Tell me on a Sunday – Nigel Bartlett’s weekly appointment (with himself)

Our top-rating So you want to be a writer podcast features a regular ‘Writer in Residence’ segment – where an author, editor or other industry professional has a chat with either one of our awesome presenters, Allison Tait and Valerie Khoo.

In episode 47, Valerie spoke with Nigel Bartlett, author of new novel King of the Road. As an accomplished features writer and presenter of a course on writing about interiors, style and design, Nigel probably didn’t imagine he’d be writing a thriller – not in a month of Sundays…

In fact, it took Nigel six drafts and six years before he felt that King of the Road was good enough to show a publisher. And one of the reasons it took him so long was that he was essentially writing it on the side – working around his full-time commitments. (Hope for 95% of aspiring writers out there!)

But rather than simply snatch pockets of time here and there, Nigel went one step further. He turned Sunday into his writing day. The day of rest became a day to wrest – and to produce his Sunday best. One day. Each week. Until he had a novel.

“I pretty much work a nine to five-thirty day, so usually I write on a Sunday. If ever I get invited to any social engagement on a Sunday, I just say ‘sorry, that’s my writing day'. Even going to the beach or that sort of thing is usually out of the question on my Sunday.

“I may potter around, and not get started till 11am. But it is amazing how much you can get done if you just say to yourself ‘I’m not going out today’…”

To hear Valerie's interview with Nigel (complete with construction sound effects!), go here.
Nigel’s book, King of the Road is available here.

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