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Belinda 1 month ago

Cathie is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to give specific, customised feedback to each student. I enjoyed completing my manuscript and forming a great support network of fellow writers.

Completing a novel is such a rewarding experience, despite knowing it still needs a lot of work to be publishable! I actually wrote a middle grade novel during the end of the course and found it to be a far easier and enjoyable process than my original manuscript, as I could incorporate what I'd learned throughout the course in my writing.

The writers group that we've formed from the course has been the best surprise!

AWC courses are relevant, professional and enjoyable and will help you achieve your goals.

Kevin Lynch 1 month ago

The course taught me so much about the basics. Made me realise that writing a novel is possible if one follows a process. Taught me the non-negotiables of novel writing and lots of tips for improvement. Tutor feedback was very good.

Amy 2 months ago

I was lucky to be a part of a group that formed an excellent community. The tutor was brilliant, insightful and delivered feedback in a gentle but thought-provoking way that made you improve not only the current piece but any future works.

I'm more confident and sure of my future path for my writing. Chasing perfection isn't possible, but what you do learn is to be confident about your own work and to stop searching for somebody to tell you that you're a good writer, instead I realised it for myself. I'm happy and confident in my work, I know I'm a writer, I'm proud of my work, and I no longer need anybody else to validate me.

Shelley Dark 2 months ago

Bernadette is the perfect tutor - so knowledgeable, kind, wise, thoughtful, insightful.

The continuing course deadlines meant that by the end of the course, I finished the second draft of my novel, my main aim, and I now have a clear way forward to finish the third draft.

Not only did we have the benefit of the feedback of an expert, but it is hard to quantify the benefit gained from reviewing the work of classmates. That was for me the best way to learn how to identify faults in my own writing, and the skills I learned will remain with me.

All the writers enrolled in the course have now formed an enthusiastic writing group, based on the same AWC guidelines for friendly discourse.

My aha moment was the first time I saw a fault in a class mate's writing that I had failed to see in my own. The act of reviewing others' work allowed me to see my own more clearly and I have retained that ability beyond the course.

The AWC is a professional, well-organised, reliable organisation with tutors who have proven skills in writing and publishing. Their courses are thoughtfully constructed to give participants the best outcome for their own writing.

Jenny Gibson 2 months ago

The course appealed to me because of its content. I loved the idea of producing 5000-word excerpts and getting feedback from participants. Having such an experienced tutor was an extra bonus. Not many courses offer that luxury.

I was nervous about enrolling and unsure what I was getting myself into, whilst working full time. I was happily surprised to find a very supportive network of people I could trust sharing my work with.

I learnt so much from everyone. We had such a diverse group and reading everyone's excerpts and getting feedback from them was such a bonus. It really surprised me and has taken me to another level with my writing, even though I know I have a long way to go.

I loved Bernadette. She is so honest and gently guides you in the right direction with your writing. I felt very lucky and privileged to have her as a tutor.

I enjoyed the group interactions, reading everyone's excerpts, getting feedback. Also having deadlines to meet. I know that we were very lucky to get such a super group of people, and am certain that we will remain in contact with each other now the course has ended.

The course gave me inspiration to keep writing and made me aware of how much I love to write. When Bernadette told us at our first Zoom meeting that, from now on, we should consider ourselves as authors, that really spurred me on.

I am so pleased I enrolled in this course and will definitely think about doing more courses with AWC. It has been a great experience.

Like the Nike slogan says: Just Do It. You will learn from the best.

Michelle Harris 2 months ago

I was slightly nervous about whether I'd meet the deadlines, as they're very tight and the workload is high. But that's also what attracted me - I wanted to really knuckle down, and the group accountability helped ensure I achieved my goals.

Bernadette was lovely. Obviously very knowledgeable, but also extremely kind, sensitive and encouraging with her feedback.

