Ruby Kraner-Tucci 2 months ago

Carli was a great tutor! She quickly established rapport with each of us and effectively tailored information to our specific situations throughout her teachings. She answered all questions with ease, and was friendly and professional.

I loved the nitty gritty session on Thursday. It was great to get some clear guidelines for best web practice. I also appreciated Carli's insider tips around freelance rates.

I am able to confidently tackle my work project, understanding and practicing best practice when it comes to website management and accessibility. I also feel better equipped to continue my career in writing with a very important skillset added to my toolkit!

I would highly recommend this short training for a crash course in web practice and accessibility. Learning from the vast experience of both my tutor, Carli, and the other students, was a really great experience. The online format of the training fit perfectly with my work schedule and I have left with great knowledge and confidence in how to execute best web practice!

Thanks to Carli and the AWC team!

Amanda Bolch 2 months ago

I found Carli to be engaging and enjoyed both sessions, which went by very quickly.

It was a great introductory overview to UX writing, touching on many points that are a bit of a blur at the moment (cognitive overload - what an important principle to be aware of). However, the resources we have been left with will be invaluable in enabling me to utilise what I have learned to greatly improve my online writing.

Cost effective courses from people working in the field who genuinely understand the realities that you may be experiencing.

Alisha Smith 2 months ago

Carli was wonderful. Engaging, informative, regularly referenced the wonderful expertise in the group, gave us great examples throughout. I enjoyed her wonderfully generous sharing of information!

Professional, valuable, highly recommended.

Toni Grant 2 months ago

Carli is a generous presenter. I like that she encouraged and utilised the expertise of others in our group to help each of us with our individual projects. I appreciated Carli taking the time to talk about fee structure, add ons and time management. For someone like me who is new to the industry it really helped.

The course covered a lot of ground and had a practical focus. We were equipped with knowledge right from the get go that was useful, best practice and relatable.

I see the pathway forward for me. Writing and design come together in one space. I love the technical, but my strength is fine tuning what it says, how it looks and how it's used. Before I did this course, I couldn't work out how to go forward in the digital space and where to find the information. Now I feel empowered to motor on ahead. Step one: give my author platform and socials an overdue tune up.

Go in with an open mind. Be willing to try a few courses until you find your path. There are takeaway nuggets of gold in every course and presentation.

Gerry Mezzina 2 months ago

The tutor was very knowledgeable and made the course engaging with stories and examples in practice. Not too much "cognitive overload!".

Made me realise I know more than I thought I did, the work I've done to date is on track (and pointed out things I can go back and improve) and that I should own the fact that I can call myself a UX copywriter.

The work I've done to date with copy for websites and the app I've developed put me at an experience advantage that I should promote with more confidence.

Sheila Wallace 5 months ago

Carli presented well and happily shared a lot of knowledge. She was very professional with a touch of fun!

I loved that I could attend as it was virtual. It supported some of my ideas and got me excited about my next steps. Thank you for arranging this via zoom.

Shahan Campbell 7 months ago

Carli is a knowledgeable UX professional with real-world experience to share.

I enjoyed gaining new knowledge in UX writing. Unexpectedly, I also enjoyed doing the course with other like-minded writers who share similar career motivations to my own.

The course renewed my writing confidence. I can explain best practise UX principles to my clients and show them why copy that supports the user journey is vital for the success of their business. I've also gained new knowledge to help me discuss UX/UI decisions with web developers and designers.

AWC's UX writing course provides a solid introduction to the principles that underpin successful UX writing. If you want to improve your understanding of UX writing and gain practical skills in this field, then consider starting your UX education with this course.

Thank you for offering a dedicated course on UX writing. As humans adapt to performing more and more tasks online, it will be UX writers and designers' combined skills that will make our lives better.

Elaine McKewon 7 months ago

I did not expect to gain such valuable insights into the realities of working in this field - for example, I am now more conscious that managing stakeholder relationships is a huge part of the job.

Carli is personable and knowledgeable. Her workshops cover a lot of ground, yet they are engaging and well-paced. I came away feeling happy and confident that I understand UX writing basics and can do well in this field.

I most enjoyed Carli's warmth and her fascinating stories from the frontline :-)

I am pivoting from academia at the age of 54. After completing the UX Writing course, I am now confident that I will be able to excel as a Content Designer. I realised that my role will be to advocate for users in organisations that are not yet user-centred. So I'll get to exercise and further develop my soft skills.

Thank you to Carli and everyone at AWC! Check them out! I had a great learning experience - well worth the investment.

Steph Underhill 7 months ago

Great content. A lot of it I already knew, but wonderful to confirm that and get some good examples and have a chat.

Carli was great - very knowledgeable and lovely.

It’s boosted my confidence in the area of UX and made me realise I need to charge more for the research/briefing stage of projects.

Katie Hoskins 10 months ago

Great presenter and easy to follow knowledge which I can put into practice right away. Carli was very experienced in the field and very approachable.

Good real-life examples and easy to follow instructions.

I'm going to investigate UX and SEO writing further and make it a bigger part of my career.

Polly Taylor 10 months ago

I was interested to learn more about UX. Having a Zoom with direct feedback seemed like an excellent idea.

The presenter was absolutely exceptional. The entire group was very fun. Really supportive. Great group and vibe.

Fiona Egan 1 year ago

Carli is an excellent tutor: well prepared and plenty of real-world experience.

I enjoyed the range of backgrounds of the participants. It was particularly useful to have a business analyst and front-end dev in the group. It was also interesting to hear from writers working in different sectors from me.

I feel more confident about what I'm doing!

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