very insightful suggestions. The exercises, while challenging, were incredibly useful as they taught me more about my own ability to write. If you are seriously thinking about writing, Travel Memoir is the course to do.

— Margarita Steinhardt

Claire was an excellent facilitator, obviously knowledgable about her subject, and also gave us lots of examples from well known authors to help illustrate her points.

— Nina Genikis

A good mix of tips, readings and exercises to apply knowledge. I really liked the post-its exercise after working through all the modules - to play with beginnings, ends, themes. Claire was fantastic. Good pace and great handouts. Good preentation skills and lovely manner. She allowed lots of breaks which allowed you to rest your mind and meet fellow classmates and hear about their stories and writing projects.

— Nicole Miller

I found this course extremely useful. It has provided me with some very useful tools and a good insight into travel writing. Claire has such a wealth of knowledge and experience in writing. Claire was very helpful in providing advice and good feedback during the course.

— Kirsty Cameron

The group was of a good size and the material was well organised with all the important aspects of travel memoir covered. Claire was a great presenter and made sure to include the whole class, encouraging those who were a little shy.

— Allison Rushby

It was truly enjoyable. I have wanted to do a course like this for such a long time. I never knew I could learn so much about travel memoir writing. Claire was excellent. Her method of teaching was encouraging and easy to follow.

— Beverly Pang

Claire is lovely and had our interest and attention at all times. She is so experienced and knowledgable and encouraged us all to share our ideas whatever our level.

— Jennifer Leeder

It was a great introduction to writing a travel memoir without providing unrealistic expectations. Claire was very generous with her knowledge and extremely helpful. The structure was very good and I learned a lot from her.

— Kristine Madden

I really enjoyed the pace and structure of the course, the short exercises, reading and listening to other members of the group, and the feedback from the presenter. Claire is an excellent teacher. It was great to have a presenter who has been published in the field.

— Katherine Hill

Claire is a very personable teacher, from the first half hour she knew why everyone was there and tailored the course to each individual. As a result, we all became interested in each other and the different stories. It was lovely to see this progress over the five weeks. Claire is brilliant, intelligent, compassionate... just super!

— Suzanne Fawcett

Claire was great. As a published writer in the genre she had a lot to teach us.

— Roshan Lewis

The course offered a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere, fantastically useful strategies, realistic information and challenging but rewarding writing exercises. Claire is an excellent teacher; warm and engaging, very knowledgeable about both the writing process and the industry and always supportive and encouraging. I was incredibly nervous about attending and it was confronting, but I loved it too.

— Jane Pinsker

I have already recommended the course! I recommended the course as a great vehicle to begin the writing process. So many people have a travel memoir they'd like to write and the hardest part is starting. The course provides manageable steps to begin the creative process with valuable writing tools that will assist students in their journey to (hopefully) becoming published.

Claire is a wonderful teacher. Her passion for writing is infectious and each week I would leave class feeling excited about my writing tasks. She is very knowledgeable on a wide variety of travel literature which certainly assisted in explaining different writing styles and techniques.

— Linda Benton

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I enjoyed the structure, the notes and the other participants. I found Claire a terrific and talented, warm and encouraging presenter. I wanted to write a travel memoir but lacked the confidence to start even although I have enjoyed writing about travel all my life. In five short weeks, Claire made me feel good about my endeavour and was just the impetus I needed to stop procrastinating and start writing.

— Gill Shaddick

Kerri was hilarious and provided lots of insider knowledge.

— Chau Tran

It was lovely to hear Kerri's story and how she got to where she is. She is personable and approachable, and generous with her guidance.

— Alex Terry

Kerri and Valerie were fantastic.

— Kyra Webb

I enjoyed the clear instructions and information. The best thing about the online course was that I wasn't restricted to posting or presenting times other than being in by deadline. I was also able to submit and edit if time allowed. The most important thing for a writer is inspiration which is here in bucket loads.

