Day: October 8, 2016

Fiction writing
Australian Writers' Centre Team

We catch the tube to wartime London with Maggie Joel’s latest book

Author Maggie Joel’s latest book is The Safest Place in London – set in a tube station shelter during the wartime winter of 1944. So, we’re here in this bomb shelter talking to Maggie. (Yes, we’re regretting the location already.) So Maggie, for readers who haven’t acquainted themselves with your

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Word lovers
Australian Writers' Centre Team

Word of the week: Imprecation

Imprecation (noun) [im-pri-key-shuh-n] “This is used to describe when you’re swearing at someone wishing them ill or even wanting them to die. So you might say: ‘The man yelled vicious imprecations at the mugger who tried to steal his car.’” To hear Valerie and Allison chat more about this and

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