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Furious Fiction October 2021 winner and shortlist

Another month and another chance for entrants to flex their creative muscles with our ever-changing selection of Furious Fiction criteria. This month, we invited you to play, using the following rules: Your story’s setting: a COURT of some kind. Your story must include a character who measures something. Your story

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Furious Fiction September 2021 winner and shortlist

This month’s 44th edition of Furious Fiction was an up-and-down affair as we asked entrants to either plumb new depths or climb to lofty heights. These were the challenge criteria: Your story must include EITHER an attic OR a basement. Your story must include some kind of insect. Your story

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Furious Fiction August 2021 winner and shortlist

With many writers having some extra at-home time on their hands, August’s Furious Fiction competition welcomed a bumper crop of entries – more than 1600 and the second highest ever! They came from all parts of the world, hoping their words would shine brightest. These were the challenge criteria: Your

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Furious Fiction July 2021 winner and shortlist

Amid the flurry of competition and gold medals being given out at the moment, today is the day that we roll out the podium for the 500-word sprint, our version of the modern “pen”tathlon. As a quick recap, these were the criteria for JULY’s Furious Fiction: Each story had to

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Furious Fiction June 2021 winner and shortlist

It was a descriptive June this month at Furious Fiction. These were the story criteria: Each story had to include (word for word) the following SEVEN descriptions at any point in the story body: THICK AS HONEY SILENT AND STILL GOLDEN GLOW HEART-SHAPED DELICATE PERFUME SOFT AND DOUGHY RAZOR-SHARP And

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Furious Fiction May 2021 winner and shortlist

It was a dark and stormy night at Furious Fiction HQ. The judges gathered around the glow of the Apple laptop and rubbed their hands with glee (a brand of hand sanitiser). Yesterday, the identity of the competition winner was unclear – many sitting on the fence in their decision.

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Furious Fiction April 2021 winner and shortlist

Every month a long queue of writers from all over the map throw their narrative hats into this three-ringed circus we call Furious Fiction, crossing their fingers, dropping their heads in prayer and hoping to get lucky. These were the April criteria: Your story must begin in some kind of

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Furious Fiction March 2021 winner and shortlist

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but this month we were fine with just 500 as we introduced only the fourth picture prompt in Furious Fiction history. These were the complete criteria for March: Each story had to include the pictured setting (above) at some point.

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Furious Fiction February 2021 winner and shortlist

It was a happy third birthday to Furious Fiction this month (be sure to check out our “stories behind the stories” collection) and to celebrate turning three, every story had to begin with the word THREE. That wasn’t all though: Each story had to be set in a SCHOOL. Each

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Furious Fiction – the stories behind the stories

In February 2021, our monthly short story competition Furious Fiction celebrated three years in existence. And while the hope of taking home the top prize or being featured in the short and longlists each month is a big part of the fun, we also regularly hear from people who are

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Furious Fiction January 2021 winner and shortlist

It’s a new year and we were so eager that we hit the ground running with our first Furious Fiction challenge for 2021 on the first day of January. (Ahem, it may have also had something to do with the calendar.) A new year was dawning, so here’s what we

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Furious Fiction December 2020 winner and shortlist

And so we arrive at the final Furious Fiction edition for this quiet, uneventful year. The criteria we required in December were: Each story had to include a GIFT of some kind. Each story’s first sentence had to contain only THREE words. The following words had to be used somewhere

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Furious Fiction November 2020 winner and shortlist

It’s been a weird year for travel. And so in this month’s Furious Fiction, we thought we’d do our bit for the fiction accommodation industry (you’re welcome) by asking everyone to set their 500-words-or-fewer stories in a hotel. Naturally, that wasn’t the only slice of the criteria cake. Here were

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Share YOUR Furious Fiction experience!

As our monthly Furious Fiction competition approaches its 3rd birthday, we’d like to mark the milestone with a celebration of the amazing, varied and creatively courageous people who enter each month. Maybe you’ve entered just once, maybe every month, or something in between – whatever the case, if you have

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Furious Fiction October 2020 winner and shortlist

One of the great things about Furious Fiction is that for one weekend, writers all around the world are working on the same brief at the same time – and this month, they did so with a full moon out the window. Here were the criteria: Each story had to

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Furious Fiction September 2020 winner and shortlist

A picture told 500 words this month as we welcomed back the infamous picture prompt to our Furious Fiction criteria club. The picture above was the image in question and the complete challenge for September went something like this: Each story had to be INSPIRED by the picture above. Each story’s

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Furious Fiction August 2020 winner and shortlist

Furious Fiction was this month transformed into a comedy club, as we invited entrants to counter the prevailing 2020 narrative of doom and gloom and bring the funny! To help set up such a tee-hee-friendly scene, were these criteria: Each story had to contain HUMOUR/COMEDY of any kind. Each story

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Furious Fiction July 2020 winner and shortlist

To those who RSVPed to our invitation to this month’s Furious Fiction, we welcome you to the big day. If you thumb through the order of service, you’ll see that the following criteria are gathered here today: Each story had to take place at either WEDDING or a FUNERAL. Each

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Furious Fiction June 2020 winner and shortlist

This month on the Furious Fiction show, we asked contestants to conjure a short story out of thin air using the following criteria: Each story’s first and last words had to begin with J. Each story had to include a game being played. Each story had to include the phrase

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Furious Fiction May 2020 winner and shortlist

May was another huge month for our spritely little Furious Fiction competition – with our second highest entries ever (highest was last month!). It just shows what great word of mouth and marketing–cough cough lockdown pandemic cough— can do! Being the fifth month of the year, or maybe because we

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