Ep 175 Meet 2017 Vogel winner Marija Pericic, author of ‘The Lost Pages’

podcast-artworkIn this minisode of So you want to be a writer: What kind of blogging routine do you need as a writer? And meet 2017 Vogel award winner Marija Pericic, author of The Lost Pages.

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Shout Out

From Karen:

As an American writer with a solo practice Reiki/Life Coaching business, a solo writing business and a solo art studio…. I do a LOT of solo. However, I've been listening to you for the entire 6 weeks I put the new studio together. It actually took me longer because I kept stopping to take notes from all the great advice you give on the podcast! Love the words of wisdom, the friendly chats, and the featured authors. Love from rural NY.

Thanks, Karen!

Listener questions

From Marie:

Hi Val & Al,

I love listening to the extra dose of your weekly podcast.

Allison's recent blog post, ‘6 tips for getting back into the swing with your writing‘ left me with a question about blogging.

In the post, Allison writes, ‘When you blog every day, you simply find a way to fit it in, you look for story ideas everywhere and you appreciate the value of the small things – and how they can be tweaked and manoeuvred into big blog posts.'

Does this ‘daily blogging' also refer to working on drafts of blog posts, rather than actually publishing a blog post every day?

How often would you recommend publishing a new blog post without appearing ‘spammy'?

Do you have any advice for alternating blog posts between personal anecdotes, writing craft tips, book reviews etc (e.g., 1 personal story per week, 1 writing craft post per fortnight etc)?

Thanks Val & Al,


Val and Al answer your question in this episode.

Writer in Residence

Marija Pericic grew up in Perth, Western Australia, the child of German and Croatian immigrants. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature.

She now lives in Melbourne where she teaches English as a foreign language.

The Lost Pages is her first novel.

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