Madylene Planer 1 year ago

Pamela was a great tutor and provided a lot of insights.

I enjoyed getting feedback on my assignments - although daunting and nerve-wracking, it was really helpful for me to see where my strengths and weaknesses were.

The course helped me to see the children's books industry in a way I've never seen before, and removed my misconceptions.

I would say it is very informative, teachers are very helpful and the workshopping is invaluable.

Shayne Collier 1 year ago

Bronwyn is an accomplished author and editor. I've downloaded her feedback for everyone in the course because there's a lot to learn from her in-depth observations. She gave comprehensive, insightful and incredibly useful feedback that will inform the rest of my novel. Thanks, Bronwyn.

I enjoyed Bronwyn's feedback and the online chat where some interesting topics were raised. Also, everyone's different points of view/opinions and some good reading recommendations.

It gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get started, yet again, on this story that has been knocking around in my head for a long time. I also received encouraging feedback from most of the group members, which is motivating as I have very little confidence in my writing. It's nice to know fellow writers liked my work (or at least I think they did!)

I would say, go for it. The course content is good, and I like the balance between the notes and the audio. It is also a bonus to have access to the course for 12 months after completion - I had to rush through it and I still haven't listened to module 8 and some bits of the other modules. Also, our tutor Bronwyn Parry was incredibly professional.

Overall the course was enjoyable. The participants were from all over the place and from all walks of life, which kept the chats lively. Their work was accomplished too. There's a lot of talent out there!

Bridget White 1 year ago

Lesley Gibbes is a great presenter with heartfelt belief in her topic which is then passed on to course recipients.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm within each module.

This is my second course and I have felt supported in my learning. I think I have found my genre.

Janelle Ballenden 1 year ago

I really liked Bernadette - very down to earth with a good sense of humour - easy to listen to and her presentations were easy to follow. She was a great tutor offering extensive and valuable feedback.

I loved the feedback - not just for my assignments but feedback on others' assignments, too.

It's given me confidence - I've never had any formal writing training - just worked off a bit of on-the-job training and a bit of intuition. Having someone critique my work is a great boost for my confidence. It means I'm on the right track.

I'd say, 'You should do this course because you learn quite a lot in a short time, and can access the material for 12 months so you can go over any of it again at your leisure.'

Rebekah Moore-Hart 1 year ago

I was moving into more copywriting at work, and wanted to know the essentials! I've also loved writing for a really long time, and have wanted to make it more of a career.

Thanks so much for this course! It was incredibly enjoyable, and there is so much value within it.

Bernadette is so engaging, incredibly knowledgeable and warm, and I so appreciated her humour and down to earth nature. I feel like she shared so much with us and am incredibly grateful for that generosity.

I really enjoyed the structure of the course, the mercurial nature of Bernadette's delivery (because my mind works in a very similar way!), her openness, and loved the chance to connect with and learn from classmates as well. A fantastic course overall!

I feel like it is possible now to re-direct my course and choose the thing that fills me with contentment. Bernadette has made it feel possible to pursue writing as more than just a pastime, and it's incredibly inspiring to remember how bountiful it is as a path for constant learning and development.

It's an energising platform full of possibilities - you will find something that will light your light there!

Theresa Elmes 1 year ago

The tutor gave considered responses and focussed feedback. Really appreciated her time and input.

I enjoyed the feedback because, in order to understand whether I'm connecting or have potential to connect with an audience, I need feedback on what's working/not working. It's through and with that feedback that I grow as a writer.

Tonya Gastev 1 year ago

I liked how easily explained this course is. Something that a beginner, like myself, needed for a start into writing.

I really liked my tutor. Nicole's comments on my writing were honest and constructive. And she made me want to improve my writing every time.

I liked that the assignments weren't too intense or difficult. Although anyone, at any stage can do this course, I liked that it slowly eases you in to each assignment.

I've always had my idea for a novel, but never believed I could do it because I didn't really know where to start. But now that I have been practicing with the lessons and handouts, I feel more confident about finally starting.

If you want an easily accessible course, with realistic deadlines and a supportive tutor, this is the company for you.

Thank you so much for helping me to build a little more confidence in my writing, Nicole!

David Hall 1 year ago

I enjoyed learning the information that I didn't know regarding how agents and publishers operate and what actually happens after you've completed your manuscript.

