Courtney Gould 1 year ago

I loved having Cathie as my tutor. She is kind, insightful, and provides detailed feedback that generally includes helpful resources as well.

I enjoyed swapping submissions, giving and providing feedback. I found this aspect very valuable. Also, I loved hearing from different authors in the audio classes for each module.

When I first started writing, I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy, was I wrong! This course (+ the others I've completed) have opened my eyes and taught me the essential fundamentals of writing that I was missing.

I learned that I am actually a good writer - the feedback I received was amazing and I'll always be thankful that this was my starting point.

Thank you for this course - it's wonderful! HIGHLY recommended. Can't praise these courses enough. I'll definitely be back for more!

Megan Ralfe 1 year ago

The course provided a complete toolkit to enter the workforce as a copywriter. It was super practical, the information was generous and well-delivered, and left me at the end feeling like I could make the step into paid work.

Bernadette was excellent. She is very knowledgeable in her profession, and generous in sharing that knowledge. She communicates effectively, and in a down-to-earth way. She has developed useful templates and strategies for effective copywriting which she stepped me through logically - this built me up to a sense of competency and confidence in my ability to work as a copywriter.

I enjoyed writing creatively. I loved the excitement of new horizons and learning new skills, after a long time of same-same. I also really liked the dynamic nature of tailoring ideas to hook different target markets, and doing this quickly (challenging my tendency towards perfectionism).

Doing this course has ignited the spark of new adventure within me. It reminds me of when I was younger, when I felt there were lots of exciting things waiting to open up to me. It has made me realise how long it's been since I have felt that excitement for the unknown. Being a Mum has both expanded and contracted my universe in profound ways. The contraction has been tough, so it is great to feel inspired by new horizons!

It is a great kicking off point to begin working as a copywriter. It is a small time and financial investment to then be able to work and earn writing copy. Within the profession there is a lot of scope to start small, be flexible, and build your business as you build your skills.

Thank you, I have really enjoyed this course :)

Mandy Heath 1 year ago

Sue gave great feedback, keeping her comments upbeat and positive. I always looked forward to reading her feedback.

It's achievable to complete in the time given. The content is very interesting and you walk away with tools to achieve your travel writing dreams.

I now have direction and motivation to start writing my travel book.

Thank you, Sue, for your feedback and encouragement. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Colleen Golafshan 1 year ago

Patti covered the topics as stated with abundant examples, which brought her text 'Writing True Stories' to life; encouraged us to write and share our writing from the first class, with thoughtful comments and suggestions; and encouraged us by asking about our reading and sharing her reading.

Patti's last lesson pulled the entire course together effectively, encouraging us to continue our writing journeys, including as a writing group online, which some class members initiated immediately.

The course and my reading of the last weeks, together with discussion with others, helped clarify more about my work-in-progress as I piece together articles I've written over past years in a first draft.

Robyn Bambury 1 year ago

I was excited to learn from professionals working in the field. I thought Sue provided constructive criticism as well as positive encouragement. Great for someone like me who is just starting out.

I liked the structure of listening to the modules, completing the assignments and reading the feedback. I looked forward to learning something new each week.

It has encouraged me and given me confidence to pursue freelance writing as a career.

I really enjoyed this course and see this as the beginning of my journey. It's also made me realise how much I have to learn. I am keen to continue my education.

If you are interested in writing as a profession, AWC will give you the knowledge that will help you get into the industry.

Christine Childs 1 year ago

I enjoyed the overall format of fortnightly modules, submissions and feedback. I didn’t find the time commitment onerous, despite working four days per week. I think reading other students’ work and giving feedback is a really valuable experience. It was a great experience doing the course in 2020, in the midst of the Melbourne COVID-19 shutdown. It really helped keep me focused and productive.

I really appreciated the 12-month online format. Previously I think there was just a six-month option and I was hesitant to do that given my work commitments. I was able to get my first draft written and do a complete rewrite second draft with this format.

I found Cathie’s feedback to be very measured, sensible and relevant. I liked that she read everyone else’s feedback and acknowledged where other students had given sound advice.

I don’t think my writing style or novel changed much during the course but the course helped keep me motivated to keep writing and get my novel finished. The positive feedback reinforced that I was on the right track.

The courses are well structured and draw on a wide range of writers’ experiences. An online course means that you can be flexible with your time requirements. Committing to a course helps you keep writing come what may. Having your own set of Beta readers is a worthwhile thing. There are a huge variety of programs to choose from. AWC courses are good value for the financial and time commitment.

Ryan Tolliday 1 year ago

I now know where I belong in the industry, as a writer looking for a publisher. This and the other course have helped me sort out my career pathway, and freed my mind quite a bit. I see the boon of being a part of the traditional publishing industry, rather than going at it alone and self-publishing.

This course is great, and especially helps you understand the industry: you'll approach the publishing industry better, and what you will learn will help you on your way towards making and publishing your book.