— Roger Lilies

I enjoyed the concentration on specific elements of story structure, such as openings, scene and climax. As always, Pamela is very knowledgable and responsive in her feedback. She is honest and encouraging. Living in a regional area with limited opportunity to get to the city, online is the only way that I am able to study and improve my writing skills. The Australian Writers' Centre is the place to go if you want to learn about writing and improving your skills. It is cost effective and presents short courses that are of the highest quality.

— Jodi Gibson

The pace kept me working on some detail of my work which I found motivating.

— Kathryn Spence

I enjoyed the opportunity to get feedback on my writing from several readers with entirely different perspectives than my own.

As a result of the course I have become even more conscious of the importance of getting exactly the right words in the right place. I have always known this was important in other types of writing but in fiction it becomes absolutely vital.

— David Andrews

The course took the process of writing to a deeper level and Pamela is a passionate word lover, which I found inspiring. I have learnt to survey my work more closely, and to think about the whole process from a deeper perspective.

— Sharna Bryant

Pamela's breadth of experience and knowledge was invaluable.

— Tim Canham

The best thing about the course was definitely Pamela. I loved that she 'told it how it is', while still being constructive and kind. I appreciated that we worked outside on our writing and then workshopped during the session. I felt at times I may have driven others crazy with my questions but I was there to learn not sit back and Pamela was generous with her time.

I would recommend the two presenters I have had ‚ Pamela Freeman and James Roy. I would also say to ask as many questions as you can because the experience of working with a published author is invaluable.

— Leanne Davidson

Pamela was well organised and gave good tutorials, but the most valuable aspect was being able to ask her questions and observe her work practices. Australian Writers' Centre courses are a good way to up your motivation and writing skills.

— Ruth Armstrong

Pamela was great. Informative, supportive and encouraged everyone. I would recommend this course to others.

— Martina Coffey

The course provided a great environment to learn writing principles and connect with other people who are struggling with the same issues. Pamela is an amazing teacher. We give her a really average paragraph or page and she gives feedback that will turn it into an amazing story with tight structure and great prose.

— Jenny New

I thought Cathie was great, and she had some very constructive feedback that has helped my writing. I found the assignments to be most enjoyable, and I loved having a specific task rather than just writing into the ether. It was during this course that I began to identify as a writer.

— Georgie Payne-Loy

This whole course has been very useful. Lots of little nuggets of gold!

— Matthew Underwood

I really enjoyed the advice and feedback. Pamela is an expert in her field and a clear communicator.

— Matthew Sweeney

I enjoyed that the Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques course helped everyone understand where they needed additional development. Pamela is great and brings a lot of insider knowledge to the course. She can use her own process and experience to demonstrate concepts and theories. I also appreciated how forthright she is with her feedback. Her criticism was always constructive and really helped focus my attention on areas in my work that were weak. I think the Australian Writers' Centre courses provide more than just theory about writing. They provide insight from people who are actively working in the industry. They are well-structured and grounded and give you the right lens to examine your own writing. I really enjoyed Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques and walked away feeling both inspired and focused.

— Laura Deverson

I gained so much knowledge and practical advice from attending the course, it was well worth giving up Valentine's night!

— Elizabeth Pond

Thanks so much for such an amazing and insightful weekend. The course not only covered the technical side of travel memoir writing but provided writing exercises that helped us develop and understand our own writing styles. I left the course a different, more wiser writer than when I started it, and now I'm itching to start writing my own memoir and get the words down that are just bursting inside me. This course was transformational for me and has provided an important foundation to start writing my book. I shudder to think of the mistakes I would have made without it. Claire is a fantastic tutor and the reluctance that we all shared in not wanting to leave the room at the end of our course is an indication of how inspirational and generous she is. Her encouragement and feedback was personal and heartfelt, you could just tell she believed in us which is really important when you're not sure if you believe in yourself.

— Lisa Schofield

It was a terrific weekend. Travelling through life. Through places and experiences. I think we'll all be putting various learnings into effect as we pursue our passions

— Kerri-Ann Smith

I've done a few courses over the years and I don't think I have ever been so engaged. The weekend flew by. Thanks so much to Claire for sharing and for the inspiration.