It just reinforced what I expected: that a manuscript needs multiple rewrites and that family/friends aren't exactly the best judge of your work. Also, the work needed that goes into pitching and fully understanding the manuscript was invaluable.

If you want to write, or are already writing, definitely do a course at the AWC. You will improve your skills, learn a lot and have a fun time doing it.

Patsyanne Dudman 1 year ago

I have always had an interest in becoming a freelance writer and this course ticked all the boxes. The step-by-step tuition was fantastic and it deals with the now. Sue has an amazing wealth of knowledge and I like the fact that she does not beat around the bush.

Confidence was my biggest fear. I had that weighing heavily on my shoulders: can I do this? But once I knocked that away, I was fine. It was a fantastic course as there was so much to learn and take in.

Sue, poor woman, must have the patience of a saint. Her feedback is constructive and I appreciated that if she didn't like something, she was diplomatic about how she told you. Her knowledge is like finding a gold seam.

I enjoyed everything about the course, from start to finish. Plus the bonus of making new friends. No matter what level they were or niche they followed, we all contributed together.

I know I may not be the glossy mag feature writer; however now I know how to look for what I want and how to go about it with style instead of being a bull in a china shop. I am very thankful for what I have learnt and the teachings and feedback from Sue.

Vanessa Love 1 year ago

The tutor was great! I could tell they actually read my work. They also gave me great feedback and pointed out some things I hadn't noticed about my writing and gave good advice for how to better shape my scene.

I enjoyed going through the content. I enjoyed writing excerpts for a specific purpose. The exercises were fun and could be adapted to my story or the one specified for the exercise.

I'm actually really excited to write again. That was the reason I took the course and it got me interested in my story again.

I would say it's a great course with supportive, friendly people and it's fun.

Wendy Banham 1 year ago

I enjoyed doing this course and felt that it prompted me to restructure and finish a story that I'd previously tried to write. The main aspect that made this work for me was learning about how to plan and plot. As a pantser, this was particularly valuable! Thank you.

Josephine Gagliardi 1 year ago

The tutor was great! Sue was really helpful and was obviously very knowledgeable. It was fantastic being tutored by her.

I loved listening to the module lessons with Valerie Khoo talking. I learnt a lot and it was really helpful to be able to listen when and where I wanted.

It has made me feel like this is something I really can do and really pursue. I'm excited to start!

Joanne Roberts 1 year ago

I just attended a 5- week Copywriting Essentials course.

Here's what happened.

    • Eyes opened - tick
    • New skills learnt - tick
    • Provided with tips and tricks of the trade to get you started - tick

(sorry, I couldn't resist trying it with a headline formula!)

I've been a teacher trainer for a long time and have been looking for a new direction for freelance work. I saw a few adverts and Facebook posts for copywriting and it piqued my interest. I was attracted to this course in particular as it was through the AWC.

The course was comprehensive and I loved how you could download all the audio files, handouts and the slides easily.

Bernadette is very knowledgeable and willing to share her experience with us. I loved how she is so enthusiastic about her industry. It was very encouraging to hear from her all the time that this is a growth industry and that anyone can do it (with some training and skill!).

Her feedback was very useful and detailed. I loved how we got to hear all the feedback of all the course members. I listened to all of them and wrote notes for each one.

I've really enjoyed being creative with words and realising that maybe this is a job that I could do. The course has given me a taste of the industry and I feel excited about maybe becoming a part of it.

Gillian Meers 1 year ago

The tutor provided helpful feedback, and was really encouraging without sugar-coating anything - for me personally I am here to learn and honest feedback is greatly appreciated so I can grow. Pamela was obviously knowledgeable and yet I never felt like I was less-than for just starting out and making some mistakes.

I enjoyed learning new skills and brushing up on things I already knew but with greater understanding; being led step-by-step through the creative writing process (and beyond!); reading everyone's work and giving and getting feedback.

It has given me skills, and discipline, and I feel enabled to write in a more intelligent, intentional way. I will be undertaking many other AWC courses!

Jess Wright 1 year ago

I am grateful that the AWC does on-demand courses to suit schedules. I like the ability to pause the audio, download the audio and download the handout. I like the summary of each point that is raised at each time during the audio - this is helpful for revisiting. I like that the content was concise.

