8 books by Australian authors to buy for young adults this Christmas

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It can be difficult to buy Christmas gifts for teenagers, so to help you out – the team here at AWC have put together some of the best Australian books released this year for young adults.

One True Thing by Nicole Hayes
One True Thing is a young adult novel with a hint of mystery. It follows the life of young politician’s daughter, Frankie and how her life is shaken up with accusations surrounding her politician mother in election time. Will Frankie risk it all to find out why?

Juneau: Wisdom Tree Book 4 by Nick Earls
The fourth book in Nick Earl’s novella series, Wisdom Tree, is set in what used to be the Canadian gold-rush town and is a commentary of the interconnected nature of the world.

One Thousand Hills by James Roy
Set in 1994 Rwanda, James Roy, Winner of the NSW Premier's Young People's History Prize in 2016, writes about the Rwandan genocide through the perspective of a young boy. This is a shocking and honest tale about the real impacts on the lives of people affected by the tragic event.

Everything is Changed by Nova Weetman
Jake and Alex have been best friends forever, but when they both make a life changing decision and it results in tragedy the boys are torn apart. Jake wants to confess, but Alex wants to move on with his life. The novel explores the tragedy of lost friendships and the consequences of decisions that will haunt you forever.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
In the futurist world of 2275, Kady’s biggest problem was breaking up with Ezra, that was, until her planet was invaded. Kady and Ezra, barely speaking to each other, are now forced together to fight to survive and save their planet.

Spark by Rachael Craw
Evie, a Shield, is bound by DNA to protect her best friend with her life from an incoming threat. She doesn’t know when the attack will come or where it will be, and then there’s Jamie, alluring but off-limits.

Every Breath by Ellie Marney
Rachel Watt’s is a country girl who’s just been forced to move to Melbourne city. Her neighbour James Mycroft is an alluring genius fascinated by forensics. Rachel soon finds herself drawn to Mycroft and joining him on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer.

Black by Fleur Ferris
Ebony Marshall has been christened ‘Black’ by all the people in her village. They say she’s cursed, already three of her closest friends have died tragic deaths and Ebony can’t wait to graduate and leave the curse behind. But when her date to the formal ends up in intensive care and secrets from the past are stirred up will she still be able to escape?

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