11 famous books that began as dreams

It can be hard to stop reading a good story. Chapter after chapter, there’s always something to keep you turning pages. With the very best books, you may find yourself wondering: how do they come up with these great ideas? Well for many it means careful planning and outlining followed by several rounds of editing. For others, it may simply come about in a flash of inspiration. For a select few, they don’t even have to work at their best ideas at all. Some authors come up with their best book ideas in their dreams. 

From Stephenie Meyer to Stephen King and even Charlotte Bronte, dreams have been a source of inspiration for many authors. Just like you may often dream of crazy ideas, or even mundane work tasks, the dreams of authors sometimes lead them back to their waking writings. Whether it’s the inspiration for a single monster, a whole scene, or the plot of their entire book, dreams have inspired many authors

For those of you creatives who ares struggling to come up with your best ideas, or writers looking for a brilliant place to start, the ideas may already be inside your head, waiting to be connected. Since dreams are only a synthesis of what we feel, experience, and think about, it’s possible you too can leverage your dreams to spark creativity. For a full list of books inspired by dreams, and tips for your own brainstorming, check out this visual below by Sleep Advisor:

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