— David McManus

Claire was an excellent presenter. Very aware of the different needs of individuals, involved everyone as a group, encouraged sharing of ideas, and developed our skills. Claire was enthusiastic, encouraging, made the sessions fun, and made me feel that I wanted to write and keep on writing.

A fantastic experience if you want to try your hand at writing. I found it very encouraging and feel that it's sharpened my senses. I'm more likely to notice colour, smells, and the little things that I may have missed, before. It certainly made me more attentive to detail and generally more observant of people and places.

— Margie Marsh

Claire was fabulous. She was incredibly knowledgable, as well as thoughtful, honest, gentle and approachable.
I certainly recommend Travel Memoir. If you are interested in writing and travel then you have a lot to gain by taking the course. It opened my eyes, taught me a lot about writing and encouraged me along my own writing path.

— Ali Rolleston

I am now committed to finishing my first novel after years of prevarication!

— Andrew Franks

I enjoyed the opportunity to get feed back from someone as knowledgeable as Pamela. Sharing my work with like-minded people has really given me the courage to move forward with my book. Pamela is amazing. She is very generous with her knowledge and experience. She also has a very keen editor's eye and can sum up pretty quickly what you need to work on. The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place to come if you want to write but need some help getting started, or if you have something written but you need help to get to the next stage.

— Hera McCaffery

So I thought, 'Well, I just need to, if I want to give this a go, I've got to just put myself in this writing world'. That's why I approached you guys. I was a little bit nervous, and I was traveling at the time with Matt, my husband, so I signed on the dot for the online creative writing course. That was a great way to start because I felt anonymous and I wasn't throwing myself out there. But what was really great, because I'm a procrastinator and I like to go back to things a lot, was that as people posted their work, it was there, so I could go back and read it again, I could read the teacher's comments.

I could see what she was picking up on, what was working, and what wasn't. That helped. In a lot of ways it gave me extra confidence in what I was doing or would send up a flag, you know? 'Okay, that's a bad idea'. Things like that. I think more than anything just being in that kind of environment, where it's actually okay to want to pursue something like this, and everyone's really passionate about it, that was really a good start.

And so I thought, 'Well, if I really want to keep going with this I just need to keep myself in this world.' I can't let myself out of it in a way. So I signed up to do the second course in creative writing and I did that in person. So then I was coming in once a week and I was surrounded by 10 other people who were writing and passionate about it and we were just talking through stuff. At that time I sent out my manuscript and it was during that course that I actually got picked up by an agent. It was great because it was just the right environment for me to be in and it worked really well.

— Jessica Shirvington

This course has done wonders for me. I procrastinated at starting this course after completing Creative Writing Stage 1, yet I finally bit the bullet, getting back into it at what I feel has been the perfect time.
I have been working on my novel for close to six months. It's been a struggle; full of doubt and insecurity. I am grateful for Cathie's assignment feedback and the push to rewrite some of my work has been invaluable.

— Belinda Mallouk

It's a wonderful place to advance your writing skills and get to know other writers, both published and unpublished. I loved every second of it, and the fact it was online was fantastic. I would never have been able to do the courses otherwise.

— Laura Ogden

Cathie was excellent, she gave so many handy hints and ideas to everyone! It was professionally produced and full of valuable information for anyone wanting to improve their writing skills.

— Catherine Marshall

I enjoyed the practical examples on how to improve writing style and the individual feedback on my own writing to further direct writing skills. Cathie gave good feedback that was always very constructive with good reason for her comments. It was good to be able to download the audio and the handouts were useful. Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques is a great way to get started on your novel and general writing style. Highly skilled professionals give you guidance along the way and constructive feedback.

— Melanie Kelly

I enjoyed reading all of the submissions for the assignments and the feedback that Cathie gave to everyone. I gained a lot of insight listening to the tutorials, and feel that it expanded my knowledge about writing. The online component was easy and convenient. I would recommend this course to those seeking to further their writing abilities. It's great!

