Real Estate Copywriting

Unlock the art of creating compelling property listings

This course is ideal: If you’re a writer with a passion for property or an agent looking to hone your ad writing skills

You will:
Create a new revenue stream writing about real estate
Tailor your writing to suit the right target audience
Bust clichés and avoid common pitfalls
Discover how to add value as a real estate writer
Get 6+ hours of video lessons, templates and cheat sheets
Learn how to approach agencies and get more work
Earn back the cost of this course in just a few copy jobs!

“I would recommend it highly. This course was excellent and really gave a thorough insight into the industry.”
– Judith Bunn, Real Estate Copywriting graduate

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Key information
Key information:
This is an online self-paced course
Duration 1 This is an online self-paced course

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Course Creator:
Dean Koorey
Course Creator:
Dean Koorey


Home sweet home

Even if you haven’t bought or sold a home yourself, chances are that you’ve at least spent time staring at real estate windows, flicking through brochures, walking past sign boards or browsing online. Real estate is everywhere.

And where there’s a sale, there’s a listing. A listing is a property’s ‘shop window’ – the best chance to get buyers interested and excited about one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make. Photos tell some of the story – but a well-written listing will generate more interest and potentially sell quicker.

In a red hot market, you might think that a real estate agent could get a cat to walk across the keyboard and property would still sell. But well-crafted words (just like professional photos) will always work better, regardless of the market. And that’s where this online course can help.

“The entire course was really well structured and detailed. I walked away from the course knowing I have a new skillset to offer and am capable of making money from it.”

Lisa Sarquis, Real Estate Copywriting graduate

Valerie Khoo
CEO, Australian Writers' Centre

Add new options to your freelance income

This self-paced course in Real Estate Copywriting will give you the skills you need to write compelling listings that paint an ideal picture of the property for sale.

It’s a great extra skill to have for freelance writers who:

  • want an additional revenue stream
  • have a passion for homes and property
  • are looking to build a strong client base through regular work
  • would like to create a niche writing in this area
  • simply love sticky-beaking in other people’s houses!

More and more real estate agents are understanding the value of perfectly penned copy in helping to attract potential buyers. By outsourcing their copy to freelance writers, they can focus on other aspects of their business. You simply have to look at the number of different agencies to see the earning potential.

(This is also the a great course for those currently working in the real estate industry who would like to improve the quality of writing for themselves or their team. This course has been approved for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in some Australian states and territories. Contact your local state body to confirm its current status.)

“Dean is so generous with course content and industry tips. His information gathering printout tool is a winner. It makes perfect sense to walk through a house and gather information the way he has set it out. The body copy that my agent received when my beautiful house was recently placed on the property market, was way under par… I asked if I could have a go… Long story short, the house sold, the agent's office wanted to know who wrote the script and bam…..eight copywriting jobs later, I am writing a review for this course.”

Joanne Malherbe, Real Estate Copywriting graduate

Selling the dream

Writing about properties is more than just how many bathrooms and bedrooms a home has. It’s about painting a picture that will connect emotionally with a potential buyer. It’s also about telling a story about the kind of life that can be possible with the home in question.

It’s about selling a dream. But for once, that dream is real. It’s sitting right there, waiting for a new owner to step across the threshold.

As a real estate writer, you can play a part in bringing these kinds of dreams to life.

This north-facing course will make you brighter

Suitable for writers or agents, this course in Real Estate Copywriting has been created by copywriter Dean Koorey. Across SEVEN modules, he takes you on a fun journey from preparation and data collection through to the descriptive essentials of creating engaging property ads. Along the way, you'll see real examples, get useful cheatsheets, practical exercises, and the occasional elephant noise.

The final module has been created specifically for freelance writers and copywriters who would like to get into the industry – with advice on strategy, quoting and expectations as well as invaluable case studies of real estate copywriters who share their experiences and tips.

This course is conveniently located on the path to success, making it just a short stroll to great results in this dynamic industry.

“I enjoyed Dean’s delivery – I found him very engaging and knowledgeable. A great place to learn at your own pace and value for money! Thank you for the opportunity to upgrade my copywriting skills, absolutely loved the course.”

Lydia Atanasovski, Real Estate Copywriting graduate

What you will learn in this course

This online course has been designed to be completed at your own pace – with easily digestible information and templates to help you add value as a property writer.

In the course, you will discover:

  • The ideal way to open and structure a real estate listing
  • What you need to include about the surrounding location
  • Different writing styles for different types of homes
  • The right way to tour a house
  • Tips on writing real estate remotely
  • How to go beyond the features and benefits to create hooks for the reader
  • Additional copywriting opportunities available in real estate
  • Ways to make even the worst properties sound good
  • Tips on selling high-end luxury homes
  • The vital skills needed to become the ‘go to’ person in real estate writing.

And much more!

How our “self-paced courses” work

This is one of AWC’s 35+ “self-paced” online courses. But what does that mean? Allow us to explain:

What’s included in your online course?

  • 8 hours of content – access anytime at your own pace
  • 7 video lessons plus 9 supporting handouts
  • 5 practical exercises to solidify your new skill

“Suitable for investors or first-course buyers”

No matter what cycle the market is in, there are always homes for sale. So if you’re interested in property, and also enjoy writing, investing in Real Estate Copywriting will add a string to your skills bow. (And did we mention that just a few jobs will cover the costs of this course?)

Almost every street has a home for sale – this course will help you unlock the potential!

AWC methodology 

This course has been designed by experienced copywriter Dean Koorey, who has penned hundreds of real estate listings for numerous agents – spanning the spectrum from luxury homes to doer-uppers. Coupled with AWC’s robust methodology of teaching, the course has been broken into easily digestible modules so that you learn essential skills in a step-by-step approach. Each module builds on the one before – but is also easily accessible in the future if you need a refresher on that specific topic.

Like all of AWC’s copywriting and freelance writing courses, this is packed with practical tips and examples, with up-to-date techniques used by top real estate writers. Importantly, it also includes powerful guidance on how to build a freelance business in this industry.

Key information
Key information:
This is an online self-paced course
Duration 1 This is an online self-paced course

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Your 12 months' access begins straight away

Course Creator:
Dean Koorey
Course Creator:
Dean Koorey


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