Stephanie Rogulic 1 year ago

I have been wanting to refine and improve my skill as a writer in this genre. I had no idea how little I knew, very grateful.

The tutor was honest and careful in reading our assessments. Very good.

I learned a lot about how important it is to keep up with the times when writing children’s literature.

TJ Edwards 1 year ago

Kate Forsyth is a career author and this gives her words and methods weight. I'd also heard countless great things about the course and seen Kate talk on many occasions.

Kate is not only extremely knowledgeable but overwhelmingly generous with her time. She was very honest and upfront with her opinions and feedback, but this allowed us to trust her more. I enjoyed Kate as a presenter and how well the notes were laid out.

Even while participating in NaNoWriMo, I've found my latest draft to be cleaner already and both chapters start much better than I usually would have. Also, paying attention to voice (both narrative and character) is making the story have a lot more of an impact.

This course is a must for people such as myself who don't have a writing background or experience with an editor.

Thus far I've taken a number of courses face-to-face, at my own pace, and via zoom, and all of them were tremendous value for money with some truly experienced and professional authors. If you're nervous about spending the money, start small and work your way up to the bigger, more intense courses!

Thanks folks for supporting authors in the way that you do. From the Podcast, to the Community, and obviously these classes taught by industry professionals and experts, I feel much closer to achieving my dream of becoming a published author than ever before.

Apsara Baldovino 1 year ago

I have been toying with writing a picture book for a few years and decided I would do it now whilst on maternity leave.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in writing picture books. I absolutely loved Zanni Louise. She was thoughtful, kind, and always had very constructive advice. Her feedback was always delivered beautifully so that you could grow and improve.

I love that each week there were assignments as this really helped to apply the techniques. Having Zanni then provide feedback was absolutely powerful. It's this part I missed the most when it was all over!!

Since finishing the course, all I want to do is write, write and write! I have been obsessed!

You must take this course. It will change your life!

Georgina Sierra 1 year ago

I have been looking at ways to transition to an occupation that allows me to work from home (or anywhere really). I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to complete the work with having two kids under the age of three ( can!).

I found Sue to be knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. I liked the positivity, knowledge and how this course answered all of my questions about freelance writing.

There was so much information that when I spoke with a journalist/editor friend about freelance writing she confirmed everything on this course.

I have always been someone who loves creative writing. I have undertaken studies recently that required me to submit essays for examination. They were not really creative and my writing in those was OK. I gained great marks for knowledge but not so much the writing. Since starting this course, I can see where I 'went wrong' and my writing has definitely been impacted to be better.

It was informative, encouraging and full of the right information. A big thank you!

Saffron Lombardo 1 year ago

Kate was warm, welcoming and informative. She answered all questions and helped to inspire me to keep going but on a more informed path.

I was struggling with how to keep pace and move forward. Kate really cleared the path with structure, making a clear line forward on how to fix my novel in practical ways. She also opened up a new way in how I look at the actual words in a sentence, scene, story.

I highly recommend this course if you have come to a point where you know you have a good story but are stuck on how to move forward. Very inspirational.

Donna Groves 1 year ago

This course does exactly what it promises. Absolutely worth every cent. It also provided a lockdown lifeline!

Alex is a natural teacher. Very supportive and inspirational. The Zoom session was great and I loved doing the profile piece.

I think you've clearly perfected this course over the years. It's really on the mark. It gives you the basics and the key to the door. You just need to open it when finished, if you want to.

I'm going to get off my rear end and get going.

Shelley Dark 1 year ago

The world of publishing is so complicated with so much esoteric jargon, I was grateful to have a course I could listen to, over and over, as it’s hard to take it in all at once.

I really enjoyed all of it because it’s so practical and hands on, but I especially liked learning about different books sizes and formats and what they mean to the author. It was also great to hear an explanation of contracts, clause by clause.

I now look at books in bookshops in a different way. I know which are trade paperbacks, which are mass market. I look at covers and sizes and paper and print size and promo materials and the way they’re stacked on the shelf. All a mystery to me before this course.

AWC courses are written and presented by successful writers who know the current publishing market. Your writing will improve as well as your knowledge of the industry and your chances of being published.

Alison Jeffries 1 year ago

I find editing my own work difficult and I felt I needed to improve my skills.

I think Kate Forsyth is a wonderful teacher, wonderfully erudite and full of passion for the craft of writing.

I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, lots of handy info and practical tips. Beautiful visuals in the slides to support the learning material. And Kate is just a marvellous presenter.

I just feel more confident that I have some more tools available to assist me when I get lost in the process. I like the way Kate reminded us how to think about literary techniques and apply them to our own work.

Fantastic presenters, relevant and practical information about the craft of writing.

Priya 1 year ago

For a couple of years we have tried to find avenues to develop my daughter's interest in writing, so your program has filled a real need for us. Thank you so much for taking the time to give individualised feedback to her about her story, Allison. What a great idea to do it through the medium of the video! I wish I had recorded her face when she started to watch your video. She was absolutely chuffed!!! Your feedback was encouraging and incredibly constructive. She has revisited her story with your feedback to edit and improve it. She has a really strong desire to write and become an author one day. Once again, many many thanks for your time and support.

