Genevieve Clay-Smith 3 weeks ago

I thought Angela was really honest, which is what I wanted. I wanted to be told when my writing wasn't strong versus when it was and because of her honesty I really trusted her. I very much enjoyed her tutoring and she even went above and beyond and had a Zoom meeting with everyone.

I feel confident that I have a first draft of a book which, once polished, I can proudly send to an agent. I feel confident as a writer of fiction. I will never stop writing novels now.

Thank you so much for this gift. I am so grateful that I did this course; it has enriched my life and my skills.

Elise Maki 4 weeks ago

It has been beyond amazing with expert advice from Angela as well as support from fellow classmates. The workshopping was a highlight.

I have noticed a huge difference in how I structure my writing and its flow.

Fantastic course. So pleased to have been part of the course. The AWC are experts who want you to succeed.

Robyn Elliott 1 month ago

This was an exceptionally good course with a very good group of writers. I enjoyed it. Thank you for all the office staff help too. I think the fact I had already completed Short Story Essentials helped me. I have done many of your courses through the years and they are informative and stimulating. But this was the best. Perhaps I will try one more with an unfinished novel waiting in the drawer for final draft. Thank you to you all.

Feedback from Cathie was excellent, encouraging and very informative. She gives such a lot of extra graphs and info sheets. I have downloaded them for future reference. Sometimes it takes a while to absorb all the information and it is good to have this feedback and also the module downloads to do at a later date. I can't praise Cathie enough; she is an excellent tutor. Thank you, Cathie.

I enjoyed the interaction with the other students - they are now good friends - reading their work and seeing how each one progressed. I wish it went longer as it seems as if we could have had a month more to work on the editing and publishing side of things. It would be interesting to know how they get on later so this is a reason to join the Facebook page.

I finished this memoir. It was tough work and emotional to go back and find what I needed to keep, what I needed to add, what needed to be left out. I'm glad it wasn't completed beforehand.

What I had considered just an urge that wouldn't go away, and that kept insisting I needed to write it, had benefit for others. The students loved the story and this was encouragement. Cathie too has said she loves it. One of the men said he couldn't put it down. High praise from a man, I feel.

I am grateful for all the service and help given through the office as well as tutor and audios and written handouts. I have a sense of having achieved something worthwhile. I had three copies printed and bound at Office Works to give to beta readers outside of AWC students and feel proud to have something of worth for them to read, prior to a final print run.

Natalie Livings 2 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the 12 month Write Your Novel course, which I completed during 2020. I finished, re-wrote and polished my YA Thriller manuscript that I'd been struggling with since 2015. I learnt valuable writing tips and techniques, both from tutor Cathie Tasker and from my supportive course mates, through the workshopping element of the program. We now continue to read for each other post course. Highly recommend!

Sarah Leov 3 months ago

Cathie is an excellent tutor. Her feedback is always clear and to the point. She's not afraid to say when something isn't working. She is excellent at answering questions promptly and with lots of detail and infographics. I felt in safe hands with her.

I enjoyed the camaraderie amongst the group and the chance to read and feedback on other people's work.

I feel I now have a handle on the structure of a novel. My innate knowledge gleaned from years as a reader is solidified with a concrete understanding of the building blocks of structure, POV, characterisation, use of the senses, creating a setting and writing good dialogue. Whereas with this manuscript I have been feeling my way, I feel confident about getting into the next one.

A major learning for me has been using limited third person POV effectively. I had to figure out how to tell a story without head hopping and it's strengthened my manuscript immeasurably.

The AWC provides quality content through professional tutors in an easily accessible way.

Tania Cox 3 months ago

Cathie was phenomenal! Fantastic! Fabulous! Inspiring! Honest! It's a wonderful opportunity for writers to work along Cathie Tasker. Her experience in the publishing industry is priceless to any writer. AWC has excellent tutors, but Cathie is in a league of her own. No one comes close. I'm definitely booking more courses with her.

After writing many years of very short texts, I was struggling to write this particular longer text. I was in 'Ice age' mode! This course got me out of it. While I was struggling, it was good to know I was not alone, especially with Cathie at the helm.

I feel positive about the story instead of waking up frustrated about it. Such a BIG relief! When I changed my POV, the ice melted and Spring arrived! Hooray! It's obvious, but I'd dug myself into such a dark place, I'd lost my way.

These courses are a necessary part of the writing process in today's world. I can't imagine a year going by without AWC being part of my writing life.

Thank you, Cathie! Thank you, fellow work shoppers! Thank you AWC!

