Loretta Mahoney 1 month ago

The resources that were offered were excellent and helped alleviate a lot of the stress about how to present my work should I decide to go through the traditional publishing method. At the moment I am considering self-publishing but I will consider traditional publishing as well. I now feel I have the tools to do so.

I enjoyed how the course was delivered. The recordings were supported by the downloads with examples, and I could do parts of the course and come back to it with the right mindset. The information was clear and the terminology used for a new writer was excellent.

I have the self-belief now to continue writing and to know that I have access to people who have the knowledge and experience to help me progress my writing.

For anyone interested in writing, I would suggest to undertake the course to have a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to guide you. I was resistant to doing a course initially because I was nervous about not being good enough or that the course would be laborious and that I wouldn't enjoy it - that I wasn't skilled enough to do it and that I wouldn't cope with the feedback. I was wrong! I would encourage my friends to do this course.

Michelle Porter 2 months ago

I feel like I understand more the principles of picture book writing and I'm now writing more in this style.

I think I had several aha moments, but the one I remember the most was the content about the Rule of 3 principles.

I would say that Australian Writers' Centre courses provide a practical, thorough and supportive experience in learning or refining your knowledge and skills in any type of writing. There's lots of courses on offer and I plan to do more over time.

Barbara Norris 4 months ago

I enjoyed the course as a whole, and the ability to complete the course over twelve months suits me immensely. It has given me more confidence to take my writing to the next level and submit my manuscripts.

I recommend doing the writing courses with AWC as they are informative and up to date with industry standards.

Kelly Doyle 5 months ago

This course has given me the confidence to pursue writing picture books! I feel like I now have a really good understanding of structure, character and rhythm, and how to polish the story over time.

The real-world knowledge shared by the tutors is so beneficial and the wide variety of courses means there's something for everyone.

Bernie Jennings 6 months ago

I had done my research and the Australian Writers' Centre was a stand out. This course exceeded my expectations. It covered everything. Being able to work at your pace took a lot of pressure off to complete the course.

I found all aspects of the course a major learning experience. It has inspired me to continue my writing journey.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone willing to jump in and give writing a go.

Jenny Marshall 8 months ago

When I started the course, I only had a notebook full of ideas and half written stories. The course motivated me to choose an idea and run with it and I feel more ready than ever to share my story with the world. The ticking clock on the course expiry catapulted me out of the procrastination zone and into the zone of commitment, consistency and confidence.

Alison I'amafan 9 months ago

I learnt so much in the Writing Picture Books course that I wanted to really improve my understanding and skills. Having done that course, I realised I knew very little about the process and guidelines. I wanted to know what else I didn't know by delving deeper through the Masterclass.

The courses are so well structured and are obviously created by those with experience. Sometimes when you're in it, you might think 'why are we doing this now?' But then at the end it all makes sense and ties together perfectly and you realise 'oh, that's why we did it in that order.'

I see becoming a published author as more of a possibility rather than a pipe dream.

Steve Darlington 9 months ago

I enjoyed looking at good texts and learning to spot good books and good trends in them. I feel much more confident understanding the market and the industry and how to get access to it.

The AWC is always more than you think, really striving to make you not just a writer, but an EXCELLENT writer. A writer that stands out and wins awards.

Chantelle Collins 10 months ago

I had previously completed the picture books course and I was keen to expand my knowledge in this area.

The Masterclass was easy to listen to. The modules were well set out and there was practical information and advice.

It delved deeper into picture books and explained more about not only writing the actual book but also what is needed to actually send off to publishers, and being aware of how social media impacts how you market yourself and your books.

The Australian Writers' Centre offers practical and informative courses to help you with your writing. No matter what course you do you will find something that will get you inspired and excited about writing.

Simon Hume 10 months ago

The handouts are great - keeps you on track. It helped to develop a couple of my manuscripts.

AWC has great courses - they are quite essential if you are starting out with no prior knowledge. The courses are really worthwhile.

Daniela 11 months ago

It has helped me build my confidence and I feel more ready and prepared to submit my stories to publishers.

It is a fun and honest course in helping people become picture book authors.

Dana Lee 1 year ago

I love this course! It is surprising to see how much is involved in writing a picture book! This course was fantastic! I loved how the modules were broken down to simplify all that is needed to write a picture book.

I enjoyed the examples that were given so I could understand how to relate the material to a picture book which can be challenging.

I have all of these little nuggets in the back of my mind when writing and going back to the handouts to ensure that I have covered everything in my writing! This would not have happened without this course!

This is a great place to "Start". A lot of people don't know where to begin and I have told several friends to go to the Australian Writers' Centre. They have courses online and it works for your busy schedule!

Liz Walker 1 year ago

I had previously completed the first Writing Picture Books course and was frankly astounded by the breadth and thoroughness of the support that was provided. There was no question that I also wanted to undertake the Writing Picture Books Masterclass.

Being such a novice, I found every module amazing and crammed with new information and insights. I expected to learn a great deal about how to write a children's picture book by undertaking this course but AWC has also taught me how to engage with the publication process.

Your tell-all approach is greatly appreciated. I feel you have provided me with everything I need to know to kick-start my career in writing. This is very reassuring for someone who is just starting out.

Superbly presented and structured. Very professional course.

Deborah de Groot 1 year ago

WOW. Just WOW.

The course has provided confidence and targeted instructions that address necessary details. I enjoyed the abundance of learning material supplied.

You won't be disappointed - AWC is professional, knowledgeable and willing to share SO MUCH information.

Nandi Johnston 1 year ago

After the Writing Picture Books course, I spent a fun few weeks writing stories. Before long I realised I didn't have the skills to edit them!

I loved taking all the learnings from the modules and applying them to my story after the fresh read. I've had some real breakthroughs with my story, in ways that I never would have foreseen without the guidance of this course.

I loved gaining a better understanding for rhythm in my writing. I was able to read my work in a whole new way and make some big changes.

The course offers essential tools for those new to writing picture books. I now feel I can assess and edit my work with greater confidence, and my stories are all the better for it!

Deana Tynan 1 year ago

I wanted to learn how to sharpen my skills in writing for children from professionals. I had heard great things from acquaintances about this course and the course outline excited me.

The audios were excellent - detailed and engaging. I learnt how important your commitment to the writing process is. Practice really does make perfect!

It was a very practical way to learn tips and tricks from real professionals, plus a great way to connect with other writers.

Sue Patterson 1 year ago

The handout and exercises were helpful and something to refer back to.

I enjoyed the challenge it presented to me personally to think and redraft my story. It has enabled me to look at my own stories and assess where they need enhancing.

The AWC is a wonderful platform to kick start a career; informative and encouraging.

Danielle Cheuk 1 year ago

I wanted to go deeper and further develop my knowledge and skills. I also wanted to learn about how to approach publishers, how to prepare a manuscript in detail, etc.

I found it all very informative, useful and relevant. It was hard work but l enjoyed some of the pressure. I loved learning about how to structure a story.

I think l have found my new 'thing'. It has given my life a different purpose.

Do it!! You will learn so much.

Cathy Fripp 1 year ago

Doing this course was well worth it. Excellent and thorough advice. I liked that the content was easy to understand and follow.

Several points just clicked and I feel I was able to make significant improvements to my manuscript.

Jenni Leece 1 year ago

I found the lessons inspirational and have enjoyed listening to them many times. It helped me to develop the idea for my picture book, which grew from an exercise I started in the first Writing Picture Books course. So it was hugely practical and fun.

I feel more confident and purposeful in the way I refine my work now

Jump in and get inspired.


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