“I got published!”: Graham Frizzell

We love hearing from our students no matter what they have to say, but when we hear of a student being published, we just want to shout it from the rooftops! We’re a little scared of heights, so we’ll go with a blog post instead.

Graham says:

Since completing the Australian Writers' Centre Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 course, I have thus far had three articles published for The Crafty Pint. Craft beer is my absolute passion and the next step is to pitch craft beer lovers' guides to Melbourne and other Australian locations to full print magazines such as DRAFT (based in the USA). With the help of the Graduates Support Group on Facebook I have had all my questions answered. I am also very keen to undertake the Travel Writing course – with the ultimate aim of improving my writing (and the income therefrom!) and taking myself abroad – which is otherwise impossible when subsisting on the basic blind disability support pension.

I cannot recommend the Australian Writers' Centre enough for providing an affordable and rather streamlined course – and a range of courses beyond that can see my writing develop even further. At first I had my reservations. It seemed “too good to be true” and I asked “how is this course so affordable”, “how could it possibly get the great results as promised?”

But after six months of deliberating and having my questions answered I took the plunge and I am so glad I did! Obviously there are no guarantees in life besides death, taxes and running into abandoned shopping trolleys on the walk home…. There is no magic carpet ride in life but now I know with this course under my belt I am well on my way.

Congratulations Graham!

If you have a success story to share with us, you can do so right here. We’ll share it with the world!

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