The WINNER of our Surface Pro 4 competition!

Throughout November, we challenged our community to bring their creativity to the surface,  literally, with a competition that offered the ultimate prize of all – a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 valued at $2799. In fact, we’ve been sharing some great tips on how you can do that with the ultrathin, powerful and versatile Microsoft Surface. (If you missed these tips, you can view them here and here.)

But back to the competition. Through social media, entrants simply needed to show us or tell us exactly what a Surface would help them create.

The places you could go…
From novel writing to GIF and meme creation, vlogging to photography editing, illustration, animation and much more – the general consensus was that a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 would help entrants be creative on the go, letting them combine tasks in new and exciting ways. To make good use of technology while looking good at the same time – who doesn’t want that, right?

Even without winning the first prize, some of the illustrators we saw truly inspired us, as did the types of projects and simple pronouncements of creation, illumination and world domination from entrants. In fact, we were so set alight creatively that we couldn’t simply announce the winner. It needed to be in the form of something a little more creative. So we came up with an alphabetic rhyme (definitely not fewer than 25 words!) to help us do the job:

A Microsoft Surface practises what it preaches
Blending form with function and loaded with features
Creativity never ever had it so good
Doing things other machines wish they could
Expertly crafted, sleek in its design
Finished in silver and looking mighty fine
Grab the screen and remove it from the rest
Hold the stylus pen and put it to the test
It’s just the thing creatives really go for
Just remember the name – Surface Pro 4
Knowing what we knew, we offered up a prize
List your #surfacelife projects and wow us with their size
Mention what the laptop would help you create
No limits at all, like a sideways eight
Open up worlds, new chapters and intricate drawings
Push your artistic boat away from its moorings
Quality and quantity came tumbling in
Receiving hundreds of entries, all hoping to win
Sorting through them was quite a tough ask
Tales of Pro 4 being taken to task
Unique ways they’d get busy with this tech
Virtual cashing of a creative blank cheque
Winner winner chicken dinner
X marks the spot, come in spinner
Your judges have decided, you all did well
Zing – congrats to Holly Bidwell!

Congratulations to our winner…
Holly Bidwell – you have won a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 valued at $2799. With your new laptop, you'll truly be able to bring your creativity to the Surface.

Well done to all who entered, our thanks to Microsoft Surface, and don’t ever stop creating!

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