Leisa Kirstein 3 months ago

I completed the writing picture books course. I enjoyed the process and wanted to know as much as possible before I submitted my manuscript. I was nervous and wondered if I would be able to produce a story of good enough quality to feel comfortable submitting it.

The tutor was fantastic! I feel really comfortable submitting my work to Cathy. I know my manuscript is in good hands and that any advice she can offer is invaluable.

Overall I enjoyed the quality of information and how easy it is to follow.

The creative juices are flowing!

A very professional online course. So great to be able to stop and start when your busy life allows you to. Seriously just give it a go you might surprise yourself.

Heather Hansen 5 months ago

I enjoyed doing the Writing Picture Books class and wanted to continue writing so I thought the Writing Picture Books Masterclass was the next step.

I thought the online tutor had a great deal of knowledge regarding this course

I enjoyed learning the different steps involved in writing a picture book and how to edit and submit your manuscript.

I have discovered I like reading and writing for children. It helped me get through a tough year being in lockdown due to covid.

Gail Turnham 8 months ago

The course is informative, well-structured and provides the tools for you to write your picture book. I enjoyed learning throughout the course. At the start of my picture book journey, I would never have believed how much work goes into creating a picture book.

Thank you for creating the Masterclass course. The information I have learnt is valuable and provides me with the tools to create my picture book.

Karen Kepert 10 months ago

I loved the Writing Picture Books class but felt like I needed to learn more.

The tutor was very easy to understand. I enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing what to do next and the confidence that I had the information I needed.

I've just sent my first picture book off to an illustrator.

Tania Virgo 1 year ago

Fabulous, more than expected. The ability to listen to the lessons and follow the handouts. I personally learn better by listening.

I submitted my first manuscript to Austen Macauley publishers (after much editing and many drafts!) 'The Shaky Cactus' has been accepted and is currently in house styling. I have written another two manuscripts, including 'Purple Bananas' which I will submit shortly.

There were many 'aha' moments, so here's two - learning how to 'kill your darlings' and when the concept of 'show don't tell' finally clicked!

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