How to ask your questions directly to a publisher (and get an answer!)

Ever wanted to ask questions directly to a publisher? Hachette Australia's “Ask the publisher” initiative will give you the chance to do just that.

It will take place each Friday between 3pm-4pm (Sydney time) on Twitter. Just tweet @HachetteAus and include the hashtag #askHAU.

Then one of Hachette's publishers will chat to you via Twitter! According to the Hachette website:

“Our publishers will be answering questions live during the chat as well as responding to questions that have come through during the week, you can tweet us at any time. If we don't get to your question that week, we will endeavour to answer them in an orderly fashion during the following weeks. 

You can also send your questions through to us by email to [email protected], just be sure to include your twitter handle so our publishers can include it in their response tweet to you.”

Go nuts!

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