Writing Podcast Episode 604: Valerie talks to copywriting guru Bernadette Schwerdt on how she co-wrote entrepreneur Radek Sali’s memoir, ‘How to Build a Billion Dollar Business’.

Explore the world of co-writing and collaboration with Radek Sali and Bernadette Schwerdt. They explore the collaborative effort behind writing Radek’s book, How to Build a Billion Dollar Business, discussing challenges, the process of co-writing, the importance of capturing emotional depth in storytelling, and the profound impact of building a purpose-driven business. The episode touches on effective writing strategies, including the importance of starting your day with creative work and offers listeners a chance to win three copies of The Underhistory by Kaaron Warren.

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00:00 Welcome to the podcast & upcoming seminar announcement
00:16 Deep dive into writing chapters
02:24 Nat Newman's writing tips & personal journey
13:29 Win The Underhistory by Kaaron Warren.
17:57 Meeting Radek Sali and his co-writer Bernadette Schwerdt
21:50 From idea to co-writer
22:32 Challenges, editors, and finding the right partner
24:02 Bernadette's approach: From manuscript assessment to starting fresh
24:57 Crafting the narrative via nterviews, structure, and voice
37:01 The business of co-writing: Financials and working with publishers
40:08 Insights on co-writing
47:38 Reflections and future directions

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Writer in residence: Radek Sali and Bernadette Schwerdt

Radek Sali is a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness sector and one of Australia’s most successful business people. He is also a founder and director of Light Warrior, a leading player in the impact fund sector.

Bernadette Schwerdt is a TEDx speaker, best-selling author and ghost-writer with a track record of producing award-winning books and business biographies for some of Australia’s most successful CEO and corporate titans. Her expertise in storytelling, creativity and innovation has helped these rock star CEOs unlock their secrets to building a successful business, and enabled them to share that wisdom with the world.

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This podcast is brought to you by the Australian Writers' Centre and our course Copywriting Essentials.

Find out more about your host, Valerie Khoo (@valeriekhoo on Twitter and @valeriekhoo on Instagram).

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