COMP CLOSED: Invent a new word and WIN one of THREE Macquarie book packs!

This week’s giveaway is an Easter special, brought to you by the generous people at Macquarie Dictionary.

Three winners will receive a book pack containing a Macquarie dictionary, Macquarie thesaurus AND three Pan Macmillan novels (featuring Di Morrissey, Tony Park and Liz Byrski). It’s the ultimate Easter treat!

You may recall we’ve had fun with portmanteau words in the past – these are words that are formed by taking two words and mashing them into a new one. Real life examples include “mockumentary” (mock + documentary), “brunch” (breakfast + lunch) or “motel” (motor + hotel). New examples appearing recently include “hangry” (hungry + angry) or “mansplain” (man + explain).

Now we want YOU to invent YOUR best PORTMANTEAU WORD – a combination of two existing words, complete with its own definition! Use our made-up alphabet as inspiration! It’s the perfect activity for your Easter weekend.



This competition has now closed – thanks for your entries! Winners will be announced in our weekly newsletter.


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