Podcast: So You Want to be a Copywriter

Ep 062: How to become a successful ghostwriter

If you’re a copywriter and you’d like to expand your services and create a long term stream of income, you should consider becoming a ghostwriter. What even is a ghost writer? In many senses, a copywriter is the ultimate ghost writer in that we write content for a specific client,

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Ep 060: How to find work on Rachel’s list

From Rachel Smith, the founder of Rachel’s list It’s not every day you get to speak to the eponymous founder of a successful business but today I get to speak to Rachel, the Rachel in Rachel’s list. If you haven’t heard of it, the List is an online platform that

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Ep 058: How copywriters can become travel writers

Have you always wanted to be paid to travel? Would you like to stay in luxurious resorts for free? If you’d like to indulge your passion for food, wine, wellness or any other passion and get paid to do so, this is the episode for you. You may not realise

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Ep 057: How to structure your key messages and win media attention

Theresa Miller is a seasoned journalist and media guru. She possesses a remarkable talent for helping individuals master the art of media storytelling. With an impressive background working for prestigious news organisations like Good Morning Britain, Sky News, and CNN, Theresa now shows business experts how to leverage the media

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Ep 055: Top 10 tips to launch your copywriting business

If you’re looking for practical strategies to transform your business and maximise customer growth this is the podcast for you. Amy Miocevich is one of Australia’s leading digital marketers and the author of “The Very Good Marketing Guide: How to Grow Your Business on a Budget.” In this episode I

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Ep 054: Top 10 tips to launch your copywriting business

I’ve coached over 10,000 people to become freelance copywriters. When you coach that many people, and you watch what they do with the information you give them, it’s fascinating to see what happens.  Some people take the tools and run with them and create wildly successful copywriting careers – and

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Ep 047: How to write an email welcome sequence

Email is not dead, never was, never will be. In this podcast you’ll learn how to prepare a welcome sequence so that you can kick start your email automations, communicate easily with prospects and turn casual visitors into paying customers. We also take a look at the ultimate checklist of

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