April Whitehead 2 months ago

I wanted the structure and accountability to finish a full draft of my novel. I had completed Novel Writing Essentials previously and wanted to go more in depth to build my writing skills. The 12-month course was a good option for me, as I work full time. There was a good balance of audio modules, workshopping and accountability to manage my own writing schedule.

I enjoyed workshopping and building connections with other students. It's great to have new writer buddies to continue on this journey with. The course content has resources I'll come back to again and again as I keep writing.

As someone who's been trying to write a novel for about 10 years, this course is the thing that's actually got me there! A lot of work ahead in revisions, of course, but getting a whole draft down feels like such a big win.

If you're serious about your writing, you need to invest in yourself and your craft. I've done a number of AWC courses and got so much out of every one.

Thanks for a great course!

Cat Jones 2 months ago

The Write Your Novel 12-month course was worth every cent. I started the course with 50k of unpolished words, a vomit draft now that I look back on it. My aim was to add 30k more words, but instead, the course challenged and inspired me to punch up my writing at both the structure and line level. I ended up throwing away 40k of dreadful cliches, and adding 70k much better new words.

I needed the external accountability of regular submissions and other people's eyes on my work, in order to finish it. The tutor (Cathie Tasker) feedback on my excerpts was incredibly useful, but I learned just as much reading her feedback on other people's work, and giving feedback myself. Having three other people read my entire finished novel was added inspiration to complete it by the deadline.

The 12-month course gave me a bit of breathing space, but it's still a mountain of work to finish a novel. It was made much more fun by the friends made along the way. Everyone should write their first novel in this course. Can't recommend it highly enough.

My book is so much better. I am much more confident. I feel like a real writer.

Pat Jacobson 3 months ago

I honestly didn't expect to learn as much as I did, especially regarding novel structure.

I was rather nervous having Pamela as our tutor, given how accomplished she is as a published author. But she was warm and bubbly during the Zoom meetings and happy to answer any questions we might have. Her feedback was always direct and clear, and each time it made me take a huge step back from my writing to see it as it truly was, and what I then needed to do to improve it. Most of the time I felt like it was one step forward and ten steps back, but I've finished the course with something a thousand times better than what it was by following Pamela's advice.

I had no idea how technical the structure of a novel had to be in order to keep the tension rising, and the reader wanting to keep turning those pages. Of course when it was explained it all made perfect sense, but then adapting my own novel to suit was a whole new challenge!

Enrolling in the AWC courses has been such an invaluable learning experience. The weekly handouts and lessons guide you step by step through the writing process while you workshop with your fellow classmates, providing encouragement and feedback on their submissions, as well as receiving it on your own. Together with the feedback and guidance from the online tutor, you'll finish the course much more confident in your own writing ability, and with a wealth of knowledge to carry you on through the redrafting process.

Just a huge thank you to Pamela for all her support and guidance throughout this course.

Jane Newman 4 months ago

Pamela was 100%! Her feedback was astute and didn't beat about the bush. I learnt a great deal from listening to her feedback on other writers as well.

I enjoyed struggling through the same issues as everybody else and sharing in the learning process. Writing can be a lonely journey and I enjoyed being part of a cohort. I had to force myself to actually finish the manuscript instead of drifting on for longer and longer. I also realised how important writing was to me, and it has caused a major rethink in my life priorities.

Just do it! The investment will be worth it in overcoming procrastination and actually getting that book written, and along the way you'll learn the right way to go about it and avoid so many of the traps and pitfalls.

I love AWC! Thank you!

Shirlene Clark 3 months ago

I had completed Novel Writing Essentials and enjoyed the motivation provided from that course through tutor feedback and workshopping. I had made a decent start on my novel during that course and wanted to keep the momentum going so signed up for the Write Your Novel - 6 month program. As an inexperienced writer I wanted expert tuition and guidance to set me on the right path.

The expert tuition and guidance from Pamela meant the world to me. She provided moments of affirmation and encouragement sprinkled with the tough love only a respected mentor can provide. I know without a doubt that Pamela has had a lasting impression on me as a writer. The best teachers/mentors journey with you and help you be the best you can be.

I have always dreamt about being a writer. Now, I am a writer!

Don't overthink it. Don't procrastinate. If you want to be a writer, throw your heart and soul into a course with AWC. You won't regret it.

Jo Morgan 5 months ago

It was a great experience, with a lovely bunch of people and a really experienced tutor. Thank you very much for putting it together and I’ll return to AWC writing courses in future and recommend them to others.

