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We are so excited that you've found us at last! We're the Australian Writers’ Centre and you’re definitely in the right place if you’d like to inspire or improve your writing (and therefore your life).

Maybe you’ve written before, maybe not since high school. Perhaps you’re looking at a career change, want to upskill for professional reasons or are simply at one of life’s famous crossroads. You may be unsure about your path or even you own ability, but rest assured we have a course or resource to help you!


So how can we help you?

Now, seeing as it's your first day here, let's do a quick overview of what we're all about. We provide online and classroom writing courses – more than 50 to choose from and ranging in duration from a couple of hours to six months. We also offer excellent resources right here on our website, including our blog, newsletter and podcast – inspiration overload!


Welcome to a whole new world of writing

See that menu up the top? (No, not there, RIGHT up the top of this page.) That’s where you’ll find our complete list of short courses – organised by location and delivery style (e.g. “online” or “classroom” or “self-study”). You can learn everything from picture books to travel writing, copywriting to crime, blogging to business writing – all designed to help you reach your goals faster!

If you’re just starting out, we recommend one of our foundation courses. Oh, here they come now.


Explore our online self-study library

And really, that’s STILL just scratching the surface. Part of the fun is finding the course to suit you. We have plenty – and we’re always happy to give advice if you’re unsure. Feel free to give us a call; we love talking about our courses!

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Discover how an AWC course can change your life!

We get goosebumps about how our courses really do change lives. It's truly inspiring to see graduates becoming full-time authors, or earning a great income through their words. And the really cool part? You could be next!

So where to from here?

Enrol in a course!

They've purposely been designed as short courses to help reduce that “OMG what have I done?”-ness about taking your first step. In fact, many of our graduates go on to do a bunch of different courses as they explore new avenues to their writing. It's a smorgasbord of learning!

If you’re not sure where to begin, our advice is to start with a foundation course. It’s your first step in what’s bound to be an amazing adventure.


By doing a course, you'll:

  • Discover the kinds of writing you like – and don’t like
  • Get new skills that will lead to new sources of income
  • Find your voice - and know how to use it
  • Acquire practical skills that you can use immediately
  • Discover new authors, resources or techniques
  • Continue to be motivated in our graduate groups
  • Reach your writing goals faster!

So once again, welcome to our
Australian Writers' Centre

It’s such a diverse and vibrant community, all sharing a passion
for writing – and it just grew by one!