We formed a really tight writer's group, which will now extend beyond the course. This has been the greatest and most unexpected outcome for me. The opportunity to give and receive feedback on entire manuscripts was also incredible, and not something that is easy to find elsewhere.

Every bit of writing you do gets you closer to finishing a draft. It can be hard to see the finishing line at times when you're working on something so big, but chipping away, bit by bit, really does get the job done.

Aside from having access to an experienced industry professional, you will also have access to 15 beta readers. That alone is worth the price of admission!

Thank you so much to the AWC, and to Bernadette in particular. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. While I'm sad it's over, I'm heartened by the fact that our writing group will continue. I hope to be able to come back someday soon and tell you my book made it to print!

Brigita Ozolins 2 months ago

This course took my writing to the next level. I learned a lot from the course content, but I learned even more from the others in my group. I was with an extraordinary group of writers who all gave incredibly generous and valuable critical feedback on my writing. The tutor, Bernadette Foley, was a delight to have as a tutor - wonderfully encouraging and highly perceptive.

I enjoyed the interaction with the others in the group, especially the feedback and encouragement we gave each other.

I realised that my writing has the best chance of developing and improving through exchange with other writers, and that it's better to share work in progress rather than waiting for everything to be perfect. I also learned that the writing community is a very generous one.

I loved this course. Incredible people in my group and a wonderful tutor. AWC courses are an excellent way to take your writing to the next level.

Olwyn Jones 4 months ago

I'd completed three AWC courses prior to this and had written the first chapters of a novel. I felt I needed support and guidance to give me the confidence to persevere with it.

To be so close to finishing my first draft was not something I expected at the start of the course and is very exciting. I didn't think I had it in me to go this far, but now have the confidence to continue, and one day, finish!

Bernadette was awesome. To have feedback from a person with such expertise and experience was a privilege. I liked that she pointed out aspects of our work that didn't quite work as well as pieces that worked really well. Her tuition was always encouraging and motivating.

I've always loved writing but never thought I had it in me to complete a novel. The wonderful thing about this course is being in a class of like-minded people, all aiming for the same goal and giving each other encouragement along the way. I liked giving feedback to others, as it taught me to think about how books are structured as well as introducing me to genres I normally wouldn't read.

I have been writing since I was a child and always dreamed of one day tackling a book. To now be so close to finishing the first draft is wonderful. Even if this story is never published, just knowing I can do it will spur me on to write another.

If you've started on a novel, but procrastinate or feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work required to finish it, join this course. With guidance from the tutor and support from colleagues, you'll not only be empowered to continue writing, but will learn to love the process, however complicated it may be!

Debbie Rumere 4 months ago

This course gave me a chance to focus on my fiction writing. I wouldn't have done any writing without this course.

The tutor was very professional and had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the publishing industry.

I enjoyed the positive feedback from the tutor and others and the sharing of stories from other writers. I have learnt a lot more about writing thanks to my tutor and fellow writers' critiques.

My online tutor pinpointed some areas where my writing could be improved which I suspected I had problems with. Also my tutor's encouragement and comments regarding my writing.

If you want to get your novel published, this is a good start to knowing what is required.

Ellen O'Connor 4 months ago

I knew I needed some structure and accountability to move forward with my novel, and I like being in a critique group. I'd also heard lots of praise for AWC on a Facebook group I'm in, so I checked out the website and went from there.

The range of topics in the modules was awesome. I also like that the content stressed there is more than one way to be a writer, rather than adopting a 'this is the one true path' sort of methodology.

Bernadette is amazing! She balances being incredibly perceptive and constructively critical with genuine encouragement. Her insight is so valuable.

I enjoyed reading my fellow students' work. It was really inspiring and motivating to see what everyone else was working on, and the feeling of all being in it together.

I am considerably more confident in my abilities than when I started. I feel like I might actually be able to finish my novel!

Thank you! I'll be back for more in the near future, I'm sure.