Courtney Gould 3 months ago

I loved having Cathie as my tutor. She is kind, insightful, and provides detailed feedback that generally includes helpful resources as well.

I enjoyed swapping submissions, giving and providing feedback. I found this aspect very valuable. Also, I loved hearing from different authors in the audio classes for each module.

When I first started writing, I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy, was I wrong! This course (+ the others I've completed) have opened my eyes and taught me the essential fundamentals of writing that I was missing.

I learned that I am actually a good writer - the feedback I received was amazing and I'll always be thankful that this was my starting point.

Thank you for this course - it's wonderful! HIGHLY recommended. Can't praise these courses enough. I'll definitely be back for more!

Christine Childs 3 months ago

I enjoyed the overall format of fortnightly modules, submissions and feedback. I didn’t find the time commitment onerous, despite working four days per week. I think reading other students’ work and giving feedback is a really valuable experience. It was a great experience doing the course in 2020, in the midst of the Melbourne COVID-19 shutdown. It really helped keep me focused and productive.

I really appreciated the 12-month online format. Previously I think there was just a six-month option and I was hesitant to do that given my work commitments. I was able to get my first draft written and do a complete rewrite second draft with this format.

I found Cathie’s feedback to be very measured, sensible and relevant. I liked that she read everyone else’s feedback and acknowledged where other students had given sound advice.

I don’t think my writing style or novel changed much during the course but the course helped keep me motivated to keep writing and get my novel finished. The positive feedback reinforced that I was on the right track.

The courses are well structured and draw on a wide range of writers’ experiences. An online course means that you can be flexible with your time requirements. Committing to a course helps you keep writing come what may. Having your own set of Beta readers is a worthwhile thing. There are a huge variety of programs to choose from. AWC courses are good value for the financial and time commitment.

Emma Georgeson 5 months ago

I had done Novel Writing Essentials with Cathie earlier in the year and was keen to continue studying to take my manuscript to the next level.

I enjoyed meeting other aspiring writers and learning about their stories and forming friendships and a writing tribe.

It helped me form a writing routine that fit around my daily life and I loved how the audio lessons always demonstrated all writers are different. What works for one, doesn't work for others. The 'just keep going, don't stop' mentality. Focus on finishing the first draft so you can go back and fix everything after.

I have recommended you guys! I have a lovely friend doing your picture book course right now! When we were talking about your courses, I shared my experiences with her and encouraged her to go for it.

Paul O'Doherty 5 months ago

I'd started a manuscript and did Novel Writing Essentials and told myself if my classmates enjoyed my story I would continue. Everyone seemed to love it and this inspired me to push myself forward and continue.

The support of my classmates and tutor was especially helpful in knuckling down and writing my novel. Knowing someone was going to be reading my work made me accountable and that all spurred me on to finish, and then revise. I feel satisfied that I've finished, but a little sad that I have to fly away and finish the manuscript by myself.

The tutor introduced herself as an expert and explained the various things she'd done and her specialties. This gave her immediate respect; her knowledge of genre conventions and what NOT to do was particularly insightful. Her approach to feedback was very genuine; she told you all the things she liked before hitting you with what wasn't working, and what you needed to work on. I like the approach of finding the positives rather than just telling you what needs fixing.

I enjoyed my classmates' comments and assessments. It was such a diverse mix of age and background and everyone always seemed to have some little nugget of wisdom for me. Also, learning the bits people liked really helped me along, and of course what they disliked, because I have to go away and work on those areas. But it was in examining those areas that made me grow the most.

The final manuscript assessments nearly made me cry simply because I realised my story had made an impact on someone else. People were gaining all sorts of insights and growth from some of my storylines and characters in ways I'd never even imagined.

If you've always wanted to write a book, you need to give yourself a push and upskill yourself. There are techniques and processes you can learn to develop a craft which will get you to a full manuscript. In the past I felt I just wrote without a clear idea of how to do it and hoped I'd have an A-ha moment. The course showed me what I needed to change which I never could have done alone.

Once I could see my work slowly improve with each revision, the ideas started to flow on how I could improve my story. Learning what to exclude by virtue of my classmates' feedback also helped me grow and gave me a stronger awareness of what I needed to include.

Debbie Guertin 7 months ago

The tutor was fabulous. Very knowledgeable and also very generous with her time.

I had completed shorter courses and felt this was a way to really commit to my story. I thought, how can I possibly workshop other student's work if I was unsure about the writing process, but I found out that as a reader I know what I like in a story. I enjoyed the workshopping and feedback.

I am committed to finishing my story.

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