WRITER 587: Stepping into Success with Author Jenna Lo Bianco

Stepping into Success with Author Jenna Lo Bianco. Are you ready for the upcoming special writing event on Romance writing? Meet special guest Jenna Lo Bianco, author of The Italian Marriage, discusses her journey from aspiring writer enduring rejections to being a successful author. Jenna shares her strategic approach to market her book, the process of acquiring an agent and subsequently publishing her books, and her valuable writing tips on persistence, resilience, and knowing your niche. Author Nat Newman also joins to share a writing tip: ‘Kill Your Darlings.' The show wraps up with a competition for Trish Bolton's Whenever You're Ready and the word of the week: ‘Posology'.

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Writer in residence: Jenna Lo Bianco

Jenna Lo Bianco is ‘The Italian Teacher', a passionate ‘Italianist', and also a writer, educator, PhD Candidate and advocate for Italian language education in Australia. With nearly sixty publications to her name, Jenna is trusted to write about all things Italian. She is a Fellow of the International Specialised Skills Institute and Italian Australian Foundation, and has written and consulted in educational publishing for more than a decade. Jenna may appear to live in Melbourne, but her heart and soul are Rome's most permanent residents.

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