Vicki Kyriakakis 4 months ago

Angela was fantastic. Really responsive and helpful. I found her feedback on my writing excellent and insightful in ways that helped me breakthrough blocks I was facing.

It helped me actually finish my book and gave me insight into what my strengths are and what areas I need to work on. I felt more like I could actually do this. It also introduced me to other excellent writers, who I hope to keep in touch with.

Angela's comments on my synopsis and the questions she asked were a big 'aha' moment for me - they helped me nail the final story and identify crucial things that were missing.

Thanks very much for this. It was great and would definitely do it again! I'll be buying the editing course next. :)

Timothy Adams 5 months ago

I liked the idea of having deadlines to work against and the feedback aspect from multiple people unfamiliar with the genre I was writing in. I had self-doubt about what I was doing and my writing, but with the encouragement of my tutor and classmates that was stripped away pretty quickly.

Angela had a great no-nonsense approach to giving feedback which I loved. It let me know clearly what needed work and how to go about fixing it. She gave me a great motivational boost when telling me what worked and why. She also gave real world examples to the group that were thoroughly helpful and made sense. I couldn't have asked for a better suited tutor.

The most enjoyable part was definitely the workshopping. As writing is a pretty solitary pursuit, it really helped to get second opinions on sections I was unsure of. It was also great to read genres I don't normally read and to see how others worked through plots and character.

It helped me to understand that even the most successful writers still have doubts about what they're doing. It also helped me to develop habits to continue writing, maybe not at the pace of this course, but definitely to continue with a second book. Nothing is perfect and to let mistakes happen. Just continue writing and get that first draft done. Everything can be fixed in the next draft.

I loved this course. Yes, it was stressful and I feared I wouldn't finish my first draft, but I did and had fun while doing it. This was the perfect course for me. It has made me a better writer, a better planner and most of all given me the motivation to keep going and write more.

If you're looking to develop habits to help you write, get used to feedback and not feel so alone, or to just finally get your first draft finished - do this course!

Anne Farrell 5 months ago

I'd done other AWC courses (including another led by Angela Slatter) so I knew signing on for this one would improve my writing and ensure I made solid progress with my novel. The six month timeframe was short enough for me to visualise the end and 'scary' enough to propel me into action.

I was a little concerned I might not be able to keep up with the demands (regular assignments, feedbacking and delivery of my entire manuscript by June) but I enjoyed the course so much, I prioritised it and kept up to speed.

Angela is super knowledgeable across many facets of writing and publishing. She was 'above and beyond' generous with her time and feedback. I liked how she was clear and direct about ways I could enhance my writing, while also providing lots of positive support and encouragement. I signed on to IMPROVE so I wanted real feedback, not just sugar-coating and this is what I got. I learned so much from Angela and my story and writing are stronger for it.

Like all the AWC courses I've done, I enjoyed 'meeting' my classmates and getting to know their stories too. I learned a lot from reading and reviewing their writing and I've been able to apply new techniques to my own writing as a result.

When I signed up, I was six months away from turning 60. I'd been messing about with my story for about a year prior to that, and was determined to finish my manuscript by the time I reached this milestone birthday - and I did! That was really satisfying. I hope I can keep up the momentum and make it shine in the upcoming drafts.

If you have any aspirations to write, a course with the AWC is a fantastic step to take. It gives you energy and motivation to write, equips you with insights and skills, and helps you get your 'head in the game' as a writer.

Thanks AWC and Angela for a very satisfying and thrilling ride!

Jenny Wilson 6 months ago

Without exception, the submissions of every person in the class have improved immensely since we began. Our stories are so much clearer now (I suspect for the writer as much as for the reader).

I am in awe of Pamela's ability to identify the strengths and the weaknesses of any piece of writing with scalpel-sharp precision. Even better is her skill at finding solutions for the problems too.

I enjoyed the Zoom sessions together. Seeing the people behind the stories. I now have three writing friends that I'm still in regular touch with and we're looking forward to meeting for the first time at the ARW conference in August.

