Day: October 21, 2016

Australian Writers' Centre Team

MURDER EP 8 Michael Robotham is author of bestselling psychological thrillers including “Life or Death”, “The Suspect” and “Say You’re Sorry”

Michael Robotham is the author of international bestselling psychological thrillers that have been translated into 22 languages and published in over 50 countries. He is famous for Life or Death, Shatter, The Suspect and Say You’re Sorry. Michael Robotham doesn’t plot his stories in advance, preferring to enjoy the journey

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Fiction writing
Australian Writers' Centre Team

How the word “nemesis” inspired a debut novel

If you’re a fan of rom-coms, then have we got the interview for you. Today we’re chatting with Sally Thorne – debut author of new book, The Hating Game. So we’re going to stop talking and let her tell us all about it. Hi Sally. So, how about a quick

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