Blogging to books – Toby Jenkins is a fan.

Toby Jenkins
Toby Jenkins

Toby Jenkins and Adam Franklin wrote a business book about web marketing together. They did a business writing course at Australian Writers’ Centre together. And before that they went to primary school together. So it made perfect sense for Valerie Khoo to interview just one of them.

She spoke to Toby in episode 38 of our top rating So you want to be a writer podcast, and he had this to say about the magical effect that writing a book can have:
“It’s funny when writing a book —it still has that aura around it. People say, ‘You’ve written a book, wow…’ I was still a bit surprised by it even though I guess I still hold that same opinion too. There are lots of authors who I admire too. The fact that it’s down in black and white makes a huge difference.”

web-marketing-that-worksToby and Adam’s book came about from having a successful blog. Here’s his view on the process:
“I once heard someone say the key to writing is writing, writing, writing. I think one of the things to me that the blog has really enabled us to do is that it allowed us to figure out what style we wanted to write with, and to practice the writing process as much as anything. A pretty low-risk, low-cost way of getting started writing is to start your own blog.”

On setting super realistic goals:
Some people say, “I’m going to write one sentence each day and then that’s the goal that I set.” Then they find once they write that one sentence the second one appears…

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It’s funny when writing a book —it still

You can read the whole transcript or listen to the interview from episode 38 of So you want to be a writer.

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