Julian Beckedahl 1 year ago

I really enjoyed listening to the course's modules, instead of just reading the PDFs. Valerie has a nice voice and it's easy to listen to her commentary. I also liked hearing from graduates and understanding how they started their writing careers. Real-life stories really help.

I can see how you can keep your day job but explore writing on the side - in a meaningful and rewarding way.

Tegan Hamilton 1 year ago

Extremely comprehensive and great for getting you thinking about different aspects of the writing craft and how it can be applied to current and future works.

Ellen Stanfield 1 year ago

Patti is exceptional. Very kind, generous, patient without losing momentum, knowledgeable, unjudgmental and always found something nice and some constructive criticism for each and any piece.

I enjoyed the sharing and catching up with lovely people, as well as learning from Patti in a face-to-face way that didn't require me to leave my home.

I now have a writing practice, and confidence that I could "be a writer".

This course helped me find a practice, a community, a framework to shape my stories and courage to share my stories. It might do the same for you.

Gregory Lewis 1 year ago

I really appreciate the 'insider' comments/anecdotes and true stories as told by Valerie. I enjoyed the positivity of the presenter and the valuable information provided in the Modules.

It has 'enthused' me to write and achieve some enjoyable additional income.

Follow your dreams/goals and have a go!

Nadia Eschler 1 year ago

This grammar course has taught me in depth and I found it more helpful than what I learnt in school. I found it hard to learn English grammar at school and although English is my first language, this course simplified it without making it confusing.

I have no regret completing this course. Go for gold! I highly recommend this course for people who are needing a refresher or struggled with their English grammar and punctuation like I did.

Shelley Dark 1 year ago

The Writing Workout course with Pamela (I've done it twice!) has been my favourite so far for many reasons - I really enjoyed the animated Zoom class atmosphere and I benefited greatly not only from the live feedback on my own assignments, but on those of my classmates. I really recommend this course.

Pamela has a marvellous capacity for communicating writing technique in a spontaneous manner. She's lively and interesting, and has incredible knowledge and skill.

I particularly liked being able to use the writing I'm working on as homework for the class.

The tutors at the Australian Writers' Centre are all proven authors themselves, so the courses are sound and practical. Pamela is a treasure.

Katia Spies 1 year ago

Bernadette has a wonderful way of breaking things down into bite size pieces and making each step seem easily achievable. She is a perfect coach for those of us who need to overcome our self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism.

I enjoyed the well-structured step-by-step breakdown.

Thank you AWC and Bernadette. No doubt you will see more of me.

Jenny Wilson 1 year ago

Pamela is such a gift. Her ability to hone and polish made our work way better than it was and I will always be grateful for her constant encouragement.

I enjoyed the feeling of being part of a group. I believe that everyone in the group has improved in our writing and has a far clearer understanding of our story. I know I certainly do.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this. It's made a huge difference to my writing and they were two hours every fortnight I've really looked forward to. I'm going to miss it.

Allison McCrindle 1 year ago

I have been interested in writing picture books for a couple of years but didn't know how to get started. I was initially concerned about putting our stories up for everyone to see but reading everyone's stories and listening to the feedback on each was one of the most valuable parts of the course.

Zanni was amazing. Her feedback helped point us in the right direction. It was such an important part of the course. I valued her feedback very much.

The most valuable thing about the course was that it made me write or update a story every week. It got me started.

I enjoyed the whole thing but looked forward to the feedback as I learnt so much from the feedback on everyone's stories.

I loved this course. You need to do a course like this before you start writing your book.

Janet Stone 1 year ago

I enjoyed learning all the practical and insightful information. I have had 4 stories commissioned with MiNDFOOD, and stories published with The Saturday Paper, Kids on the Coast and Reader's Digest.

Do it or you'll regret it.

Marg Griess 1 year ago

I loved Tim Harris' zany approach to teaching. Exactly what the material is about. I savoured each lesson and will be going over the material again. Well done! The course has helped me develop my funny bone... just what I was looking for!

I loved Tim Harris' videos. His props and gags are exactly the attitude a writer of humour for kids needs. I may have to get a few wigs to wear while I write! Besides, his content is spot on. I was able to write a funny story much to my relief at the end. Mission accomplished!

Tim's feedback on my submission was just the best feedback ever. Top notch!

I really had a hard time reading my own material, thinking it just was not funny enough and cringing at my submission. When I received Tim's comments and his genuine giggle at parts of it, I was heartened to think I do have it in me to write funny. I was struggling with that before the course.

Go for it. It is worth money well spent!

Michele Slatter 1 year ago

I didn't really think it would change the way I viewed writing but it has. Begone Lady Dabbler, Welcome Determined Author!

Kiera Archer 1 year ago

Alex was great and provided great feedback and always explained what she meant. Once Alex gave me feedback on my ideas and how to angle them more, I was like, aha! I get what you mean! and could go away and change it.

I enjoyed the assignments! I didn't think I would but once I got going, I loved it.

It's given me something to be excited about again. Also helped me to decided which direction I would like to go in.

100% worth the time and every cent!

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