Books by Australian authors to buy for kids aged 8 to 12 this Christmas

Here at AWC, we have you covered for the holiday season, no need to spend hours labouring over present ideas for all the young people on your list. Instead, just take a peek at the selection we’ve put together of the top books by Australian authors for your 8 to 12 year olds!

The Mapmaker Chronicles by A.L. Tait
Adventure and danger lie just off the edge of the map in this swashbuckling new trilogy! Quinn's older brothers may long for adventure, but he is content with a quiet life on the farm. Destiny, however, has other plans.

Wormwood Mire by Judith Rossell
The sequel to the award-winning bestseller Withering By Sea, follows Stella Montgomery after she has returned to the Hotel Majestic cold and wet but exhilarated by adventure, now Stella has been sent away to the old family home at Wormwood Mire. What will she get up to next?

My Life and Other Exploding Chickens by Tristan Bancks
The tales of Tom Weekly involve petrifying clowns and having giant head lice attack and try and eat you. His life is an exploding chicken, and this is a fun read for young boys as they follow Tom’s crazy adventures and his attempt to glue his life back together.

Artie and the Grime Wave by Richard Roxburgh
Artie and Bumshoe's attempt to solve the mystery have crazy consequences involving kidnapping, puppy-dog cutlets, modern art and pioneering the sport of the bungee- wedgie. This book is perfect for young boys with an interest in riotous and hilarious adventures.

Danny Best: Full On by Jen Storer
Danny Best is a loveable hero who doesn’t just think he’s the best, he KNOWS it! With his friends Fab, Clancy, Sticks, Dylan and Mae, plus trusty dog Pugsley, Danny turns every single day into one crazy adventure.

Dragonfly Song by Wendy Orr
The story begins with a little girl found under a bush has no name and cannot speak. The mystery surrounding the child is brought to climax as she learns her name on her 12th birthday, but to free herself she must become a bull dancer and be taken to the Bull King Island. Wendy Orr’s book is a must-read for any pre-teens interested in fantasy.

Figgy and the President by Tamsin Janu
Ten-year-old Figgy and 11-year-old Nana spend a lot of time discussing the jobs they will have when they grow up. Nana knows what he will be: the President of Ghana. This coming-of-age tale is a sequel to the award-winning Figgy in the World and is a great read for young people of all ages.

A Single Stone by Meg McKinlay
In a dystopian world where every girl dreams of being part of the line, one of the seven crucial girls is chosen to tunnel into the mountain for the harvest. No one is more important than Jena, head of the line. But what happens when her faith in the line is shaken?

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