Writing Podcast Episode 162 Meet Bridget Isichei, author of ‘Road No Good’

podcast-artworkIn this minisode of So you want to be a writer: What genre am I writing in? And meet Bridget Isichei, author of Road No Good and runner-up in the Finch Memoir Prize.

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Show Notes

Road is good for Bridget’s memoir

Listener Questions

Hayley asks:

Hi Valerie and Allison

Loving the minisodes of the podcast, and still can’t get enough.

I was lucky enough to listen to and meet Candice Fox today (Monday 27/2/17), such a lovely person and so funny.

My question is, I am trying to put my novel into a genre, to me it seems to be general fiction, though could be also put into Chic Literature. How is the best way to work out which genre your novel fits into?

The premise of my novel is about 3 women from different parts of the world who come together at a conference and become friends, one is terminally ill and she leaves her property and business to both of her now friends. It goes through how these women come to meet and the background to them all, plus the time when they finally come together as the main character passes away, and the story goes on to how the other two make their choices of whether to stay and take on the property together, or one leaves and the other stays or that they both leave. (That is it in a nutshell)

So part of me says General Fiction the other part says Chic Literature.

Look forward to hearing your answers. Keep up the amazing work on the podcasts, and I second that the podcasts should never end.

Kind Regards,


Val and Al answer this question in this minisode. We hope you find this useful!

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