— Simon Lewis

I enjoyed stepping through the process of novel writing, the blow-by-blow guide to structuring a scene. I also enjoyed sharing and feedback with classmates and Pamela. I was very happy with Pamela's honest, detailed feedback.I have completed a few online course and find the delivery method easy to navigate. The Australian Writers' Centre is great value, with knowledgable tutors, excellent course design and easy to use resources.

— Anne Hayes

The course was most enjoyable.... Bernadette is a clever teacher the content was great. This was the best publishing seminar I've been to ‚ I learnt so much.

— Lesley Porter

I enjoyed all of the course but found the elevator pitch section extremely helpful. I have read a lot of books and have made lots of attempts but came up with my best pitch for my story so far. Bernadette is obviously very passionate about what she does and has a lot of insider knowledge.

— Maryann Murphy

I found Bernadette to be one of the best presenters I have seen. She not only knew her material but she has a gift as a teacher. Bernadette put me at ease so many times and lifted my spirits with her encouragement. She created a safe environment and brought out the best in all of us. I came away feeling less scared because she has given me the tools and resources to do the very best I can to get my first book published. Thank you Bernadette.

— Bindu Narula

What Publishers Want was informative and interactive. Bernadette is an engaging, knowledgeable and generous presenter who managed to squeeze a lot of information into this short course. We all came away with clear ideas of what we will do next in our steps towards publication. The Australian Writers' Centre is a very professional organisation.

— Kerry Littrich

Bernadette Foley clearly knew her stuff. She presented well, was warm and engaging and gave time to each and every participant.

— Vanessa McKinley

Bernadette was fantastic. When I told her that I was attending an ASA literary speed dating event later that day she went out of her way to help me refine my pitch and delivery. As a consequence I was asked by two publishers and one agent to submit my manuscript/example chapters. The structure of the course was well thought out and stuck to timing so everything was covered. Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and to do a practical exercise.

— Margaret Rochford

Patti's knowledge and delivery of the course was excellent, as was the interaction and support Patti provided everyone in the class. Everyone really enjoyed the class and got to know each other during the eight weeks. The course structure was excellent and Patti really supported the groups' learning in a safe environment and enabled each of us to ask questions and offered feedback.

— Anthea Karatasoulis

What i enjoyed most was the atmosphere created by Patti - she's the best presenter I've ever had at a writing course.

— Ann Major

If you are serious about becoming the best writer you can be and want to learn in a focused, enjoyable setting with personal feedback when needed, then AWC is the way to go. The experience, for me, was like packing a year ‚ or two ‚ of university into one day. Priceless.

— Margot Wiburd

Natasha was exceptionally good, and the course content and delivery were wonderful. In fact, I would be happy to do it again, just in case I missed anything the first time. It was packed with information which I haven't seen elsewhere. Lots and lots of great tips, very clear examples referencing current/well-known best sellers and exercises we could do at home. Often courses waste a lot of the participants' time getting us to do half hour exercises and read them out to the whole class. Here we had a quick look at the exercises, copied them down and then went on with the really helpful discussions. Much better! Definitely do this course! You won't find better anywhere.

— Judith Thomson

I absolutely loved this course. It was so pertinent to what I am doing now and filled in all the missing gaps I had in respect to publishing commercial fiction. I feel like I have a checklist now that I can run through to make sure my stories fit in with what publishers are looking for.

— Debbit Weetman

Natasha is fantastic and makes everyone feel welcome and important no matter their writing experience. We had a few people (myself included), that didn't actually have a manuscript started yet and Natasha made us feel that we had just as much reason to be there as everyone else. It can be a bit daunting when you're just starting out and you're sure that everyone else doing the course is better than you. Natasha assuages those fears immediately. She is also very knowledgeable and answered our questions with detail.

— Emily Maunder

Natasha was, as always, an excellent presenter. She is professional, prepared, and had clearly put a lot of work into the content. It's clear that Natasha is passing on her hard-earned knowledge from her work on her novels, and it was a fantastic to learn from a writer who is writing and publishing in today's market.