I enjoyed the feedback, both giving and receiving. The full manuscript feedback at the end was exceptional, and I was very lucky to have a superb reading group.

Coming into the course, I had quite a lot of chapters written, but was still completely unsure about what kind of book it was. Cathie helped me enormously on that. During the course, I've also rewritten almost every chapter, and added new ones. Interestingly, the chapters that really resonated with my final reading group were the ones I've only written since joining the course, which indicates that I'm both on the right path with the decision to make it more personal, and that my writing has really improved in recent months. Also, while I'd shared the first few chapters with quite a few people, the other chapters had never been seen by a soul. So having these really comprehensive feedback rounds has been a wonderful experience that makes the idea of this thing being published one day feel a lot more real. Finally, it's been really great practice for me to build writing (or feedback) time into every week. It almost killed me as I was working on it on the train to work and in lunch breaks, but it was just such a valuable practice that now feels part of my life.

I would say do the year long course for the discipline of a regular writing practice, the great feedback (both giving and receiving) and the professional advice. You come out a better and more disciplined writer for it, and you meet lovely people along the way.

Vicki Miller 5 months ago

Cathie Tasker has a great depth of knowledge of and experience in the publishing world. I felt fortunate to have her look at my work. A pat on the back from her gave me weeks of motivation and I began to trust that I was writing a story people might like to spend their time reading.

I enjoyed the interaction with my classmates and seeing their manuscripts develop.

My 'a-ha' moments centre around how to write more cleanly and how to get the reader closer into the POV character's head.

In this course, you will be guided by industry experts and your book will get written. Stop dreaming, just do it!

Jacqui Gregory 5 months ago

Bernadette was wonderful, very informative and provided great feedback, and when she praised something you knew it was good.

I enjoyed the interaction with the other students. Editing / critiquing other people's work does change how you experience reading and writing.

I am determined to finish my first novel to as high a standard as possible.

I have been recommending the AWC to friends, and I've simply said - if you want to write, find the AWC course and just do it - you won't regret it.

Thank you so much :-)

Megan Tudehope 5 months ago

I was glad I participated in the "Write Your Novel" course, because there was so much theory I didn't know and was able to apply this when redrafting.

The tutor was fantastic! Bernadette is so experienced in her field. She provided invaluable critical advice, while still being encouraging.

I enjoyed the interactions with Bernadette and other classmates. It was a talented and supportive bunch.

Do it! Worth every cent.

Ace Colhoun 5 months ago

Bernadette is a treasure. She gives clear feedback that can be immediately helpful, and gives long term advice about how to guide a writer on their journey. However, the best thing about Bernadette is that she is willing to change her mind. She advised against my number of point-of-view characters, but then said it was a good choice after reading the work. I agree 30 is too many.

I feel I can take a few steps back and move forward in a better direction with more confidence.

All of the online material is very helpful, and the guided feedback really sets you on the right path. They will not simply praise you, but honestly help you get it right.

Michelle Wills 5 months ago

The tutor was fabulous. She was honest and the feedback extremely valuable. I wish we had more time to pick her mind about the publishing world!

Overall, I really loved building up a relationship with the other students and sharing their stories. Personally, I was so excited I got so much of my novel completed. The most valuable thing was the feedback.

I have always loved writing, and always wanted to write a novel. Now I really want to call myself a writer. I think about writing all the time. I really want to publish, as I see it as the ultimate goal. I am now excited about a second novel I am planning to write. I am also considering courses in screen writing... just for fun!

Undertaking the AWC courses was the best decision I ever made. It gave me the confidence to write a novel. A dream I have had since I was a child. The support to reach my goal was there at every stage, and I am so grateful to be part of the graduate group of the Centre. I couldn't imagine any better structured course in writing.

I am sad the course is over. Our tutor was incredible, and I hope I have more contact with her in the future. I am excited that almost everyone from our group are staying in contact. I hope one day I get to have every one of their books on my shelf!

Lisabeth Donohue 8 months ago

I was attracted to this course because of its structure, modules and affordability, and that it was led by an industry expert.

Cathie knows her stuff. She's very approachable, honest, and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I enjoyed everything - the modules that taught me new knowledge, the writing practice, the feedback from Cathie and the other students, and getting to know everyone as a writing community. I now feel as though I've entered the world of writing.

Thank you, AWC, for providing this wonderful course. Thank you to Cathie Tasker for everything I learnt over the course and for your feedback which pushed me forward in my writing career. I look forward to joining the next WYN course.

Angelina Stewart 9 months ago

Cathie was fantastic. She patiently guided me through the steps to achieve my goal of writing a middle grade novel series. Her knowledge is exceptional and when I applied her feedback and suggested writing techniques, my writing improved dramatically.

