Month: April 2014

Best Australian Blogs Competition 2014 Finalists announced

The Australian Writers’ Centre today announced 31 finalists in the annual Best Australian Blogs Competition. These finalists now compete for the title of “Best Australian blogger” for 2014. The finalists were selected from a record 1,125 blogs entered in this year’s competition. They are in the running to... read more

Author Profile: Gabrielle Tozer

It’s 5.30am. Gabrielle Tozer, 28, shuts the door to her study and sits at her desk. Sydney’s concrete jungle is quieter so early in the morning and Gabrielle likes to write in silence. A gumtree stands outside her window – the only greenery among the nearby buildings. It... read more

Wacky Word Wednesday: Flibbertigibbet

What do you imagine when you hear the word flibbertigibbet? Me, I picture a restless, fretful and voluble person. Not necessarily someone you don't want to be around, but you'll require lots of energy to manage them. And that's fairly close the definition of this tongue-twister... read more