The course has made me appreciate back story so much more and, as a result of fleshing out the back story of my three characters, I know additional plot events that I need to explore. It also emphasized how I want the reader to first feel about a character and how that changes over the course of the story (and therefore what I need to do to in terms of plot to bring about the change in the character and therefore the change in the reader's feelings).

I would recommend this course as it is concise and very helpful and informative. It is also ideal as it is on-demand for 12 months (with audio and hands outs being downloadable) so you can go through the course in your own time and at your own pace.

Alinta Boyce 1 year ago

As a Mum to three young children, I’ve barely got a spare second left in my day so I was looking for an online course that wasn’t too pressing timewise. One assignment a week was achievable on top of my other commitments.

I was nervous about sharing my work in an online forum, but did not find it daunting once the course kicked off.

I loved Zanni’s video feedback. She was very supportive and gave constructive advice.

I enjoyed building the confidence and knowledge in an area I’d been wanting to explore for a long time ... and writing first drafts for two children’s picture books in the process!

I feel confident now to give writing picture books a red hot go. I’ve already enrolled in your Masterclass!

Give it a go. It’s great fun!

Shannon Benton 1 year ago

Bernadette is an absolute copywriting superstar! Couldn't have asked for a better person to guide me on my copywriting journey.

I enjoyed her practical advice, paired with her sense of humour. She's delightful.

Tania Cox 1 year ago

Cathie was phenomenal! Fantastic! Fabulous! Inspiring! Honest! It's a wonderful opportunity for writers to work along Cathie Tasker. Her experience in the publishing industry is priceless to any writer. AWC has excellent tutors, but Cathie is in a league of her own. No one comes close. I'm definitely booking more courses with her.

After writing many years of very short texts, I was struggling to write this particular longer text. I was in 'Ice age' mode! This course got me out of it. While I was struggling, it was good to know I was not alone, especially with Cathie at the helm.

I feel positive about the story instead of waking up frustrated about it. Such a BIG relief! When I changed my POV, the ice melted and Spring arrived! Hooray! It's obvious, but I'd dug myself into such a dark place, I'd lost my way.

These courses are a necessary part of the writing process in today's world. I can't imagine a year going by without AWC being part of my writing life.

Thank you, Cathie! Thank you, fellow work shoppers! Thank you AWC!

Kayla Saddington 1 year ago

Valerie Khoo's video explanations and audio lessons were fantastic.

The course has taught me many things and I've learned about so many different styles of writing, as well as how the short story format changes and evolves over time. Since I have not fully completed the course (feedback to be given), I say this course has very well met my expectations. I'm really looking forward to the feedback and love that this course offers the opportunity for an established and experienced writer to offer feedback. This part has definitely exceeded my expectations and probably could be made more prominent in the description of the course.

I now have much better writing habits. And I don't feel guilty when I'm not writing, because I know that even when I'm out for a walk or in the shower, I'm still in the author state of mind, thinking of titles and characters and what's next. I also feel a lot better about having various works on the go at once, and that this is normal and encouraged.

I used to spend so much time editing as I went, and now I know that I just need to get started and write until the end, then come back and polish it later.

I would say that the Australian Writers' Centre really set me up with all that I needed to know, or was unsure about, when it came to writing and what makes a good story. I felt included and like there were so many others out there just like me, not knowing where to start. If only I'd known, just start at the beginning. There were tips and frameworks to change my line of thinking about what it meant to be a writer. Writers write. And that's all there is to it.

Elizabeth McClenaghan 1 year ago

This course actually got me excited about writing for SEO purposes, and helped me to see just how valuable it is for a business. It gave me practical skills that I can now take back to my employer and hopefully use to improve our SEO rankings and onsite traffic.

The course also helped me understand how valuable my skills are as a writer. Bernadette really has a way of making you feel important and needed and good about yourself for having these skills and for pursuing them further. In my experience, people don't always appreciate the value of good copy and can make you feel like your career choice was a waste.

Bernadette is obviously an expert in the field and gave excellent insight and feedback.

I was taking my learnings back to my manager and to my current role and I was able to point out things we should be doing and things we can do better, and he now calls me an "seo expert" even though I've only done this one course!

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