— Dearbhla McTiernan

It was a fabulous workshop and Natasha Lester presented with great professionalism. There was so much practical information and wisdom shared. I thoroughly enjoyed the day just wished it was longer!

— Leonie Henschke

Natasha was a great presenter. She was approachable and explained things well. The Australian Writers' Centre has useful and practical courses with experienced presenters.

— Fiona Johnson

Natasha was a brilliant presenter. I can't believe she kept going for the whole six hours! Loved the course! The course is great value for money and has an excellent presenter, you'll be truly suprised at how much information can be provided in a one-day course.

— Katrina Sullivan

Natasha was a practical, wise, inspiring and helpful teacher. I loved it and got everything that I wanted/needed out of it. The content was so helpful, geared towards writing a bestseller, full of really helpful tips and advice with real-life examples that illustrated the points really clearly. I could not recommend the course more highly. I felt like I was learning the whole time and really being challenged to thing about commercial fiction in a clever, strategic way. Do this course before you get too far along with your writing. The course will give you the framework and insights that you'll need at the back of your mind if you are writing to get published.

— Shankari Chandran

I enjoyed diving into the deeper layers of the novel writing. Natasha was a fantastic teacher ‚ very knowledgeable and was able to give a lot of advice from her own experience. The Australian Writers' Centre is a fantastic place to go if you are serious about writing a novel.

— Melissa Creber

Natasha was fabulous. She was informative, funny and very knowledgeable about the many extra questions that were thrown her way. Do it, make sure you're interested in the presenter and the topic. But essentially just do it.

— Josephine Mitchell

I really enjoyed Natasha's knowledge and her teaching style. Natasha has energised me with confidence, belief and direction more than any other writing course I've attended.

— Keith Peel

Natasha is knowledgeable, realistic AND it was very easy to ask her questions. Don't hesitate to do the course, you will come away with food for thought that may help with unseen difficulties.

— Baska Bartsch

Natasha Lester was a fantastic presenter. I learned so much that will help me with my own writing. It was really value for money.

— Joel Agius

Like the other Australian Writers' Centre courses I've done, the course was very well structured, meaning that I felt quite clear about what I had learned throughout the day. Natasha was so knowledgeable and generous with her insights that my hand hurt from trying to scribble them all down and not miss anything. I have recommended Australian Writers' Centre many times and I always say that it is the structure of the courses that really stands out ‚ specific skills are improved with every course I take.

— Aislinn Batstone

I enjoyed the amount of practical information (with examples) that I could immediately take away and apply to my own writing. Natasha was smart, experienced, extremely generous with her knowledge. She was insightful with regard to feedback about my own project, and easily approachable. If you are serious about becoming the best writer you can be and want to learn in a focused, enjoyable setting with personal feedback, then this is the way to go. The experience, for me, was like packing a year - or two - of university into one day. Priceless.

— Margot Wiburd

Natasha was exceptionally good, and the course content and delivery were wonderful. In fact, I would be happy to do it again, just in case I missed anything the first time. It was packed with information which I haven't seen elsewhere. Lots and lots of great tips, very clear examples referencing current/well-known bestsellers and exercises we could do at home. Natasha is very helpful and approachable and very, very knowledgeable. Best of all, she is able to impart what she knows and is encouraging. Definitely do this course! You won't find better anywhere.

— Judith Thomson

The content was excellent ‚ pitched at the right level and of a high standard. Natasha was, as always, an excellent presenter. She is a professional, prepared, and had clearly put a lot of work into the content. It's clear that Natasha is passing on her hard earned knowledge from her work on her novels, and it was fantastic to learn from a writer who is writing and publishing i today's market. I would recommend Natasha Lester as an excellent teacher.

— Dearbhla McTiernan

I really liked all the information on character development and character types, and on how to write our beginning well. Natasha is fantastic and makes everyone feel welcome and important no matter their writing experience. It can be a bit daunting when you're just starting out and you're sure that everyone else doing the course is better than you. Natasha assuages those fears immediately. Se is also very knowledgeable and answered our questions with detail.

