Matthew Koch 1 year ago

I enjoyed the balance between advice on writing style/what makes a ‘good’ feature article, and an overview of the industry more generally - in particular what editors are looking for and advice on how to actually get your work published is spot on.

I was very appreciative of Cat! She consistently provided constructive and very actionable feedback and advice.

The weekly audio lessons were well structured and very easy to find time throughout the week to complete each module. The examples provided in the audio and on the handouts brought the course content to life.

I also found the weekly assignments were challenging enough to consolidate the learning for the week and feel like you had achieved something (not just a 'ticking the box' exercise), without being excessively daunting or stressful. It was also good to interact with the other students, and see their assignments/feedback, as we are all from different backgrounds.

Thank you Valerie, Cat, and all involved for a wonderful course. I'm sure I will see you in another one soon!

Caroline McAleer 1 year ago

I thought I had learned loads on other courses. This one is head and shoulders above anything else I have done.

I had wanted to write a book and had done several introductory writing courses. As a terrible procrastinator, this one appealed because of deadlines and feedback. I also liked that it was focussed on novel writing and not prohibitively expensive!

The tutor was fantastic! Bronwyn gave detailed and very helpful feedback. I hit lucky that my tutor is a writer in a very similar genre to my planned book and therefore could help with that too. Her comments were encouraging and kind as well as pointing out issues I needed to address.

The camaraderie and learning potential of the submission and feedback schedule was immensely helpful. 9 of us from our group have gone on to create our own critique group to continue this.

But it wasn’t just the critique. I found the lessons and resources extremely helpful in developing my characters and story and know I will go back to them again and again.

My confidence has grown immensely and I’m convinced I’ll still be putting words on a page for a long time to come. The fear has gone (mostly!)

It’s motivational, helpful and really makes you think through your work at a deeper level that leads to improvement.

Taylor Bitz 1 year ago

The online audio recordings were concise and straight to the point, and provided all the information that I needed.

I loved the writing exercises. I enjoyed delving into the five senses and drawing upon my own experiences to smell, hear, taste, feel and see the surroundings that I was working with in the assignments.

The course has helped me continue to develop and edit my book in a way that makes me feel proud to be able to potentially self-publish and monetise the story.

I would say that it's fun, it's low-key, the exercises are easy and enjoyable to do and that the assessors and tutors are friendly and open to receiving and giving positive and encouraging feedback.

I enjoyed the course heaps and it was a great finish to the year.

Ranjana Kundu 1 year ago

I loved listening to the audio material... Valerie Khoo is a pleasure to listen to. I also liked the writing assignments, the way the course was structured and the opportunity to network with other aspiring writers and read and critique their work and get feedback.

It’s inspired and motivated me to dust off the cobwebs of my first draft I wrote many years ago and rewrite. That’s a big thing!

It’s a very inspiring and motivating experience to do one of their courses. Very well supported also by the podcasts and other material on the website and Facebook groups.

Deborah Mackie 1 year ago

Carli is very well informed and accomplished in the food writing arena, and she was very generous with her knowledge, tips, and insights. I enjoyed her personal knowledge of the industry.

It has given me the kick up the bum I needed. After losing traction in the travel writing field because of COVID, I've been in a bit of a writing funk. The course has given me renewed energy and determination - not just in the food writing sphere, but it's also encouraged me to get back in the saddle with travel writing.

I hadn't realised the market for recipe development and it's something I want to now explore further.

Very hands on and relevant courses; great tutors; great value for money. Being part of the graduate group after completion of the course is also important and attractive.

Brittany Browne 1 year ago

I wanted to gain an overview of the process of writing a novel and the technical skills required. I also wanted to kickstart my writing habit.

Cathie was excellent. She provided really practical and in-depth feedback. I was able to put her feedback into the next exercise week after week.

I loved the writing exercises and reading everyone's stories

I really loved it! It has provided me with the encouragement to start writing creatively and to instil a routine of writing frequently.