Karen Gribbin 1 year ago

I wanted to know more about getting my blogs more readership. The content was easy to understand and informative. I now understand where I've been going wrong. I now have the knowledge of my goals, and structure of my blog page.

Karen Gribbin 1 year ago

I blog on my domain page, but wanted to know more about getting the best out of blogging that I can. I learnt a lot about what I should have been doing from the start.

The course was easy to navigate, and the speakers and videos were of good quality.

Amanda Maxwell 1 year ago

I thought Pamela's feedback was always positive and constructive, offering alternatives that made sense. She really knew "her stuff" and I would then go back and take on board what she had suggested.

I really enjoyed the tasks that were set each week and the feedback that we received from Pamela. The tasks allowed me to extend my writing and I have become motivated to continue my writing and look forward to the next course!

I also liked Valerie's voice on the audio - it was always positive and upbeat. Very easy to understand with lots of invaluable tips.

I have always been interested in writing and it has now allowed me to sit down and work more on my manuscript. The course, while introductory, offered a taster for further development. I am looking forward to starting the Novel Writing Essentials course and perhaps then looking at further feedback on my work through other programs with the AWC.

Courtney Nayda 1 year ago

When I noticed Pamela would be the tutor, I was eager.

It's just a great experience. Joining other people, commenting, learning and being brave enough to post. Truly helped my confidence.

Pamela took the time to critique everyone every week. Her comments on my own writing and that of others were valuable and helpful.

I enjoyed finding my voice, squashing that self-doubt. Though that is technically not taught in the course, it does give you the push to think, learn, explore and allow you to see that it is possible.

I loved that the lessons were broken down in bite-size pieces. It is less daunting to listen for twenty minutes than over an hour.

I can write, I know that now. I just have to put it all together and let the self-doubt go. Focus on writing and getting the words down and the rest will come.

It's the push you need to take yourself seriously. The tutor, the lessons, the course mates are all there to give you that nudge into the writing world and it is a fabulous feeling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will likely do more. Thank you.

Christina Hondros 1 year ago

I am interested in writing upper primary and YA novels and thought this would be a great and informative course to do. I have also completed Creative Writing Stage 1 so I knew that this would be a high-quality course.

Allison provided wonderful and helpful feedback for my written pieces. I think what I enjoyed most was interacting with others and getting a wide variety of perspectives.

This course has made me want to begin writing my novel. It was the push I needed. The AWC is a wonderful place where you not only learn, but gain invaluable feedback from actual writers!

Monica Clark 1 year ago

I was worried that other's might criticize my work too harshly, but I was wrong. Everybody was so nice and supportive. And it was actually better to have honest feedback. It improved my story a lot more!

Pamela was good. Gave honest feedback and helpful advice.

I enjoyed working on my story, and reading other people's stories. Hearing positive feedback. Also recognizing errors in other work that would help my own mistakes.

It helped me with the extra boost I needed to keep writing. When I noticed other similar writing styles to mine, it boosted my confidence a bit more!

Helen Kassidis 1 year ago

I enjoyed reading other work and being part of a creative experience. I learned that it's ok to write without wanting to be published. It's fabulous to have a safe and supportive creative space to express the writer within.

Adam Bridges 1 year ago

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while but I felt like I’d been using it inefficiently. I was looking for a guide and found this course.

The pace of the course was done just at the right pace. Didn’t condescend but also wasn’t complicated.

I feel more confident using Scrivener which means I should be able to spend more time writing rather than worrying if I’m pressing the wrong button.

This course will give you the confidence to use Scrivener effectively so you can concentrate on writing.

Leanne Margaret 1 year ago

The amount of detail exceeded my expectations. I've noticed an improvement in my writing. It's much easier to make decisions about how to structure and punctuate sentences.

It's like a language I only partially knew is rising from between the words of everything. I'm reading with an eye for punctuation and grammar, which I barely noticed before. I wouldn't say I feel confident with my grammar yet, but I've taken some huge steps. Thanks AWC.

I've loved AWC courses because they have helped me to increase my skills and confidence. The online format is well organised and accessible. Grammar is grammar, and no more fun than at high school. But this grammar course will improve your writing and teach you things you thought you already knew. Totally worth the effort.

Patsyanne Dudman 1 year ago

I was surfing the net when I saw your website. It has been a crap year and I was looking for something fresh and different, plus I had just quit my job and I needed something new, challenging and refreshing.

The course provided a beautiful map of highways which I have never considered to take. Information is very powerful.

I enjoyed hearing about real people who have taken the steps to succeed and the opportunities in a variety of areas to learn.

It has made me have faith in myself. I do a lot of photography and it is only in recent years I have been sharing my photos as I did not think I was good enough. I am the same with my writing. Now I will learn and be proud of my writing.

I would highly recommend AWC and actually this course, as it makes you think about yourself, no one else but yourself. As we are the only person who stops ourselves from moving forward.

Christopher Hook 1 year ago

I've made multiple attempts to write a novel but keep getting stuck. Previous courses I have done have been rigidly focussed on specific structures... very by the numbers. This seemed more useful.

The tutor gave really useful feedback! I like the video form too as it meant he could talk for some time and really dig into what we were doing. I enjoyed the exercises/feedback.

The course gave me an idea about a novel that could work. Also reminded me of the importance of character.

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