Writing Podcast Episode 206 Get clients as a ghostwriter

In Episode 206 of So you want to be a writer: We share tips on how to get clients as a ghostwriter. We answer the question, “do cover blurbs work?”. Plus, strategies on how to write a young male protagonist when you are a female author.

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Show Notes

podcast-artworkListener Questions

From Tracey:

I'd love to know more about ghost writing memoirs and non-fiction books.

How do you get clients? What is the process? (Do you interview them for the info or do they give you their notes and you write the book based on that?)

Does it pay as a percentage of sales or do you get a lump sum for completed manuscript or per word, etc?


Guest post: Ghostwriter Libby Harkness on being a ‘writer for hire’

From Robert:

Do book endorsement quotes on the cover of a novel actually help them sell?

From Anon:

Hi ladies,

I have many questions for you, but here is one I struggle with often – what advice might you have for a female writing in the voice of a young male protagonist?

I often find myself falling back into feminine characteristics and being afraid to fully embrace the way a man might think.

I understand that this is a skill of writing that needs to be practiced, but I thought you might have advice on how to harness a voice so different from your own.

Thank you very much. I'm so thrilled to be a part of your community ‘officially'. Your company (to and from work) is thoroughly entertaining and genuinely helpful.

Valerie and Allison answer these questions on the podcast!

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Allison Tait

Valerie Khoo / Australian Writers' Centre

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