Ep 413 Meet Will Dean, author of ‘The Last Thing To Burn’.

In Episode 413 of So You Want To Be A Writer: You'll meet Will Dean, author of The Last Thing To Burn. We have a recap of the Capricorn Coast Writers' Festival to share with you. Plus, there are 3 copies of Rum: A Distilled History of Colonial Australia by Matt Murphy to give away.

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Show Notes

Writer in Residence

Will Dean

Will Dean grew up in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom and lived in nine villages before the age of eighteen.

After studying law at the London School of Economics and working in London, he settled in rural Sweden where he built a wooden house in a boggy clearing at the center of a vast elk forest, and it’s from this base that he compulsively reads and writes. His debut novel, Dark Pines, was selected for Zoe Ball’s book club on ITV, shortlisted for the National Book Awards (UK), the Guardian’s Not The Booker prize, and named a Telegraph book of the year.

His latest book is The Last Thing to Burn and is out now with Simon and Schuster.

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