— Emily Maunder

There was so much information. Way more than I thought I would get. It was obvious that Natasha understood how to present the information in a way that led us through it even though it was a bit like a jigsaw. I enjoyed being inspired, excited to keep going and meeting other writers.

— Jennifer Griffiths

I absolutely loved this course. It was so pertinent to what I am doing now and filled in all the missing gaps I had in respect to publishing commercial fiction. I feel like I have a checklist now that I can run through to make sure my stories fit in with what publishers are looking for. I loved getting all the data regarding publishing commercial fiction. It was great to learn the basics of what publishers are looking for and what advice Natasha gave regarding this. I found Natasha very professional and knowledgeable.

— Debbie Weetman

Natasha Lester's presentation style was just right for the audience ‚ engaging and straight-forward, friendly but serious. No flashy spin.

— Miranda Gott

I was very excited about attending this course and it certainly exceeded my expectations. Natasha was professional and informative yet personable and approachable. I really enjoyed meeting and learning from her. Attending a course at AWC is invaluable.

— Debbi Schulstad

I hoped to learn a couple of new things and instead learned a plethora of things. From new items to new approaches to concepts, it really helped focus me and teach me what I needed to learn to become unstuck and make great new progress with my manuscript. AWC is one of the best training/teaching organisations I've had the pleasure of being involved with and I will be going back for more training over time.

— Peter Loughlin

I'm so grateful to the AWC's staff for their kindness and help. I was thrilled to do the course and felt greatly inspired by it. Natasha was a great presenter andI can't wait to read her books now!

— Lyn McLean

Natasha was an excellent presenter and ran a tight ship to make sure that we covered all of the material over the course of the day. She was very knowledgeable, personable and easy to understand. Natasha was able to answer everyone's questions throughout the day. I would highly recommend her as a teacher/presenter. The courses at AWC are definitely value for money.

— Sarah Gajek

Natasha is an excellent teacher who explained the techniques in a well-structured and understandable way, backed up with useful exercises that were directly relevant to my writing. I enjoyed the discovery of new techniques and Natasha's very knowledgeable, articulate and well organised nature.

— David Walker

The presenter was extremely professional, with a warm and supportive manner. Questions were invited and answered, and the event finished on time. The programme was varied and relevant and I particularly appreciated the fact that the writing exercises were not required to be shared and enabled you to focus on brainstorming your own work, so that you came away with some concrete progress to carry your novel forward. The reference to current bestsellers was very helpful. In summary, a fantastic course, thank you!

— Sharon Barba

Take a course at the Australian Writers' Centre. It's a great day out! It will help in your day job, you'll meet interesting people to swap ideas with, and for me, not having done a course in years, it was just refreshing to get out of the office.

— Kimberley Ann Carter

The Australian Writers' Centre has useful classes taught by knowledgeable professionals.

— Sharon Troy

The Australian Writers' Centre is in a beautiful location and offers extremely practical advice for a wide range of writing genres. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested in any form of writing!

— Tanya Hall

If you want to write, this is the place to be. The mother ship of writing.

— Angela Spagnol

I would unreservedly recommend it to anyon seeking to take their writing from ideas to create stories.

— Ben Dalrymple

Check out the Australian Writers' Centre! A great range of fabulous courses, some of which you can do online.

— Kelly Woods

I have done a writing degree at university but have learnt far more useful information at the Australian Writers' Centre. It's good value and the small classes make it more interactive, which is great.

— Emma Butschek

The Australian Writers' Centre is really the best place to go for writing courses. I would also recommend signing up for the newsletter.

— Cassandra Ashford

If you want to improve your writing skills this is a great place to come. The location is great and the staff are friendly. The teachings are methodical and easy to understand.

— Ron Hilario

Go for it! Courses are well structured with great content. Very encouraging and inspiring.

— Simone Wolski

The Australian Writers' Centre offers practical courses on writing aimed at improving your knowledge and technique no matter what stage you're at. It's also a great way to meet other writers.

— Belinda Williams

The Australian Writers' Centre offers value for money, professional and enjoyable courses.