If you have always had the desire to write a novel but just didn't know where to begin, this is where you begin. I hadn't really written creatively prior to this course but have always wanted to. This has kickstarted this passion for me and has provided me with the basic structures on how to craft my stories. I loved it! I had so much fun. Thank you, Cathie, for all of your support and helpful feedback!

Joanna Donaldson 1 year ago

Lesley was a fantastic presenter!! I did enjoy the videos. She was clearly experienced and very encouraging. She knows the market.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm coming through the videos! And the market information. De-mystifying this genre as to things like word count and target age group.

I have started writing my first chapter book! This course gave me confidence to give it a go, with some pitch deadlines coming up.

For aspiring writers in WA, away from the action of Sydney and Melbourne, these are excellent, accessible courses that are totally targeted for the specific genre. Keep up the amazing work!!

Kate Whalan 1 year ago

Just a great well-rounded course. The tutor was great - honest feedback and friendly :)

I enjoyed getting feedback and the classes as read by Valerie. Also submitting assignments.

It’s given me confidence that I could actually write a book. I have a totally fresh understanding of storytelling and the mechanics.

Do it; you’ll regret you didn’t sooner. Can’t wait to do more courses soon.

Christine Runnion 1 year ago

The online tutor was great. The use of her own personal experiences made the lessons more interesting and enjoyable. I enjoyed the use of excerpts from books to illustrate key points and examples of types of successful books.

AWC is an excellent source of information and a good starting point for any new writer or person considering becoming a writer. I really enjoyed the course. It has given me the courage to have a go.

Linda Sulman 1 year ago

Reading soo many success stories gives me more hope than I had. It has given me the confidence to pursue my passion for writing.

Reinvent Yourself is the perfect start for anyone who is interested in following their writing dreams. I found this mini yet extremely jam-packed course full of helpful tips. A bible that I shall return to for that push I'll need when doubt starts to creep in.

Melanie Cage 1 year ago

It was the perfect course to help me get started on my crime and thriller novel. I had some ideas but had no clue how it was all meant to go. The course outline was thorough and the fact that the course was being conducted by L A Larkin was a massive draw card. You know you are getting quality when a best selling author is the teacher.

This course left me feeling so positive and happy about where my novel is headed. I have only just begun but this course gave me the skills to move on and look forward to potential publication.

Louisa was so personable and easygoing. I loved listening to her talk passionately about her craft. She was so positive with all participants. Louisa gave everyone time to express themselves and show ideas. Louisa was very generous with her positive feedback to me. I felt very excited when she said my story was something she would like to read.

I enjoyed everything. I loved meeting like-minded people from around the country and developing what will be strong connections. I loved learning about the structure and finally realising I have a direction.

I believe in myself and my ideas. I feel I am equipped with the skills to develop a great story that may one day be read by others.

I absolutely loved this course and will miss the weekly zoom meetings. I’m already deciding what my next 2 or 3 courses will be. I feel like I’ve found my place at the AWC.

Anna Haley 1 year ago

I am currently completing the Novel Writing Essentials program, which I love, and I wanted to learn more about the crime/thriller genre specifically, as this is the genre I am writing in. I loved that L.A. Larkin, a sucessful, published author was taking the class, and knew it would be of high quality.

Louise is brilliant! She is knowledgeable, intelligent, funny, down to earth and presented the course material in a clear and concise way that just made sense. I feel like she has given me a pair of glasses - all the fuzzy ideas I had about structure, plot, complications, turning points, action scenes and so on are now clear and in focus. I just wish I had done this course sooner!

As well as Lousia being a brilliant host, and learning so much, it was fantastic to meet the other writers. Some of us have formed a writers group and we will continue to meet up every fortnight, which will be invaluable during this journey.

I have outlined my entire novel, written an opening which is so much better than the opening I already had, I know where and when my turning points need to occur, I know how to write my climax and it all felt effortless and enjoyable. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!

Every class had multiple 'aha!' moments for me! Lousia teaches in such a way it all just makes sense, and she delivers the material with a mix of humour, insight and real life examples. She has pinpointed exactly what new writers in this genre need to know, and conveys it beautifully.

