Anatomy of a Crime: How to Write About Murder

Bring death to life with killer techniques and real cases.

This course is ideal for: Writers who want to tell crime stories in a more realistic way

You’ll discover:
Everything you need to write about murder
Examples from crime fiction and real life
Key insights from law enforcement
Creative writing exercises and research methods
And much more

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Death is in the details…

  • Do you like the idea of writing crime fiction, true crime, or crime blogging?
  • Are you an avid reader of crime?
  • Are you curious about the police and forensic procedures surrounding murder?
  • Are you intrigued about what makes killers tick?
  • Do you promise you’re not reading this in your dungeon lined with photographs?
  • Then this course is perfect for you. Some would say, it’s “to die for”…

Candice Fox
New York Times #1 bestselling author

The truth about bringing death to life

If you love reading or writing about all things dark and disturbing, this course is the one for you. Follow award-winning crime fiction author and crime buff Candice Fox into the world of murder. Explore the psychological, forensic and legal aspects of homicide from premeditation to prison life.

Using both real and fictional cases, Candice will lead you through the many faces of killers, from the shady old man next door to the kindergarten teacher with a glint in her eye. You’ll learn about the police who pursue them, and the victims who get caught in the killer’s trap.

This self-paced course consists of 8 modules. It’s ideal if you spread your learning over 8 weeks – covering one module per week. (Although we know that some of you will find the course so fascinating that you’ll binge-learn over one weekend!) In each module – mainly through audio and some video, as well as links to resources – you’ll learn about a specific step in the murder process.

“I wasn't sure what to expect but this course exceeds and excites. It's extraordinary value for money. There are 8 modules, all with research and writing activities.”

– Carmela D'Amore

You’ll learn about:

  • the facts you need to know about this step of the murder process
  • examples from true crime
  • examples from crime fiction
  • how YOU need to write about this part of the process.

And if you're really keen to flex your crime writing muscles, we provide you with exercises that will show you how to:

  • research murder. We’ll suggest tasks ranging from attending a trial or reviewing police media releases and much more
  • improve your writing. You’ll receive creative exercises that will get you into the right frame of mind to write about murder.

From crimes of passion to serial monsters, you’ll analyse real crime scenes, peruse real autopsy reports, watch real confessions and weigh the evidence to make your judgement.

You’ll see how top writers have drawn from real life to create lasting fictional monsters. The course encourages creative and analytical feedback through a range of discussion opportunities.

Still with us? In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • approach homicide from an objective, investigative standpoint
  • consider the experiences of the killer, victim and the police teams throughout several real life cases
  • weigh the evidence, both forensic and circumstantial, to come to a conclusion
  • understand the legal, medical and psychological aspects of murder cases
  • feed your curiosity by analysing some of the world’s darkest characters by taking a close look at their ‘dirty work’
  • study the work of serial killers, police hunts and prison life.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of writing a cutting-edge thriller, following dark-eyed detectives down smokey alleyways. Perhaps you’re just curious about humanity at its worst. Whatever your motivation, this daring journey into the mind of a killer will have you wondering about your neighbours like never before!

“If you like to both read and write murder, then this course is a bloody ripper. People would kill for an opportunity like this.”

– Andrew Carter

How our “self-paced courses” work

This is one of AWC’s 20+ “self-paced” online courses. But what does that mean? Allow us to explain:

What’s included in your online course?

  • 8 hours of content – access anytime at your own pace
  • 8 audio lessons
  • 34 practical exercises to solidify your new skills
“This is a great course to add to your writer's toolbox. You will learn heaps in a really short space of time, and also avoid some of the rookie errors as the pitfalls and plunders of new crime writers are clearly illustrated. Candice Fox was very interesting to listen to, the content was relevant and up to date and the exercises were creative and challenging.”

– Vikki

Grisly fun for both sides of the fence

Whether you cheer for the baddies or your allegiance lies with the boys in blue, there is something in this course for everyone. (And knowing both sides of the story helps you to tell yours.) You’ll explore the personalities of some of history’s most compelling killers and the heroes who took them down.

It’s pretty simple really: this course is ideal if you’re writing or reading about murder. The unique perspectives of murderers, police officers, lawyers and victims will bring a whole new light to your fascination with evil. Being interested in this stuff is not about being a bad person; it’s about being a great writer.

About Candice Fox

Candice Fox is the award-winning writer of Hush Hush, her fourth book with iconic crime and thriller author James PattersonLiar LiarFifty Fifty and her bestselling novel Never Never were also written with James Patterson. Described as “a brutal, action-packed and really hard-edged novel about a crime set in a FIFO mine in the outback,” Never Never hit number 1 in the New York Times bestseller list and was released in 2016.

Crimson Lake is an edgy suspense novel published in 2017. Redemption Point is book two in the series (published in 2018) and her latest book, Gone by Midnight is number three in the series, published in 2019 by Penguin Random House Australia.

Candice also wrote Hades, a novel which won the prestigious Ned Kelly Award in 2014. Its sequel, Eden, was published in January 2015 and also won the Ned Kelly Award in 2015. Book three in the series, Fall, was released in late 2015. Hades and Eden are international bestsellers – already translated into four languages.

She has two undergraduate and two postgraduate degrees. Her Honours degree is in Creative Writing, and she holds a Masters in Writing, Editing and Publishing. Candice is passionate about the genre of crime writing. Growing up in a large, eccentric family from Sydney’s western suburbs, she is the daughter of a parole officer at one of Sydney’s biggest prisons and an enthusiastic foster-carer. She spent her childhood listening around corners to tales of violence, madness and evil as her father relayed his work stories to her mother and older brothers. As a cynical and trouble-making teenager, her crime and gothic fiction writing was an escape from the calamity of her home life. She was constantly in trouble for reading Anne Rice in church and scaring her friends with tales from Australia’s wealth of true crime writers. She started raiding her mother’s true crime collection as a young girl and quickly became addicted to the dark side. Bankstown born and bred, she failed to conform to military life in a brief stint as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy at age eighteen. At 20, she turned her hand to academia and now teaches creative writing.

Where Starts Duration Course Creator Price
Online Learn from anywhere at your convenience. On demand
Learn at your own pace
12 months Candice Fox $195

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