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Furious Fiction September 2018 winner and shortlist

It’s time to announce the winning story and shortlist for September’s Furious Fiction! Over 700 entries came in to land this month, each one needing to address the creative criteria: The entire story must take place in an airport. The story must include the word SPRING somewhere. (Plural also okay.)

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Furious Fiction August 2018 winner and shortlist

It’s time to announce the winning story and shortlist for August’s Furious Fiction! We received a record number of entries this month, and each story simply had to include the following three sentences: The door was locked. She laughed. It felt familiar. A reminder that all stories are judged “blind”

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Furious Fiction July 2018 winner and shortlist

It’s time to announce the winning story and shortlist for July’s Furious Fiction! We received more than 700 entries, all working off the following criteria: The first sentence had to contain a question. Each story had to contain the words JAM, JACKPOT and JUNGLE (or an applicable “s”, “ing” or

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Furious Fiction June 2018 winner

It’s time to announce the winning story and shortlist for June’s Furious Fiction! This month, we did something quite different from previous months. A picture prompt. (The image of the dinner table above.) There was just ONE criteria this month: Your story had to begin with the scene that you see

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Furious Fiction May 2018 winner

This month, Furious Fiction (our monthly $500 short-short story competition) found itself launching on May the fourth. So, we threw in some Star Wars fun – being very clear that entrants did not have to write in the sci-fi genre. (Find out more about how our free monthly Furious Fiction

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Furious Fiction April 2018 winner

For April’s Furious Fiction $500 short story competition, we turned the screws a little – by making everyone write a story that had the same title: THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Along with that, they also needed to use three specific words at some point in their story and end

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Furious Easter challenge winners and shortlist

Over the recent Easter long weekend, we challenged our Furious Fiction Fan Club members to a 29-word story challenge. (What’s Furious Fiction, you ask? Find out all about it here.) The challenge criteria: Their story must feature a bunny Their story must include the word CALENDAR Their story must not

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Furious Fiction March 2018 winner

For this month’s second Furious Fiction short story competition, we spun our judging chairs around and waited to let the notes you were belting out wash over us – with musically themed stories, 500 words or fewer. For the winner? A recording contrac– oops, no, we mean FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS CASH.

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Furious Fiction February 2018 winner

This month, the Australian Writers’ Centre kicked off Furious Fiction – our brand new MONTHLY short story competition, challenging anyone on the planet (aged 17 or older) to deliver us a sub-500 word story in just one weekend! And the reward? A very tasty $500 in cash. (Please don’t eat

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