If you are interested in writing in the Crime and Thriller genre, this course is a must. A huge thank you to Lousia for giving up her time to teach and inspire new writers. It has made a huge difference to my writing journey and I can't thank her enough.

Kirsty Tyler 1 year ago

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I am so much happier. The previous writing courses I have done have been quite structured but at the AWC you give every writer room to breathe. I also find it really helpful doing these Fiction Essentials courses as I near the end of this draft. There is so much to fix up but I want to get some more tools in my kit before I take this to one of your longer novel courses. Great value for money too!

I really wanted to understand more about POV. I was about 70,000 words in to my novel in first person and was really interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of POV better. I was hoping I would come away with a better understanding as previous writing courses had not unravelled the mystery of POV as I had hoped.

I have switched from 1st to 3rd person POV and I feel like I have a stronger voice now. I am far more confident with POV. The depth and layers of each POV was really insightful.

Amazing resources, I guarantee you will enjoy it and learn something. Exceptional value for money.

Jo Kinvig 1 year ago

I love that it gave me everything I need to be able to start feature writing right now. Super practical and really great content.

Sue was great; she obviously really knows her stuff! Her feedback on my work and of my classmates' work was really helpful and insightful.

I was nervous initially. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it. But that was everything to do with me and nothing to do with this course. And in the first week, all nervousness was gone.

The thing is, I think I can write, but previously I relied on my instincts to take the story where it needed to go. This course has given me the templates to structure an article properly, know how to do those sparkly transitions, write a hook, and the all important ending. But also, how to analyse a publication, interview people, and pitch my work to a publication. It feels like everything you need to know to get started in feature writing is in this five-week course.

Best five weeks you'll ever spend if you'd like to be a freelance feature writer one day. Everything in this course is aimed at getting you paid work.

Charlotte Sinclair 1 year ago

I liked that it was 5 weeks and I could do it in my own time. It was also super helpful having access to the teacher and fellow classmates. One day I would really like to do feature writing on gardens and the gardening industry and this course seemed like a really practical way to get started with this dream.

Christine Reed 1 year ago

Patti is an extremely good lecturer allowing each participant adequate time and not allowing interruptions. Her feedback was very constructive. I would love to do another course with Patti.

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Sarah Keenihan 2 years ago

Patti is a fantastic tutor. Highly experienced but also very skilled in structuring the course and providing the right amount of detail and support to bring out the best in my writing. All this was achieved via Zoom, which is not easy from a teaching perspective. Patti made the classroom a safe space for us all to be vulnerable and open with our writing and personal stories. Two hours every Saturday morning was a good length of time.

As well as expanding my writing skills, this course has given me courage. Having the opportunity to meet and make friends with the other students in the class has linked me up with some wonderful people. We are now staying in touch as writing colleagues and will continue to support, share and learn from each other into the future. It's very exciting.

10/10 for this course!

Kellie Nissen 2 years ago

Every session was planned and organised, yet seemed flexible to cater to the needs of the group. This was so much more than one of those presentations where the presenter reads off notes or slides. We received instant feedback and acknowledgement of our work. Six weeks with Patti produced a change in my writing style and focus - for the better. Patti knows her stuff. She's a natural presenter and a wonderful teacher.

Jill Schuler 2 years ago

Patti's Life Writing course has opened my eyes right up to the process of writing a memoir. I have learned a lot. This course has been invaluable to me. Patti patiently explains and encourages. She explains in a way that I have easily understood the processes of writing a memoir. I have come away with plenty of tools. Patti gave me hope with my writing.

Susannah Hardy 3 years ago

My 10-year-old daughter recently completed Allison Tait’s Creative Writing Quest and absolutely loved it. The course was incredibly well put-together with Allison’s engaging weekly videoed modules, packed with practical advice and writing tools. Maggie enjoyed the journey and learnt a great deal about the craft of writing, which she was able apply to each weekly task. She then had the satisfaction of completing her story and receiving Allison’s personal feedback, which was detailed, constructive and encouraging. I thoroughly recommend this course, as it inspires kids to write in a relaxed and supportive environment, outside the school world. And with a fabulous author who really knows her stuff and is able to communicate it so well to kids.

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