Podcast: So You Want to be a Writer

Ep 65 Meet Nicky Pellegrino, author of ‘One Summer in Venice’

In Episode 65 of So you want to be a writer: Valerie and Allison congratulate AWC graduate Belinda Williams on her latest novel The Pitch published with Momentum, they discuss two new content marketing agencies launched in Australia, HarperCollins’ new Book Bliss, the 29 Minute Book service for those who want to be

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Ep 63 Meet Lindsey Kelk, author of ‘Always the Bridesmaid’

In Episode 63 of So you want to be a writer: Australian writers on #WhereIWrite, the ethics of branded content marketing, famous authors who were rejected by publishers, the superpower all published writers have (and you can have too!), Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on art, a street map made up of

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Ep 55 Meet Jane Richards, author of ‘The Painted Sky’

In Episode 55 of So you want to be a writer: Judith Rossell wins an Indie Award! Book 2 of the Mapmaker Chronicles is released, how punctuation marks got their names, 10 tools to keep you writing, first novel published at 95 years old, Anonyponymous: The Forgotten People Behind Everyday Words,

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Ep 53 Meet Sylvia Day, author of the Crossfire Series

In Episode 53 of So you want to be a writer: Alan Cumming in Sydney, book-inspired jewellery, self publishing vs traditional publishing, new online property publication, how five writers got started on their first novels, should you start a blog, Writer in Residence Sylvia Day, the Ulysses app, how not

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Ep 52 Meet Joanne Fedler, author of ‘The Dreamcloth’

In Episode 52 of So you want to be a writer: the origins of lorem ipsum, how social media started 2000 years ago, how to make friends with creative people, the news writing robots are here, the book “Spilling the beans on the cat’s pyjamas: Popular expressions – what they

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Ep 51 Meet Judith Rossell, author of ‘Withering-by-Sea’

In Episode 51 of So you want to be a writer: agents and editors calling out to authors, internships, publisher forced to retract allegation in Julia Gillard’s book, weird writer habits, ideas on how to use your new notebook, the 5-minute journal, Writer in Residence Judith Rossell and more! Click

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