— Ryan Laguna

At the Australian Writers' Centre you will learn from an industry professional with materials that are well structured and easy to understand.

— Raphael Miller

Great location, top presenters and interesting and practical courses.

— Michelle Newton

The Australian Writers' Centre offers insightful and relevant courses.

— Rana Khodjasteh

The Australian Writers' Centre is very professional ‚ practical, hands-on, and helpful in helping you to succeed to write.

— Maggie Perez

I just took the BEST writers' course at Australian Writers' Centre and if you're interested in writing feature articles this is the place to be. You will love it!

— Shawnnita Fairbairn

The Australian Writers' Centre has great courses that offer practical information that can be put into practice in the workplace.

— Nicole Xuereb

If you want to learn practical hints and tips with regards to writing or improving your writing, then this is the place for you!

— Xanthi Kouvatas

There is more to writing than you could imagine. If you are serious about pursuing it then this is where to start.

— Neil Ray

A great place to attend short courses that are worth the money. You learn not only about writing but also find out insider knowledge from the teachers who have been in the industry for years!

— Chau Tran

Well organised, nice facilities, good presenters, great to attend and get the inspiration to achieve your goals.

— Cathy Cousins

The Australian Writers' Centre is in a great location, has good comfortable facilities, and is close to transport and amenities.

— Gina Portscher

The Australian Writers' Centre is professional and well run, good value and with something for every level and interest.

— Jen Bishop

The presenters not only have a passion for writing, they also have a passion for teaching all they know about their craft to their students. The courses are full of practical advice that enable you to get started right away in your chosen field.

— Alan Taylor

Most enjoyable to do if you have any writing aspirations. There is a course for everyone at the Australian Writers' Centre. They are so positive and encouraging for you to succeed. You will learn heaps and you get to be very creative. Sign up and have FUN.

— Ingrid Holm

If you are serious about writing and want to get ahead of other aspiring writers, get yourself to the Australian Writers' Centre.

— Tina Lambert

If a friend or colleague expressed and interest in writing I would highly recommend Australian Writers' Centre.

— Inga Ekholm

The Australian Writers' Centre has intimate sessions with great presenters and an amazing view ‚ which can only inspire any would-be writer.

— Karen Lee Lydon

The Centre is extremely professional and the courses offered will get you started (or refresh you) on your writing journey.

— Nikki Parkinson

The Australian Writers' Centre offers you motivation, inspiration and an exciting glimpse at the reality of whichever writing world you hope to become a part of, do it!

— Adrienne Byrt

I have already told many friends that the Australian Writers' Centre has an extensive range of courses taught by people with track records
in the industry. Online courses enable you to meet interesting and like-minded writers. Valerie's newsletter is gold. I now can add that face-to-face classes are in a dream location and a great opportunity to network. Already 2-3 people from various states have signed up or will sign up for courses because of my recommendations.The presenters at the Australian Writers' Centre are experts in their field and are very generous in sharing their experience and knowledge. I look forward to the next one!

— Linda Chaousis

Undoubtedly the best thing about Australian Writers Centre (AWC) courses is how practical they are. I would absolutely recommend AWC to aspiring writers. The courses are affordable and well structured and equip you with the tools you need to get published.

— Emily McAuliffe

I have attended several courses at the Australian Writers' Centre for work and my own writing interests. Whether you are doing face-to-face seminars or the online training modules you really are getting a quality learning experience. It's rare to find a training provider that excels on all fronts: well structured course work, the presenters' industry knowledge and experience, plus online support for anything about writing through social media. I'll be back!

— Shelley Stephens

I think the main thing the AWC provides is quality professional training from practising industry professionals. There is useful, current, professional, practical advice. I would definitely choose and recommend the AWC over TAFEs / adult education short courses because of the professionalism and industry expertise.

— Sionnach Hoyle

The Australian Writers' Centre has expert teachers, up to date information, and they're easy to get to.

— Rebecca Hanlon

Very professional with a great range of courses.

— Amber Colhoun

There is a fabulous selection of courses to choose from, the response time on any queries is great and the instructors are fantastic!

