Fiction Mentorships

Fiction Mentorship

Have you ever wished you had your own mentor or editor on tap?

Someone who can answer your writing questions? Your publishing questions? And someone qualified to offer feedback on your writing?

Fiction Mentorship

Fiction Mentorships

Have you ever wished you had your own mentor or editor on tap?


Hone your writing with expert personal guidance

We have a limited number of fiction mentorships available each year. The mentorships provide you a one-on-one relationship with your mentor to help you hone your writing and give you the guidance you need to kickstart or finish your novel.

Your mentorship is for a minimum period of six months. One of the key aims of the program is to help you gain confidence in your creative writing skills and in the direction of your story. Time is a critical part of the writing process, and it is important to take it slowly and develop your skills.

Through your password-protected personal mentoring page, you will be able to:

  • Ask your mentor questions about writing issues
  • Upload your writing so that your mentor can provide feedback on it.

As your personal mentoring space is online, you can access it from wherever you are: at work, at home, on holidays, while travelling – wherever you are connected to the internet. Importantly, your “conversations” with your mentor remain on your personal mentoring page so that you can refer back to your mentor’s advice whenever you need to.

Who is eligible to apply for mentorship?

In order to apply for a fiction mentorship, you must have completed any two of the following courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre:

You will have completed either the online or face-to-face versions. If you have not completed at least two of the courses you are not eligible for mentoring.

How to apply
You need to apply for a mentorship – please fill in the form below to receive more information and an application form.

We specialise in adult literary, general, women’s, science fiction and fantasy, and crime fiction. We also have mentors available for children’s fiction. It is worthwhile approaching us even if your work falls outside these genres as we may have a mentor available.

Cost of mentorship
Application fee: $50
Mentorship fee: $550 per month for a minimum of six months


Please note that mentors are not always available, especially when they are deep in the creative process of writing their own manuscripts!

Cathie Tasker is a fiction editor with over 25 years’ experience. She has mentored many manuscripts to publication and is experienced at guiding and motivating writers to improve their work.

Cathie has worked as an editor and publisher with HarperCollins, Scholastic Australia and Koala Books. She also worked as Marketing Manager for Koala Books and as a Book Club Editor at Scholastic Australia. In her career, Cathie has edited and commissioned nearly 800 books, many of which went on to become bestsellers and win awards.

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Dr Pamela Freeman is the award-winning author of more than 40 books. Pamela is the Director of Creative Writing at the Australian Writers’ Centre and has developed many highly regarded writing courses that have inspired and educated thousands of writers. She has a doctorate in Creative Writing.

Pamela's most recent book, published under the name of Pamela Hart, is An A-List for Death, the second in her Poppy McGowan mystery series. Other recent novels include The Charleston Scandal, an exuberant story set amid the excesses of the Roaring Twenties, The Desert Nurse, a WWI historical novel set in Cairo and the Sinai, and A Letter from Italy, a historical novel set at the height of World War I.

In 2016, she released The War Bride, which is the sequel to the historical novel The Soldier’s Wife (2015) (all published by Hachette Australia). For children, her latest books are Amazing Australian Women – a non-fiction picture book about 12 women who shaped history (Hachette Australia 2018) – and Fastest Ship in Space – a fantastic space adventure (Christmas Press 2018). She is also the author of the Princess Betony series published by Walker Books.

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