Leanne Anderson 7 months ago

Having completed a number of courses with AWC (serial workshopper here!) and then bringing my story idea to life through the Novel Writing Essentials course, Write your Novel was the next step in the process.

Reviewing the work of others and having your work reviewed by them is invaluable. Reading the tutor’s comments and feedback to others (in addition to your own specific feedback) adds to the learning.

Cathie is incredible. So knowledgeable, practical and her feedback is so well presented (and spot on!) Areas for development were provided in an honest and supportive manner and I loved the recommendations for wider reading.

I enjoyed the combination of learning from the audio content, workshopping and submission of chapters for feedback. Great online, group support.

I finished the draft of the novel I had been thinking about for so long. I navigated through plot and character changes to come to a point where I can now start my subsequent drafts focused on refining and improving through each of the drafts to follow.

Just keep writing. You can't write the start till you know the end so stop re-writing those first few chapters and keep going.

Do it. Give yourself a structure for pushing through and achieve what you've been wanting to do for so long.

Kerrie Hudson 7 months ago

Cathie provided excellent detailed feedback and guidance in how to draw more from a piece of writing.

I enjoyed watching my classmates' skills grow and really value their comments and feedback on my manuscript. I feel I have grown as a writer. I can now add more depth to my stories. I have also gained the confidence to share my writing with others.

Go for it. The courses are informative, provide useful and interesting lessons. The tutors are knowledgeable, give fair and valuable feedback and are supportive of your journey as a writer.

Uma Srinivasan 7 months ago

I did the Novel Writing Essentials course with Cathie and Plotting and Planning with Kate Forsyth and my idea for a historical novel took shape. Once I had written 20,000 words, I enrolled in this course to complete my novel.

The comments and the reading material suggested by the tutor and collective wisdom of the reading group were extremely useful in shaping my novel.

I am grateful to Cathie as her gentle yet tough love edged me on to do my best and complete the first draft of my novel.

The comments by other participants, the tutor's comments on other drafts (in addition to my draft) and the list of reference books on writing fiction were good. The online audio sessions and course material were good as well.

I liked the pace of the twelve-month course as it gave me time to absorb and apply the principles I learnt through the lessons. This allowed me to do my homework and be prepared with my submissions.

The AWC offers a huge range of courses on writing. I love their courses on writing fiction. If you follow the lessons and listen to all the advice you get from the experts, you will achieve your goal to complete your first draft of your novel.

Thanks to everyone at AWC - the course creators, the course deliverers, the experts, the tutor and the participants. Loved every day of the course.

Kenji Strazdins 7 months ago

Cathie was brilliant. She has helped and is helping me create the book I've always wanted.

I enjoyed the feedback and growing from that. And watching my fellow writers grow.

Cathie Tasker is phenomenal.

Fiona Gilmour 7 months ago

Cathie was awesome. Always constructive and supportive.

There were many aha moments. In particular, I found the handouts very helpful, especially the descriptions of filter and filler words, tense, show not tell and concrete words. I stuck them on my wall and referred to them often.

You are the only one who can write your novel, but if you want to write it better enrol in the Write Your Novel course. The advice and support of your tutor and other aspiring writers is invaluable.

Angela Moscou 7 months ago

I needed the push to get on with my writing and after completing Novel Writing Essentials just previously I was feeling super inspired.

I learned things I didn't know I needed to learn which was amazing. I am still processing everything, to be honest. I was interested in the craft of writing and this course definitely helped.

Pamela is lovely. Her feedback was accurate and very helpful.

I enjoyed everything I have learned about myself as a writer and about the craft of writing. Also the feedback from other students was fantastic.

I've learned that I need to write myself into the story more. I have a lot to ponder and am excited about it. I am proud of myself that I have completed a draft!! Imperfect, yes but I have done it!!

I would definitely recommend AWC. You will learn SO much, just do it!!

Thank you!! I think you are doing a GREAT job!

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