— Brittney Kellett

The Australian Writers' Centre is a highly professional organisation and the course I attended was excellent value for money.

— Jeannette Campbell

The Australian Writers' Centre is a great place to learn and develop writing skills, and it's lots of fun.

— Kerry Osborne

If you feel you have a book in you, or have the desire to write anything you hope might get published somewhere, this is where you need to start... Even if you've never written a thing the Australian Writers' Centre will make you feel like you can, and can help you with the tools to get there.

— Michelle Marr

They have a range of relevant courses that are run quite regularly, so you can do a course when it is relevant to your business cycle or potential business idea.

— Sarah Collins

Fabulous location and great courses that are just the right price to entice you to do more!

— Carol Walker

A great selection of courses to meet both your personal and business related objectives.

— Leanne Anderson

I found the Australian Writers' Centre professional and they delivered on what they said they would do.

— Amy Jozing

The Australian Writers' Centre is great ‚ a professional organisation with great presenters specifically for writing.

— Helen Stanley

It's good value for money, with expert teachers, a great setting, and lots of practical tips to apply.

— Liesl Laker

If you're looking to do courses in writing (creative, business or otherwise), have a look at what Australian Writer's Centre have to offer. I've done a couple of courses there and they've all been great.

— Nicole Michel

The Australian Writers' Centre provides excellent courses ‚ I have done two!

— Lisa Smyth

Courses at the Australian Writers' Centre are practical, helpful, and the perfect length.

— Natasha Webb

Just go and give them a go. It'll be worth your while.

— Anna Mora

Pamela is a presenter with a great knowledge of her area, has a good sense of humour and provides really helpful content. Pamela really knew her stuff, and presented it in a very accessible way, with good handouts. We had fun as well. The Australian Writers' Centre is great place to attend courses; content is always high-quality, the presenters know their stuff and the skills you learn are immediately applicable to your writing.

— Julie Regan

Pamela was highly organised and very knowledgeable. Australian Writers' Centre courses are ALWAYS professionally presented and great value for money.

— Phillip Buckle

I found Pamela to be a good presenter who was knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She was very approachable and engaging, and I particularly enjoyed the examples Pamela wrote to illustrate her point.

— Jane Edgar-Peterlin

Cathie is excellent and she gave constructive, positive feedback. Go for it! The Australian Writers' Centre has lovely, friendly staff and I look forward to continuing studying with the AWC. Thanks to all. Loved it!",12/2/2019,Online classroom,published,leah-thronton,1,Cathie Tasker,Creative Writing Stage 1,2693,156
52165,Samantha West,Compared to many courses available online this seemed the most relevant with best content

— Leah Thronton

Claire is an excellent presenter. She was very encouraging and provided a good balance of input and practical exercises. I would highly recommend Claire's workshops and am already planning on enrolling in future courses. I liked the pace of the course and feel that I have come away with some great practical tools for continuing to develop my writing skills. Great presenters, well organised with excellent communication and beautiful location by the harbour.

— Julia Clements

Clair was Fabulous! The fact she has written such wonderful books was great and she is a very good teacher. Easy to listen to and was very clear. Great amount of time, great class size, great presenter and great location.

— Katrina Corcoran

The presenter was knowledgeable, and she got the balance just right between teacher talk time, writing exercises and student sharing. Everyone was given equal chance to contribute, which is important. I have done many writing courses over the last 25 years and this was one of the best. Why? Because we all got something out of every single exercise from the absolute beginners to the more experienced writers.

— Dr Guy Micklethwait

Claire was wonderful, so knowledgeable and happy to share and answer questions. I enjoyed the small group dynamics and thought the entire course was great, I only wish it was longer! AWC will give you the tools and confidence to start writing.

— Jane Crowther

Claire was a brilliant presenter offering practical insightful and inspiring advice. A very good mix of information and writing exercises. I loved being able to apply all the information and exercises to my work I'm developing. The course offered extremely useful information while also being inspiring.

— Dasha Ross

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