Podcast: So You Want to be a Writer

Ep 36 Meet InStyle editor Kirsten Galliott

In Episode 36 of So you want to be a writer, what publishers really want, swimmers vs togs, why authors should care about Google+, what to do if you have multiple offers, how to tell if your story idea is mediocre, four things you should do to promote your book, the

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Ep 35 Meet Favel Parrett, author of ‘When the Night Comes’

In Episode 35 of So you want to be a writer, celebrities join rush of authors writing children’s books, why Copyblogger is killing its Facebook page, is it wrong to post from an email? 50 cultural icons on their favorite books, the Australian premiere of ‘Fashion Bloggers’, Writer in Residence Favel

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Ep 32 Meet Kylie Ladd, author of ‘Mothers and Daughters’

In Episode 32 of So you want to be a writer, sleep in your favourite literary home, the Times to bring back typewriters…kind of, the business of digital life and death, we are the last generation to remember life without the internet, Moleskine embraces technology in their notebooks, blogging and the

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Ep 20 We chat to daddy blogger Reservoir Dad.

In Episode 20 of So you want to be a writer, we chat about the writer spending Stephen King’s money, how you can make 50k a year without hitting the bestseller list, writing letters to strangers is making a comeback, Fiona McFarlane writes about her journey to being published, how to revive

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Ep 18 Meet freelance fiction editor Nicola O’Shea

In Episode 18 of So you want to be a writer, we chat about why Valerie can’t go past a good typewriter, author-approved writing implements, student successes, Cory Doctorow’s novel pulled from school reading programme, where to find book recommendations, the eight stages of writing a first draft, Writer in Residence freelance

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