I ended up writing two middle grade manuscripts each with a word count of roughly 22,000 words.

I enjoyed the workshopping with fellow writers enrolled in the course. I loved the sense of community this course provided and the support was amazing.

My confidence and knowledge have improved greatly from undertaking this course. It is the best investment I've made in myself. The courses are so much fun and I feel more confident in my ability as a writer.

Tracey Sloan 9 months ago

I wanted to do this course because I really just wanted to finish my book! I'd been plodding away, self-editing for so long that it was time to throw everything at it and get it off the ground. I'd just finished the Novel Writing Essentials course and thoroughly enjoyed the feedback and deadlines to keep me on track. After that, I decided to take the leap of faith and write my novel.

Cathie has been fantastic. I couldn't even imagine how much I would learn from her guidance. I loved the way she gave specific feedback, usually with little graphics and book recommendations. A wonderful teacher.

Our little group of writers is such a lovely bunch of people! Everyone has been so kind and supportive, while also being constructive in their feedback. I've enjoyed reading others' novels too. I am so grateful for Cathie's feedback and guidance and looked forward to reading her notes and comments on every submission.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for people who want to enjoy writing as a hobby or a possible career.

Robyn Pryor 9 months ago

Cathie is very knowledgeable and is not afraid to give honest feedback. She is kind and approachable. I'm so glad that she was the tutor for this course. She is an exceptional teacher.

Sharing my manuscripts with the other students has been invaluable. It's given me the confidence to keep writing and the desire to continue learning. And I've met some wonderful people and read some fabulous pieces of writing along the way.

I've learnt that there is so much to know about writing. You can't just sit down and write a book. This is a fun way to learn and to be continuously inspired.

Ann-marie Bywater 11 months ago

Jennifer was great. She was very helpful and giving when it came to her feedback. She was also really supportive without pulling any punches when it came to things that needed to be improved.

The opportunity to be given feedback on the whole novel was wonderful - especially since the people in the group were the first people to read it. I also really enjoyed reading everyone else's work - there were some amazing stories in the group.

I knew my novel needed improvements but found it hard to work out exactly what it was that needed fixing. Having a group of other writers giving feedback was so useful - I have direction now and am inspired to continue to improve my story. I have also met a group of really supportive women that I hope I will be able to continue to work with outside the course as we all continue our writing journeys.

All the courses that I have completed through AWC have been great. They are comprehensive and provide you with practical tips and information on how to write and how to improve your writing. They are well worth completing.

Fiona Evans 11 months ago

The tutor clearly knows writing and gave useful advice.

I enjoyed the variety of voices providing feedback and the opportunity to develop my own skills in critical reading and providing useful feedback. I'm better able to see the flaws in my writing (plot holes, poor characterisation etc.) and how to fix them.

Sign up - it's worth the money.

Jennifer Sutton 11 months ago

I was impressed by my online tutor because of the detail of information and the kind delivery of advice on how to correct my mistakes that I had made in my haste. The feedback was helpful and it was enjoyable to hear the good comments too.

I am reading and writing more each day. I love all the information that I have learnt, and I am inspired to work harder and be more focused on the craft.

Even though I am still redrafting my manuscript, my 'aha' moment was achieving the task of completing my manuscript. Also, that reviewing other students' manuscripts really opened my eyes to the art of storytelling and fresh ideas.

AWC courses are great. Choose one you like and get started. You will achieve your goal of writing and improving your craft.

Abigayle Moyer 1 year ago

I really wanted to finish my manuscript and get some good feedback on it. This course helped me do that!

I am really grateful for the writing friends I have made in the course. I found their feedback to be the most helpful part of the course (aside from the audio classes which I loved). During the feedback my peers gave me, they pointed out how passive my language was. I didn't realize I was doing that and so that helped me moving forward.

This is a great way to continue education on your own time and pursue your writing goals! I have learned a ton in the three courses I have taken!

Leah Butterworth 1 year ago

Cathie was very knowledgeable about the industry and gave insightful and valuable feedback.

I'm continually going back to the handouts and modules, particularly the ones on structure and voice. These have really helped me not only sort out my story but sort out my overwhelmed brain.

I enjoyed messing around with POV and tense to get the voice right. I didn't realise how intimately entwined they are and how great it feels to get it right.

Thanks everyone at AWC. This course helped me get stuck in, just get it done and I found my people along the way :) It's not just about doing a course and completing modules, it's so great to be supported and feel like there's a whole community behind you.


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