Ep 029: How to send emails that bypass the spam filter, with guest Shaun Ernst.

Discover the secrets of making your email campaigns work.

Is email dead? Not by a long shot according to Shaun Ernst, the founder of one of Australia’s most successful email marketing companies. He should know. His clients include JB Hi-Fi, General Pants, Swisse Vitamins and many more.  

In today’s episode we talk about something very specific that anyone who sends even one marketing email needs to know about – how to prevent your emails from landing in the spam filter. We also talk about the consequences of sending spam, how to improve your sender reputation, what the privacy act means for even the smallest of businesses, the top 5 email platforms to use, why open rates are not all they’re cracked up to be and more.

  • What is the future of email versus social media?
  • What is spam?
  • Who makes the laws as to what is spam and what is not?
  • Are there different laws for different types of businesses?
  • What are the consequences of sending spam – legal, financial, reputational, transactional?
  • What are spam filters and how do they work?
  • What are some of the rookie errors that business owners get wrong when it comes to sending emails?
  • What strategies can we use to ensure that our emails don’t get caught up in spam filters?
  • What are the top 5 email platforms/software you recommend for big, medium and small business?  
  • How do we know that our emails are going to spam filters?
  • How does the customer know their emails are going to spam?

About Shaun Ernst:

Shaun Ernst is the founder of Email Experts, a Melbourne-based email marketing agency that uses data-driven strategies to help brands grow.

Shaun has always loved numbers. After completing his studies in business management and economics at Monash University, he worked for then-Attorney General Mark Dreyfus QC as a political advisor in the 2013 federal electoral campaign.

Shaun's knowledge of statistics and systematic approach to processing information enabled him to undertake complex data analysis and advise campaign communication strategies. Shaun was excited to contribute to the success of Mark Dreyfus' campaign.

Shaun went on to work at the digital agency Walter Analytics. Working with various clients on exciting projects ignited his passion for marketing and consulting. Shaun discovered how the various marketing and analytics tools could be invaluable to helping a business grow. Of the marketing channels, email, as a direct line to customers, is very powerful but often undervalued. Shaun went on to found Email Experts in 2015.

Email Experts is an email marketing agency that works with Australia's most trusted brands like Swisse, Decjuba, JB Hi-Fi and General Pants, and fast-growing brands like Rollie Nation, Francesca Jewellery and Erstwilder.

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